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    ISC West 2006

    And another: http://www.americandynamics.net/whoweare/announcements.aspx?rowID=153
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    Thermal Imaging camera Demo

    Here's another thermal imaging company: http://www.cantronic.com/
  3. Joebo

    Cell Phone Client

    Here's another: http://www.cenuco.com/?id=products&page=cenvid
  4. Joebo

    megapixel cameras

    You're right about the bandwidth but, man, those images are unbelievable. I would think 2-3ips would be enough for recording purposes b/c of the digital zoom capabilities you get after the fact. Check out this website: http://www.arecontvision.com/
  5. Joebo

    Outdoor motion detection challenges

    If they have the cash you can think about using Video Analytic SW such as, MATE (www.mate.co.il), Object Video (http://www.objectvideo.com), or Active Eye (http://www.activeye.com). Great stuff! Ingore's wind, rain, snow, etc. You'll use the existing exterior cameras (hopefully), set up your region of interest and let the system go. The sw will take care of the rest. MATE and Object Video (I think?) have a text output that you could connect to the DVR to make searching easier. And, one camera can cover a pretty large area. If you don't have lighting, add some IR.
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  7. Integration between CCTV and Access Control is already here. The limitation is really which DVR's they talk to. Most can do the following at the AC workstation: - Video live video on alarm. This alarm can be a door forced or video motion detection from the DVR. Bi-directional. Totally friggin awesome!!! - Begin recording or increase record rate on alarm. Once again, ANY alarm! - Playback recorded video from AC worstation. - Control PTZ's. - Playback recorded video when running a report. Awesome!!! Run a report on lobby door, click on video icon and soon your playing back recorded video of event (door forced, access denied, motion, etc.). NOTE: Of course, playing back recorded video depends on DVR storage. If you run a report from 3 weeks ago and DVR only stores video for a week. No video!!! - Use map GUI to diplay live video. Double-click on an icon and bam, you got video. These are only a few features that are available today. This is only getting better and they continue to add new dvr's to the mix. SWH talks to: American Dynamics, Integral, Nice, and Verint (Loronix) Lenel talks to: Verint, Dedicated Micros, Vicon, DvTel, Nice and others (incl. their own DVR) Kantech Corporate Edition SW: American Dynamics (Intellex).
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    Licence plate

  9. Joebo

    Cop needing technical help.

    It's probably a Robot Multiplexer. By far the largest supplier in the US in its day. http://www.americandynamics.net/products/multiplexer_quad_MVP_duplex.aspx
  10. If it's a 716, you'll need to get a code translator from Sennetech (www.sennetech.net). Either the SCT-1040 (1in x 4out) or the SCT-100-Pelco-Sensormatic (1in x 1out). They are a little pricey but, they work. If you have the new Sensormatic dome (RAS916 or 917) they accept Pelco P protocol. Upgrade is not possible due to different camera blocks.
  11. Joebo

    what software to use

  12. First try it in 2-hr mode and make sure all is well (both units should be set for 2-hr. mode). No syncing req'd (between mux and dvr) when recording at this speed. Next, if the Sanyo DVR has a camera switcher pulse output, connect that to the auto-detect VCR record speed input on the Robot mux (connect a gnd. as well). This will garuantee that DVR and mux are sync'd when recording in a time-lapse mode (e.g. 12hr., 24hr., etc).
  13. Maybe the lpr system you saw at the show was from INEX Technologies? http://www.inextek.com/privacy.html They have a great system that captures license plates on vehicles traveling at very high speeds (up to 80MPH).
  14. Any DVR that has a conditional refresh rate (updates changes in the video scene, not the entire image) compression method will see noise as motion. Dusan - Maybe the GeoVision sw has other filters that function like a motion detection filter. For example, the American Dynamics Intellex DVR has a filter that is called light change. Works pretty much the same as motion detection but, it ignores the noise generated by cameras in low-light situations. They also have a motion exception feature that lets you specify the dynamics of motion by selecting the speed, direction and size of the moving object. Both of these help reduce false alarms. Also, take a look at MATE software. Similar to the object video stuff but, much easier to program. As for the cameras, I agree with CCTV_Australia. The Honeywell and AD cameras also have this feature and it works very well.
  15. Joebo

    DVR PTZ Control

    You could always use Sennetech to convert from one manufacturers code to another (e.g. Kalatel to VCL). http://www.sennetech.net/
  16. Joebo

    Panasonic WJ-HD500B

    Well I haven't worked on one in over a year, however, the picture quality is unbelievable on the HD316 and the real-time (30ips/camera even when in mux display) Live video is a nice feature. As for the rest, yes they have all the features but, I'm just not a fan of programming any Panasonic device. Whether it be a DVR or a Matrix. Very time consuming!!!!!
  17. INEX has a very interesting solution. License plate reading technology that actually works with US license plates. Reads the license plate on a moving vehicle (up to 80Mph) in less than 200ms. http://www.inextek.com
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    Hybrid Systems

    Here's a good start from a previous link on the forum. http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=446
  19. Joebo

    Which Manufacturer

    Kantech. Solid software/hardware, priced right.
  20. Joebo

    bnc screw on.

  21. this company looks interesting. Could be a possible solution www.inetcam.com
  22. Joebo

    noisey night pictures

    If you're using a day/night camera, I'd suggest an IR corrected lens (some manufacturers call it a day/night lens). Less headaches! From Tamron: "Note: IR lenses are specifically designed for day/night cameras to be IR corrected when camera goes into "Night" mode and maintain focus. IR lenses may also be used with standard cameras."
  23. Joebo

    Weather Proof color dome cameras???

    thomas is referring to condensation build up from the change in weather (cold nights/warm days). Without a heater to remove the moisture (condensation) from inside the housing, there is a good chance of the unit failing.
  24. Joebo

    Speedome 2000 RA186XV - For $160.00

    If it works, it's a good deal. Hopefully, you have the mount because you're not going to find one very easily. As for the connection to the GV system, that unit requires RS422. If the GV system outputs Sensormatic RS422 code, you're in. if not, try www.sennetech.net They only make code translators, so most likely they'll have something for you (e.g Pelco to Sensormatic RS422). Find a code that GV outputs and see if Sennetech has a code translator.