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  1. Hi. I would replace all cables first ..... lead kits are the most common weak points. With you saying a camera will only come on once you connect another to recorder usually means a lost or broken Neutral in cable and it pics it up from the other camera. I would look at cat 5 with baluns first
  2. Hi. Yes it should work direct into power without splitter with what you are describing it sounds like neutral to either video signal or power feed did you use the lead kits that came with your system ...... if you did that’s the place to start. The kits are poorly made and don’t usually have a life time past 2 years
  3. tomcctv

    HD-CVI to AHD or CVI?

    Hi there are some converters but never work well and cost is in the 100s you can pick up 4in1 cameras from $20 and depending on your recorder you could also get better res than your AHD. Cvi is 1mp upto 8mp
  4. Remember what your first post was about. Now you don’t like it. Trust me there is nothing to subscribe too on your YouTube. Take your latest YouTube top 5 ip camera ..... and your number one is ezviz. 1mp just goes to show your startup company does not have a clue in the industry you should also know about the products you sell ...... as of last week anyone buying ezviz or hikvision need there head testing with the new global warming like I said earlier...... the industry moved from 1mp years ago and your new YouTube puts ezviz 1mp at the top of your best list lie to your customers is not a way to start a company you came on this forum asking what was the matter with your YouTube channel......people on your YouTube comments say the same
  5. How does that work ..... your asking me to help you review products. You need to know the product before you can do a honest review. Take two of your videos 1.......I am now taking it out of the wrapping its not a review just taking it out of the wrapping 2.......as you can see the recorder is a rectangler box yes most recorders are People are not interested in the packaging there also not interested in products 4years old. Mid you know nothing of the products then don’t do reviews .... leave them to people that know the products
  6. Hi try this one AFTER 12 o’clock tonight switch your recorder off for 20 minutes then try this code 119088
  7. tomcctv

    Advice on video camera for research

    Hi jack what is your budget. 7 to 8 weeks battery life .... 4g network ...hd camera. Can also add motion detection
  8. Well since your just using the forum as a advert I’ll be honest again. Its a bad as company that does not know what there selling or a history of a company on products you sell. Ezviz is another hik name and been going 10 years. The camera you demo is not new it’s 4 years old. Also reason why only sold in China is it was withdrawn from most other countries..... another cheap camera that’s only used for China to collect data...... it’s not security it’s a snoop device no recording no sd card .... just footage going off to China 3rd party can watch and hear what’s going on in your home. What’s different in videos ....... all you have done is add graphics and jokes and sunglasses...... nothing that makes reviews better. How is about doing another review on that ezviz camera on were IP address is sending customers data ...... talk about ezviz storage ...... talk about how it punches a hole in customers own network ..... reviews should be honest ........ not just get excited because they sent you one free
  9. Fantastic I have been looking for something to make me fall asleep for years .... your vids do the trick. You are giving so much bad information on at least 3 videos (sorry I started to nod off then) take your vid on dahua 4K mini ...... the audio on the back is not from cameras ..... it’s 1 local mic and 1 local speaker audio on ip systems is based in the camera data with audio enabled cameras. Every man man and his dog are doing cctv YouTube some do it excellent some very bad... yours are more a advert for out of date products ...... 3 weeks ago you did a video of a 1.3 mp camera ....... others did vids on 1.3mp years ago. Need a coffee now to wake up a little
  10. Hi. John good to see you are doing homework. Out of your 4 links only one is value for money. .... 2 of them would be just wasting money your first link ..... cameras don’t match the nvr ....... no point them selling 3mp cameras with a 4K nvr ..... pointless. The reo ..... you can only use there cameras on there system ..... which is useless if you want to upgrade there system the Samsung is old stock and are dome cameras and only 2mp ..... no one uses dome cameras because of bad images with sun and IR reflection on dome ...... also bad remote apps your best link is the Lorex. ....... your first link and the lorex link are infact the same operating system ....... both are dahua .... both are the same specs both use the same apps yet the lorex is $1000 cheaper. Mans it has better cameras and offers full cloud which you don’t get in your first link. The reason why it’s better and cheaper is lorex is 100% owned by dahua and it will also take 8mp cameras so no need to upgrade for a few years.
  11. Hi. Has to be nvr ..... and if you have been entering password you will need to shut nvr down for 20 mins ..... it has a password block if entered too many times..... switching off for 20 mins resets that problem
  12. SyQrRr9SQy you can only use this code today (28th) and your mistake is using SADP the above code is the password ..... you insert it in password on login screen
  13. tomcctv

