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  1. 41 minutes ago, eddieblade21 said:

    I like to keep the cameras and all the coaxial cable as it is hidden perfectly around the home 

     I like to upgrade my DVR to a NVR which in turn I can access remotely from another PC or iPhone

    hi. Keeping original camera’s prevents you from going nvr ..... nvr is only used with IP cameras

    you can stay with a dvr as a new option but your problem with doing that is your SDI cameras are not compatible unless you buy a sdi dvr which is a waste of money

    new DVRs run tvi cvi ahd and standard analog 

    so you can keep cables but both recorder and cameras need changing

  2. 1 hour ago, Robert78 said:

    If used with a system on a computer the cameras become simply a dumb piece of hardware similar to any plug-in camera hooked to a computer.

    Hi. No very wrong ..... as ezviz asks for router details to work (nvr or pc) you still give it a path in and out of your network


    the problem is people don’t know what there buying when it comes to home security. There are two types 



    this is we’re you buy and get equipment home and on setup it asks you to register your equipment to a cloud service 1000s of miles away .... the only reason is to collect personal information .... your name your email your router username and password which then gives your location also cell location if using a app which tracks your location even when not at home

    IF A STRANGER CAME TO YOUR DOOR and asked for your router details and login and password details 95% of people would say no....... yet very happy to give it over there home network to strangers........ it’s not a security system if others have control


    CCTV SECURITY SYSTEM (not smart)

    does not require you to register .... cloud is optional and does not stop your system working if you don’t use that option does not disable firewall and you can pick and insert your own port numbers for remote view and change when ever you like along with IP address...... all of which makes your own network secure 


    ezviz (hikvision) and lorex (dahua) are about to hit headlines again  ezviz for using facial recognition software of everyone who passes there cameras and sending data back to China (without owners concent)

    lorex for how there new systems are made and now also requiring login details again for dahua use


    i will pm you with a system you have control over

  3. 9 hours ago, Robert78 said:

    Is there anything from the current system that can be used?  What about the cameras as long as I'm willing to live with their image quality?  Do the cameras themselves pose a security risk? Do you have a recommended NVR or minimum requirements to look for to avoid pp quality like ezviz?

    Yes you can use them .... but you can’t stop them sending data to 3rd company it’s built into software

    ezviz is about to get a ban from Australia 

    mall China government owned companies 

    hikvision ezviz dahua lorex are all about to come back into the news over security risks and company build methods 

    ezviz are cheap $30 ..... there cheap to flood the market and collecting personal data on what cameras see and hear


    to use your ezviz contact them for a new nvr recorder or pc software as trying to connect them to another manufacturers unit may not work ... I know they state onvif which they don’t 

  4. Hi. Lots of people make this mistake...... ptz with heater blower or wiper should not run on Poe from nvr

    yes your right cold temperatures have switched on your heater and the sensor is set very low ..... this is because ip cameras also generate there own heat anyway ... your extreme low temp has called for more power which your nvr does not have


    lorex nvrs don’t run heavy ptz power you need to run larger Poe switch

    how many ptz cameras are you running and what make and model 

  5. 14 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    So, TVT is a cheap Chinese brand I gather. 

    No . In fact it’s one of best systems on the market ..... also has best app and pc remote software

    17 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    This one is an old cast off from the office. But it worked and we didn't really care about the on-site viewing quality. Still don't. 

    Well this is going to be a problem ...... to reset video output range it can only be done from master output hdmi .... then you have control over second output .... sounds like it was set as spot monitor ..... no other way around it

    24 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    I saw that the 4 std range cameras are motorized and one of them is out of focus. Is that changed at the camera or can it be done via the NVR remotely (when it is up and running again)?

    You can set it via monitor or SuperLive pro or the pc cms software .... you use the ptz controls on any of the devices 


    if you don’t want to buy a monitor borrow one that’s hdmi and hd ...... connect it power up and it will set the range automatically 


    then we can see if this is your problem

  6. 23 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    I took the monitor home and I had the onboard VGA controller on my mobo shut off. Once I turned on and hooked up, it recognized the input being there but I got no pic, Maybe I turned off something else to save resources since I am hooked up via DVI on an separate graphics board. This older 19" Sony monitor calls the VGA input HD15 and is 1280x1024. 

    Ok so we still don’t know if monitor is working or not

    your system is called a TVT nvr and it should be run on hdmi ....... you will not be seeing the benefit of your cameras 

    with two outputs  hdmi and vga 

    hdmi is your master output 

    vga is secondary and is set via recorder

    you need to buy a wide hd tv with hdmi which is the right monitor you should be using


    looking at your recipes $115 for a monitor I’m guessing it’s just a cheap 19inch pc vga monitor

    your installer does not have a clue I would also question over $600 for Poe extenders 

    when nvr is Poe (your premises must be bigger than the white house) to be needing them on each camera. 

    so first thing is new monitor HD hdmi so as you can be on main output 

  7. 8 hours ago, Larbo said:

    We were given an app called SuperLive Plus. 

    Ok your system is a TVT nvr

    can you post a picture of back of nvr

    need to figure out how cameras are getting power

  8. 4 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    I will ck the DVR for HDMI inputs. Do you still want me to test the monitor? it has worked for 3+ years. What could have changed it?

