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    Qvis Cctv issue

    Hi. After seeing your pic of power supply I would also say yes …. That looks like a 12v 4 amp power supply which is well under powered for the cameras you have also don’t replace with another brick type power supply as problems effect your whole system instead of 1 cam fault this is what you should be using because it supplies the right amps to each of your camera ….. 4 or 5 amp power supply is not good for 5 cameras ….. 1.5 amp x 5 = 7.5amp no pro would use the brick type with pig tail leads https://www.amazon.co.uk/HAILI-Output-Supply-Switch-Distribution/dp/B07SV1W15G/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?crid=3UYEJZQD7B36U&keywords=cctv+power+supply&qid=1672932606&sprefix=cctv+power+supply%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-14
  2. tomcctv

    Qvis Cctv issue

    Hi just checked it’s under system configuration icon
  3. tomcctv

    Qvis Cctv issue

    Hi the good old pioneer….. good units I have lots out first thing to look at is in resolution or camera setup you will see a button for PAL and NTCS it needs to be on PAL for the uk ….. that’s your first place to look you could also have a camera that is going bad …….. unplug one camera at a time and see if anything changes can you post a picture of the camera power supply
  4. tomcctv

    System Upgrade Advice

    Hi it’s ok to answer questions ….. it helps you save money as you learn With you having analog cameras (your ptzs) 5 in 1 gives you all formats analog ——tvi——cvi—-ahd——and iP going 4K is a little overkill all it does is use up your hard drive space your dvr at the moment is max 960 tvl a new dvr at 5mp is all you need I will pm you a dvr also while your searching for a dvr don’t look at hikvision or dahua in the uk they won’t have a long life span
  5. Hi next thing to check is the cpu cooling fan (any internal fan) see if that starts up on startup
  6. tomcctv

    System Upgrade Advice

    Hi the reason why I ask your budget is members spend a lot of time helping other only to find they want 4 cam system with a budget of £200 including fitting ok you quote a good budget … infact too high i would start with replacing your dvr first and I recommend a 8 way dvr and one of the best on the market at the moment is a 5 in 1 which means it will run any camera available and that is around £275 it runs on SuperLive plus app so you have full control over your mobile for viewing anywhere ptz cameras are around £320 but has good night vision and a zoom range of 1/2 mile day and night static cameras 5mp colour day and night high def start from £55 as far as professional to setup once your shown once you will do rest yourself
  7. Hi what happens if you remove a cables and also disconnect the hard drive…. Does it still boot up
  8. Hi you are right ….. do you not have access to the recorder ? you will have a problem if this footage is to be used for court ……only native files can be used in court not altered files …. Signature and watermark must be available why do you need 2tb of footage
  9. tomcctv

    System Upgrade Advice

    Hi. I would recommend not going ptz on all cameras…. There is a high risk of missing footage i would look at keeping your existing ptz cameras and adding static cameras around the areas …. So I would look at a 8 way dvr what is your budget…. What part of Yorkshire are you in ?
  10. tomcctv

    System Upgrade Advice

    Hi. Nice post …been a long time since I delt with concept pro I used to use all the time dvr is a old concept your first pic of ptz is a sunkwang (manufacturer of concept) and was fitted a long time after dvr was installed as it’s a lot younger and your other ptz is a 12inch VCL ….. both very good cameras and work for ever The good news is modern dvr units don’t get connected to alarm systems anymore as the alarm side is built in to new recorders …. This will allow you to use the existing cables to add extra cameras i would also look at either a 4 or 8 camera system depending on size of your property what part of uk are you
  11. tomcctv


    Hi yes I understand what your saying which is why I asked the questions and especially the one about the app first you do not have a cctv system …. You have the controversial XMEYE China crap its a China smart system you have under the name of icsee ( created 15-1-2022) to hide the fact it’s a xmeye system you should or read the terms and conditions before buying that system …. You can’t disable any audio as it’s part of the user contract instead of buying something for security for your home … you now have phone tracking… web tracking on all your devices on the network …. You also get tracked via your mobile phone even away from your system here are the terms and conditions for that icsee app https://privacy.xmeye.net/iCSee_privacy_bluevideo.html?t=iCSee&c=BLUE VIDEO TECHNOLOGY EUROPE LTD.&d=2022-01-15&du=2022-01-15&alias=BLUE VIDEO&phone=+86-0571-23271188&mail=xm@xiongmaitech.com&address=FIFTH FLOOR 3 GOWER STREET LONDON UNITED KINGDOM WC1E 6HA
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    Hi are you talking of audio at the camera end ? also what app are you using
  13. tomcctv


    Hi. I will pm you a sellers details in USA the reason why I surgest this unit is because it takes any camera available today upto 5mp but it also has the best app on the market for monitoring and it will also give you full control on your camera from anywhere looking at your pictures it also has alarm outputs/inputs we’re are you going to install this camera
  14. tomcctv

    Brightness of the camera decreased

    Hi is that image of day or night
  15. tomcctv

    Panasonic WJ-HD616 controller.

    Hi. Yes ie11 problems but also pano problems as they dropped support back in 2015 for your units …. So what ever money you put into existing system is a waste depending on how many cameras and units you have it will be cheaper to upgrade and keeping existing cameras what is it your protecting
  16. tomcctv


    Hi what part of the world are you in you don’t need an expensive one but I would go with a 4in1 5mp can you also post a picture of the wire connections …. I think by memory that is powered by 24v ac power supply
  17. tomcctv


    Hi at time of post your picture in both posts were not listed … they came 3hrs later …. As you can see in the quote button I used your picture was not there. but to answer your question….. you have a very expensive camera …. It is either a pelco or a flur high zoom ptz with ir…. Usually used for high security locations or on ships you would only need a dvr recorder to use that camera
  18. tomcctv


    Hi yes if it looks like my camera it should be ok
  19. Never buy hik from aliexpress…… all black market and copies. You will not have any hik support and a total waste of money
  20. tomcctv

    HD over coax distance limitations?

    Hi how are the cameras powered ….one power supply or supply for each camera
  21. Hi on your iPhone go to settings scroll down till you see SuperLive plus and check if mobile data and local network is on see if that works
  22. Hi….. for a dvr that’s over 12 years old it would also need hardware for the new software…. So no it can’t be updated
  23. tomcctv

    Wrong cameras

    Hi it would make more sense to swap the nvr for a 5mp dvr ….. save you a lot of money
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    Hi who is your broadband provider for your mobile data
  25. tomcctv

    Request to delete my account

    Why GDPR Regulation….. you post your own content Mita much easier to not use your account