    How properly to connect DVR ground

    Again don’t use the ground tab on recorder it does not matter what you want ..... it’s something you don’t do it is not needed your second question..... again why do you want to do something you DONT do use the power adapter that came with dvr it uses more amp than a camera
  14. tomcctv

    dvr will not initalize

    Hi. Did you clean and reformatted on a pc first ?
  15. tomcctv

    How properly to connect DVR ground

    Hi. No don’t connect to power supply. There is no need to use the ground
  16. tomcctv

    dvr will not initalize

    Hi. Firmware is not good if you can’t start the operating system. Have you used a new hard drive and what type is it
  17. tomcctv

    PTZ housing

    Hi Under picture it says open in browser...theta the easy way. The brackets used in your picture are ptz mounts they can be bought like that with standard ptz fitting. Salesmen tell you anything. Read the terms and conditions of lilin ptz cameras. Because that’s what they will use if you need to return and remember lilin like a lot of others only have a 6month ptz warranty. The camera era in your picture is a VCL smoke. I would not use the dome as it would not be comparable with another unit .... they are not just a dome it would be easier to just remove everything except the weather cover (top dome) and install a complete new camera ..... paint it black with platicoat spray to match
  18. Hi. Can you post the spec of your dvr. It looks like you are using a hybrid which could limit you from the start
  19. tomcctv

    CnM Secure 4 Channel H.264 DVR

    Hi CnM closed down 6 years ago and they never produced anything for 3 years prior to that. How much data are you trying to save it will only load small files .... 10 min or so. Anything bigger you are best connecting via your local network to your dvr by using its local up address. But you will need to set your pc date to 2015 as the active x certificate has expired once the remote view software has loaded you can then reset your pc date.
  20. Boogeyman. Like you have been told for years you know nothing about me. But trust me I don’t need to make money. Been there done that in one case not that long ago someone had a problem with a ptz on the forum. I was at his home the next day ..... 3700 mile away and no money past hands I charged him a cup of coffee. Been good friends since. Yes the cctv industry has been good to me over 30 years Dominican Republic America Spain uk have all been good areas for me. So far from how you say working out of a trunk. But the forum is a place to help and give something back I don’t have to hide like you when you change your name every 5 minutes on forums because your advice is crap and lies if you want to spend your life going around forums changing your name ever few months and hijack posts .... then that’s a good productive life for you. Which is probably a better solution than you dealing with the public
  21. tomcctv

    DVR + Cameras recommendations

    Hi. At the time if I had posted the link ..... then op would not of got a rack at a good price. But it if your looking ...... then try your local staples store. Last week I picked up 5 Poe switches .... 12 sets of av 1000 gigabit power line sets for 100. All new in box Not only are they selling there stock off they are also selling there shop fittings ...... all network and security including there rack mounts as you know staples office is in administration and all shop close in the next few weeks
  22. tomcctv

    16 ch shopping center

    When someone asks you to do a install you have two options .... you can say yes or no. Dont take this the wrong way but in your case I would say no.. fitting a domestic system into a shopping centre is your first mistake. Have your worked out the storage needed for 24/7 with motorised ? That system can’t do the storage you need so how will you retain/ store your talking dvr and nvr and coax so which platform are you installing also 2mp ...... look at something better ....why install something that is already out of date what country are you in
  23. It’s a house install ..... no need for fiber no difference will be seen either with car5 or 6
  24. Hi. With the reset button which is next to power and BBC’s connection .... hold in for 5 seconds .....press again every 5 seconds till it goes into standard analog...... then you will see menu controls again ..... factory reset then click iris +