    Latly, would that circumstance cause that blaring, constant alarm sound? 

    Thanks again!!

    Hi. Monitor settings could be altered or nvr output settings changed

    alarms will sound for a number of things depends how alarms were setup to start with


    bad hard drive ...... but you will still see images on screen 

    camera feed to nvr ...... but you would still see other camera feeds

    monitor if bad or out of range (wrong resolution)


    do you have remote view and is that working

  9. 9 minutes ago, Larbo said:



    Wow crazy prices Poe extenders $620 

    $850 for none Poe nvr

    $825 for cable ........ how far are camera away from nvr location...... reason why I ask is no listing for a switch


    vga monitor is first to look at ..... then look at connection from nvr to router of switch ....this will also give a beeping if down

    also at night are your cameras showing any sign of IR lighting being on

  10. 10 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    But the monitor is connected via VGA cable

    Hi then if you have an IP system which is supporting 4mp cameras ...... your monitor might not be broken 

    vga is limited by its resolution ..... it is rare to have both vga and hdmi on a unit but some do

    on vga your nvr might of gone out of range (higher resolution than vga can handle)

    does it have hdmi as well

  11. 45 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    Hi, I manage a bldg with a small, 4 camera security system. It was put together by a now defunct contractor 8 years years ago. My phone app recently lost connectivity with the system. I found that the (no name) DVR was emitting a constanand loud alarm 


    Hi. This was your first post and you also posted pictures of a dvr board.  

    if fitted 8 years ago it’s not a h265 unit as not developed then 

    your last post it now turns out to be a nvr with ip cameras

    can you post pictures of back and front of your recorder

    also you have not said if you tried another monitor

    On 2/1/2021 at 3:46 PM, Larbo said:

    OK> I will bring the monitor home and check it out,. VGA cable connection.

    this also points to a dvr as a 4mp h265 would be on hdmi not vga

  12. 53 minutes ago, NormanFowler said:

    Hi, thank you for your reply. I have tried them, thank you. I did them all twice with a twenty-minute switch off in between each go.I am in England.


    Hi. Yes I know in England but what area. 

    in your first post it says nvr .... is it definitely an ip system the Apollo was made in 3 formats 

  13. 17 minutes ago, dje75140 said:

    knows very little about AVTECH DVR's and software but but is trying to convince everyone you do by filing copious meaningless posts.

    You only need to read 10 years of posts ...... oh and in at least 1 of them you will find a link to software

    but your right over 36 years in the cctv industry I don’t know everything.... but as new equipment comes out bought by myself or sent to me buy vendors I’ll learn about it

    24 minutes ago, dje75140 said:

    You have instead provided  information on hackers and law enforcement agencies etc. None of which interests me and I did not ask about.

    Yes your right again .... but your the one who wants to use a unit which is over 12 years old is only cif recording worth nothing.

    but I stand buy the link which I posted .... it’s a valid warning from most countries and isp about the risk ...... I was just putting all the problems together so as you would understand your wasting your time

    34 minutes ago, dje75140 said:

    I will not bother troubling you again by seeking help or responding to your posts as I feel you have nothing to offer on this topic.

    I have explained your problem .......it’s no one else’s fault if you don’t like the answer

    you don’t understand regional...... which is important with avtech ...... I tried to explain that once software is corrupt firmware will not help ..... but you don’t understand that  

    avtech help line have even given up on you ..... let me guess you did not like there answer either


    your like a little child ... grow up 

  14. Hi cat

    can you post time and date on your recorder screen ...... I see you did in your first post but as the code is generated via time and date just want to make sure time is right

    10.40 pm 9-2-2021 is now in uk so codes are




    also remember once 3 wrong passwords have been entered the system must be switched off for 20 minutes before you can enter another 3  

    so switch off before you start using the above codes

    these also expire at midnight


  15. Thanks for the info. I looked at a job similar to yours on a cabin in wv 

    I would not use a pc ... with you only using 4 camera I would use 2 nvrs that way you are getting storage at two locations plus if nvr is switched or stolen your cameras will still be recording to other nvr (camera connected via switch hidden)

    know for a second security I would also use 3G motion sensors to alert you they are cheap ...... no cell coverage is not a problem but a fix for that has a charge of $5 a month

    i will pm you how.



  16. Hi. Over 80% of systems are out of China area the key word to stay always from is smart system all of which require a cloud connection 

    TVT systems are standard cctv and you can configure the system with no cloud signup 

    do you live there or is it a second location?

    Roughly what area are you in 

    do you have a internet and cell coverage at location 

  17. 8 hours ago, Robert78 said:

    I'm going to do something different (not sure what) and am trying to determine whether the cameras themselves are salvageable or should be thrown in the trash.

    Best place for them. 
    there cameras only work with there nvr

    100% China government owned hikvision system ... the most intrusive system on the market. 
    I have been out to ezviz systems that are around 3-4 years old and found in the units log and customers router log that over 200 people had been watching there system. 
    also uk couple with there indoor smart camera have watched there own ptz camera following them .... IN THERE OWN HOME

    BURN THE CRAP buy something better