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  1. Hi. We’re would you like to start.

    brillcam is another name for hikvision

    your using cloud service to run your camera and that is based in China ... your brillcam is infact a EZVision  (check the app it’s the same) they needed to change there name  


    the other problem is your pc setup Dviewcam

    there app has not been updated for 4 years and is coming to an end. I would not spend any more time on the pc setup and since you have new brillcams I would look at using a hiview nvr


  2. Hi. Does your Anni have network ports on the back of recorder ???

    13 hours ago, vulcanxh558 said:

    I've been in the settings and tried everything I can think of including resetting the settings and changing the IP address but I'm getting nothing.

    What are you changing the IP address of ?

    camera or nvr camera settings 

  3. 19 hours ago, mianmani68 said:

    If you use any kind of torrents then you must have the fastest speed of the internet because they demand more internet speed than normal. You need to make sure that you are getting the fast speed of the internet if you want to use a torrent site. Here’s this speed test tool that I use to test the speed of my internet ptcl speedput. By testing your internet speed you can easily make sure that whether or not you’re able to use the torrent site.

    you have no clue what your talking about your a bad spammer 

    your website only has a year domain

    your based in Pakistan

    Much safer to use isp speed test than a 3rd party like you

  4. Hi. Not only your pir lights but the one across the street also starts to give you problems 

    In camera settings you will see..... day......night .... and auto 

    you are in auto mode at the moment you need to set it to day mode only yes it does away with Colorvu but it’s not needed in your application 

    with you already having good street lighting you will be ok with just day mode 

    try setting image setting when it’s gone dark tonight and see how that goes

    range rovers the most stolen car in the uk at the moment

  5. Hi. That house again will have floorboards from left to right of house  (main board running along landing) also remove a section of floorboard below window above the porch you will see we’re cables needs to go

    sounds like work but with the right tool it’s only an hour or so .... a tool worth adding to your box is one of these set to floorboard thickness makes the job easy



    once you have a few jobs under your belt it will all click into place just treat every house as your own

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  6. Uk weather cold or hot ... while in loft will give overheat or freeze depending time of year

    Also customer needs access also need network connection in loft then monitor 

    how will customer be controlling the system 

    hdmi extenders to main tv is a good option if your hiding the recorder but extenders don’t give you mouse control unless you go for expensive ones. 

    In your house picture ..... I would mount all equipment in back of garage  ..... mount front camera to left of garage door looking at drive and door pathway 

    also most houses like that the back garage wall is also the partition wall to the kitchen which could be another option to getting a camera to the rear of the house .... under kitchen units from garage wall around kitchen and up into cupboard on kitchen outside wall

  7. Hi your picture of house on right ..... cable access point will be full length of landing which will give you access to all 4 external walls with no cable showing at end of installation 

    rg59 shotgun will be better terminated in cable management boxes...... saves having to take floorboard up just to replace a faulty camera


    are you looking at installing recorder in loft

  8. Hi. Images look good but there all dummy cameras. 

    but locations like that depends on inside building ..... using cupboards on outside walls .... is one way. 

    also most uk homes have a cable run area usually one upstairs floorboard needs to be removed and that gives access to most areas


    you still not said which equipment you will be using 

  9. Hi. No one can answer that without seeing .... every house is different 

    Other factors is why do you need cables going into loft ..... 90% of uk homes don’t have power in the loft so that’s more expense to your customers 

    38 minutes ago, 01stephenhall said:

    Which aspect of equipment? 

    Are you doing IP or HD analog ..... do you have a supplier or is it going to be amazon equipment or eBay ....... which if running as a business last thing you want is your customer to see your markup 


  10. Uk so no regs ....... depending on type of house cavity is a good way .... remove half brick in loft. 

    but what a lot of installers do is behind drain pipe since all houses have two or more on each house you can also put up a dummy drain pipe


    but I have seen some very bad installs in the uk. We’re installers have put 25mm conduit all around a house. (Quick in Out boys) and wonder why they can’t get paid 


    whay equipment will you be using

  11. Hi. First test is to take down one of your cameras which is out of range and see if it connects

    this is a problem with wireless dvr and camera point to point does not allow the use of Wi-Fi extenders as there not talking to your router 

    It can start to be a costly exercise when starting to use other makes

  12. Ok. Since you have a cloud based camera you won’t get a rtsp direct feed ..... also cam has a wan ip not a lan ip 

    you could try downloading xmeye for pc software (Icsee) is a xmeye product so would be using same cloud service. Just use your icsee login details

  13. 10 minutes ago, neuronetv said:

    yes I've done the reset and got access to it, thats how i got the image up in a browser. I thought surely there must be a way to get the rtsp url that the camera uses....

    So are you trying to get a direct feed from camera to pc 

  14. 10 hours ago, markebenson said:

    What i did find the last time this machine was hacked a few days ago is a login from an unknown IP which traces back to Poland. Would not changing or adding firewall rules to this port prevent reoccurance

    The ip is Amsterdam being used in 3 locations in Poland so you can’t find the start

    changing ports or passwords will not help .... you can sell your system on eBay to Mexico and the new owner will still have the problem


    also don’t think it’s a little guy sitting at his computer attacking your system 

    look at the time of each action in your log it’s all the same time which indicates an attack 

    without a software change you can’t stop it other than remove dvr from internet

  15. 26 minutes ago, taylor99 said:

    This sounds ideal, but how would I link the camera? It appears that they only offer ethernet connection (which this camera does not have)

    Hi. You are on the right path with power line plugs but you need to buy power line that also has wi-fi .... but I would highly recommend you use a good name brand and not the Johnny washable off eBay 

    I used to use netgear a lot but have moved over to TP link ..... more reliable and I would say best on the market to buy

    type to buy ... depends on your budget just look for T-P link with the part number starting with WPA as this means it also has Wi-Fi 

    this one will give you full Wi-Fi in your 200ft garden 

    WPA8630 KIT

    but you can buy TP link cheaper models 

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