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  1. Is it not ..... it depends on what format the 7200 was bought at ..... and it does come in sdi If you buy gray or copy .... then your going to have problems.... it’s not hikvision fault.
  2. Hi. .......what converter ??? That would just be more cost . like in your other post ......you have new coax already installed ...... So why not just go with 4 - 5- or 8mp coax system and save yourself even more money. why are you so stuck on digital watchdog ........ And going HD analog there system is just a rebadged system
  3. tomcctv

    Wireless Security Camera help

    Why would anyone still buy junk
  4. tomcctv

    Cat and Cat5e?

    Hi. It could also give you a lot of hassle cat5 is old and also came as cat5 cca. Which is bad cable ......cat5e is a much better cable and most likely to be pure copper . You also need to know existing size of the old cat5
  5. Hi CBN. i think you know the answer .....yes it's BS. This would just be another way for you to loose the contract. but I think you might of missed something that is important to your install and future installs ........ If it's a brand name hotel ..... PM me the name ... Not the location Well this tells a lot about your competitors........ They are not up on GDPR regulations. PM me if you want more info on CCTV GDPR. but in very very rare cases you might be called to court to verify footage but this is only for cases such as murder ........ In 36 years it's only happend 3 times for me. its ok installing but there is much more to do before the system is handed over to the owner ........ First..... You need to teach a member of hotel staff the system . And this makes him /her become the system manager and this alone takes any liability from your company of any footage needed for courts or police and is also now part of GDPR.
  6. tomcctv

    Hello from the DC/NOVA Area

    Hi. CBN welcome to forum .
  7. tomcctv

    Multiple Reolink NVR's

    Hi. I would have a think if you need 4k cameras on all channels...... you will limit your system and be spending more on hard drive space 8mp across the whole system is also going to reduce your FPS ...... it makes better sense to manage your system 4k at important areas and 4 to 5mp in others
  8. Just remind us again why your upgrading 1.3 upto a 2mp and then having to pay for each camera an extra $400 or $800 depending on how many cameras yes your right to think 2mp is old tech ..... nothing wrong with it just that there is better and that makes 2mp the cheaper option $80 is the going price for a branded 2mp camera if your looking at 8mp then look at your first thread ...... stay with the coax you have which will help your budget
  9. tomcctv

    Multiple Reolink NVR's

    Hi if systems are both the same make then it’s a lot easier for you with only having to use 1 app and 1 pc software if you use a different make you will need two apps adding another unit is not a problem ....you separate everything on a network by its local IP address...... just like if all your family had iPhones .... there is never any conflict on your local network because they all have different ip addresses
  10. tomcctv

    How to enhance cctv footage

    Might of had a little too much Jack Daniel's whiskey 🥃
  11. Hi. Making your recorder WiFi has been done via connecting to your tp router and that is in fact then a bridge to your main router. did you buy the tp or is it the existing one
  12. Hi cctv systems are a much better security device than a alarm system alarm system is only active when set and most businesses switch them off 9 to 5 and when in use it only alerts you.... cctv collects information 24/7 and records all information most cctv also has option with it having alarm inputs or camera set as alarm device ....... most system have a schedule time set for each camera or pie attached to go into alarm detection mode ..... also a lot of units allow you to set alarm once area is closed just by going into app and setting alarm on
  13. tomcctv

    Autonat question

    Hi what make is your system
  14. tomcctv

    Black Wavy Lines

    Hi none are fit for cctv and none are coax you need 75ohm cable for cctv (coax) both your links are 100ohm The lead kit you posted will work but only on short distance ... not the length you need can you not buy cat5 and use baluns ... cat5 is also 100ohm but by using baluns at both ends makes it 75ohm and the rest of the pairs are used for power
  15. tomcctv

    Black Wavy Lines

    Can you post a link to your coax cable
  16. tomcctv

    Black Wavy Lines

    Hi that is a common image of a power supply failure .... on its way out used to see it a lot with dantech supplies
  17. tomcctv

    DNS failed in the dvr

    What is the IP address of your router
  18. tomcctv

    DNS failed in the dvr

    What router are you using ? If your not using QR you will need to port forward your unit
  19. tomcctv

    DNS failed in the dvr

    Hi. Switch to DHCP enable .... Log out then back into network settings and see if setup it's self primary dns is sec bans . Is you have the Xmeye unit . Did you use the QR setup the first time you used it
  20. Hi can you give more info .... how slice and how did you connect to tv
  21. tomcctv


    Hi. Switch your unit off lock mode by switching it off for 20 minutes no longer that 30minutes ...... Then try your password. were are you located for password
  22. You don't buy one that supports 8 cameras ....... They need to be camera end no one has told you to buy analog .......HD analog is MP just that it runs on coax and goes upto 8mp ... Which is what your post was about. Existing coax. even watchdog do a HD analog yes I'll say again licence fee is just waste of money a thing of the past and only 4 cameras to start .... That's $400 you don't even need to spend
  23. tomcctv

    4CH DVR boot stuck

    Unit comes new with software for it to operate ....... firmware is a fix or a add to existing software ...... it does not carry the software ..... also firmware is known as a patch.
  24. Hi download the firmware onto a pen drive...... switch recorder off .... install pen drive then restart your recorder
  25. tomcctv

    4CH DVR boot stuck

    If you mess with the software you will not get it to work you can’t get the software .// like you have been told firmware is not the software..... look up bricked my dvr your playing with a 720 AHD no name unit 720 AHD is the only software you can load .... any other format will not see the cameras ..... you can’t use anything else because of hardware