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  1. Works fine with sps2000.

    But you will have to use a serial port.

    Ave vsi or Gvi POS box are not required, unless driving more than 75 feet.


    Select Star TSP200 journal printer and real-time print on SPS2000


    Generic printer on Geovision.

  2. I had a similar problem like yours once, We had two master power supplys, a mix of different cameras and some ground loops. I thought I would simply this and just use one 24V power supply, and then use 12V converters at the camera end for the 12V only cameras.


    the problem was worse.


    my solution ended up using the 24vac powersupply and about 10 separate 12V power bricks on the problem cameras.

  3. GV800 is a 120fps card

    GV900 is a 480fps card but it is obsolete. It used to be a cadillac of DVR cards. It will only run older software.


    I doubt GV900 will work with win7.