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  1. Hi. It’s down to the size of the cable (conductor) 23 is best. But this does not matter if your using analog with baluns why use cat6 when cat5 is more than enough
  2. Hi. All pss software sent to your pm.
  3. Hi. It’s available from a number of sites you are using dahua PSS (old version) which is still available you also have the option of using dahua smart pss. (New version)
  4. Hi. Yes .... your camera will only draw what it needs ..... under amp power units will run hot power boxes are usually 1.5 / 2amp per output to each cam which is more than enough for your cameras. Also what it does not allow for in camera specs are power surges...... this always happens for a few seconds when your camera goes from day mode to night mode .... moving filters and switching IR on it’s always best to have more power than what you need.
  5. Hi. Pigtails on 1 power supply always gives problems ..... you only need 1 camera to have a power fault and it’s takes the rest of your system down power supplies are not expensive also distribution box like a 4way would also be a cheaper option
  6. Hi. PM me your address and I will send you some
  7. tomcctv

    question about sending product web link

    Well you have already started the forums has just turned into a link site to amazon
  8. Another new member giving crap read the post again slow
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    Hi. This is the app for all avers. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/aver-iviewer-hd/id485595285
  10. tomcctv

    Camera for my yard

    So what does your link have to do with ring ? cctv company and you don’t know the difference between a smart cam and a cctv cam subscription based cameras are just a waste of money
  11. Hi. Unit rebooting everyday will have nothing to do with firmware. This is a sign of a hard drive failure or a faulty camera. Do you know what format cameras you are using as this unit can be analog only or HD cvi tvi ahd
  12. tomcctv

    New W BOX 2MP 1080p camera only showing as 960H max

    Hi. What HD format is your dvr and cameras camera might be set if on wrong format which will only allow analog view
  13. tomcctv

    New W BOX 2MP 1080p camera only showing as 960H max

    Hi. On some of the cheaper recorders they sometimes have restrictions your dvr might only allow 2mp first 2 or 4 channels and the rest at the lower resolution
  14. Why do you say they have to wait
  15. Your right the forum can’t but members can and do for free
  16. It’s done on the forum for free never send your XML file to a 3rd party
  17. More spam ..... with more crap on your website.........We are an industry leader when it comes to video. That sounds like crap
  18. Hi. Only at 720p its not not a good idea to mix cable at those lengths best just using the right equipment to install right https://www.amazon.com/WildHD-Connector-Coupler-Security-connector/dp/B0747Q196R/ref=mp_s_a_1_10_sspa?keywords=male+to+male+bnc+coupler&qid=1562015938&s=gateway&sprefix=male+to+male+bnc&sr=8-10-spons&psc=1
  19. Again you have spider webs over camera ........ Please don't say there not .....it has always been a problem with built in IR cameras and the reason why you only see them with IR on is because the web reflects the IR.... And this makes them visible...... Also your pictures show that problem look at your first post image ..... The web is in a different place than were it is you your last picture and this eliminates a scratched cover or lens.. you can't see the webs because they are very fine. try again tonight but this time clean the camera once the webs start to show
  20. Well you listen to your sales rep he can work his magic .... because you need a magician 1amp over that distance also what is your voltage drop also you did not mention you used RG6 which is not used for cctv we we can only give advice on experience and we have sold and installed 100s of locations with cvi
  21. tomcctv

    How to find out the brand

    Hi. Firmware update most of the time on generic units kills them. Why do you need firmware ? It does not make your system newer
  22. We still need to know the camera format ... CVI TVI AHD ? 450 / 600ft 1 amp will still give you problems
  23. tomcctv

    I can't decide which camera to get

    Ok ... just with you quoting £ in your early post I was going to say there are no trespassing laws in the uk. Yes trail cameras have a good battery life some for weeks some do have Wi-Fi and you can wirelessly daisy chain them back to your network you could also use a 3-4g motion sensor in same location as camera and get text alerts they can be had for around $45
  24. tomcctv

    I can't decide which camera to get

    We’re are you located. Have you looked at trail cams
  25. tomcctv

    I can't decide which camera to get

    The two listed are smart cameras not cctv .... made for indoor or close view. Putting them into an area like yours is going to use up the SD card in a day with all the motion detect ezviz storage is a waste of time and needs your camera to send data to ezviz server and you can only have a few hours of recording a day .... then you have to pay why I ask about ptz is the camera can be closer to the power and data and let the lens do the distance ..... plus you can move it (ptz) to any location what at is the camera going to do .... pick out people or protect something ?