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    oyn-x recorder

    Hi your system is the xmeye unit can you try the default first either 888888 or keep password blank
  2. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Yes very ….. 20 years engineer for biggest in Manchester ……. Crown corrugated/ Dane packaging/ Danisco pack
  3. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi those pictures send good memories rotary die cutter are you a small sheet plant ? your system is a TVT unit and there is no reset in the unit …. It’s can only be done via password reset…… it’s getting a bit late in the day ….. so I would press cancel and start fresh tomorrow……. If you do another screen shot tomorrow I’ll have the temp code for you
  4. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi we’re are you based ? Also can you post a picture of the menu screen OYN-X and distributor of many recorders
  5. Hi POE injectors are cheap and better than using a plug type power supply
  6. hi that would be a long discussion with the many types of formats now available what type of system do you have and the problem
  7. Hi the problem with 4K and SD card storage only is the amount of data …… a day or so storage is pointless especially if you go away for weekend or on holiday it is better to have at least 2weeks storage to look back on cctv is not just for crime it also helps in other ways like disputes with parcels being delivered was it delivered or stolen also helps if someone else in the street has damage done to there cars …… it’s always good to view recordings going back more than a day or so many of my customers like seeing the wildlife around there property…… cats playing with hedgehogs…. Foxes and a customer sent me a picture of a albino badger and they are very rear in the uk
  8. tomcctv


    Hi I would first start with how your existing cameras are wired up …. Coax or cat5 what make is your old system
  9. tomcctv

    Hi from frosty Lincolnshire (UK)

    Hi. Good to see your going to do some homework first as far as the install goes with equipment today it’s easy and you will probably like the experience I was in Boston in November servicing a system
  10. tomcctv

    Quick Noob DVR Question

    Hi if everything is on same network yes you can
  11. tomcctv


    Hi does not apply in this case as mains powered cameras (110/240v) don’t exist anymore
  12. tomcctv

    Qsee 958 blue light blinking

    Q-see has gone
  13. tomcctv

    Request to delete my account

    Just don’t use it ….. if it’s been part of a thread it’s part of someone else post
  14. tomcctv

    Installation home security

    Load of crap ………anyone can take pride in their work …….. a home owner knows his home structure better than you but if your so good why do you need to spam ? You should have orders for most of this year …….spamming says your not and also not the best just looked at you domain name …… it was only purchased in October 2022 99,cents for 1 year runs out November 2023 it was $10 for 10 years Updated Date: 2022-11-08T15:23:51Z Creation Date: 2022-11-08T15:23:48Z Registry Expiry Date: 2023-11-08
  15. tomcctv

    Adata Apollo DVR Firmware

    This is the problem when people believe everything from hikvision sellers instead of Facebook do a search on worldwide hikvision ban …. Your uk …… so banned in some situations and now looking at no large data by isp could ban you should read the terms and conditions when loading the app people buy security for protection but hikvision take so much of your personal information and your contacts information and then you allow them to track your mobile phone (if app installed on it) even if your 1000s miles from your home cameras hik track you ……. Your data is more important as it’s valuable to them
  16. tomcctv

    Adata Apollo DVR Firmware

    Hi bad mistake using hikvision in the uk cheapest crap on the market now the reason for second unit not working is it’s digital not analog so works on tvi cvi or ahd not all hik revert to old analog
  17. tomcctv

    Adata Apollo DVR Firmware

    Hi firmware won’t help at all and not available anyway. moving hard drive onto your pc will work as it will format and use different sectors insert and new drive into your dvr and let dvr format it DVRs are cheap I would replace your old dahua lite unit
  18. tomcctv

    Qvis DVR help

    Hi first thing is not to update your unit all qvis units are remote viewing only update needed is if there is a problem with the existing software can you post a picture of the menu screen so as we know which unit you have
  19. Hi there are a few things but your description sounds like your internet has been logged onto ….. there are devices that allow people to log into Wi-Fi that is not there’s I would start by asking your service provider to change your network (external iP) address also in many routers now you can schedule Wi-Fi to switch off ……. Your system will still work and have internet access you also have the switch Wi-Fi off remotely with your cell phone or pad there should also be in your router log a black list option under connections were you can block log on iP address that you don’t recognise or logging in at unusual times if you find on your router IP address you don’t know PM them to me and I’ll locate them for you
  20. tomcctv

    QVIS Viper DVR - Brick

    Hi problem with doing passwords is they need to be same day ( your screen shot) plus if the screen goes off it also need to be done again ….as is states on screen in red next screen shot can you leave cameras on
  21. tomcctv

    QVIS Viper DVR - Brick

    Hi. Is this a nvr or dvr does it still have internet access ? we’re are you located qvis are still running
  22. tomcctv

    SuperLive plus

    You are very right ……. But it has a name SuperLive plus
  23. tomcctv

    Poor Night Vision

    Hi. I would give your cameras a clean with a soft cloth and warm water and then see how it looks
  24. tomcctv

    HELP with SVAT CV502-4CH-X

    Hi … svat went out of business years ago along with there network support and app support which is no longer available on App Store Java applications for video are not used any more And it was limited Icamviewer might be a app solution but as Java it will be slow