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  1. Hi. Pc based unit 

    you will need to know the make of the unit to find the playback software or try looking for it in the partition       partition 1 usuall called master (but should be on its own drive) in your case it’s not.    Partition 2&3 is usually data and 4 is burn path rout to DVD burner 

    either in master or partition 4 you should see a file called player exe. ...... it is inserted onto every dvd with footage

    if you can find this file extract it and load onto pc and direct its path to see partition 2&3 on hard drive

  2. 10 hours ago, dje75140 said:

    what is the significance and the directory numbers "1021-1003-1008-1003". Is this the issue numbers?

    This is we’re problems start with people downloading software and which kills units 

    your in Australia so 1017-1019 is the firmware you need ..... but if you have tried to load anything else and it’s wrong then you damage the units software

    11 hours ago, dje75140 said:

    also what is the significance and the directory numbers "1021-1003-1008-1003". Is this the issue numbers?

    Regional software ..... depends where recorder was made for Europe USA China Australia South America  and determines its PAL or NTSC or secam wrong one and you won’t get image on screen


    11 hours ago, dje75140 said:

    f I get it working again I won't be connecting it to the internet.

    Ok so say you use it (which you won’t as bricked) and your have footage of someone damaging your car who will you give the footage too

    it will still write the hack path to DVD ..... also most law agencies will not accept DVD any more 

    On 2/5/2021 at 6:02 AM, dje75140 said:

    Lost password for AVTECH AVC796H

    12888 would of reset password


    you can try as many firmware options there is but to read the firmware the units software must be intact to read 

    So you need to flash software on dvr with dvd disk  good luck with getting that of any website there is only 3 locations I know of but again that’s regional 

  3. 20 minutes ago, thehandyman said:

    I do understand it. However it's an android platform apparently and that gives me hope. 

    Is it now ..... that is crap ...... Android accessible may be but not run


    ill put it another way ...... 4 cameras wireless to recorder ..... each camera needs identity for recorder to recognise.....change dvr software (which you can’t do anyway) how do cameras connect


    but again good look 

  4. 55 minutes ago, dangrey46 said:

    I’ve now herd from more than 4 people on YouTube that they do effect the internet as they require internet to process and download the footage onto a storage device. 

    The problem with these idiots on YouTube is there trying to sell you there own out of date crap

    ip systems DO NOT USE INTERNET you can install a Ip system in the middle of the desert and it will work fine


    camera >>>cable >>> recorder is IP setup

    camera>>>cable>>>recorder. Is analog setup

    both exactly the same .... but you also need power cable for your analog cameras ... so more canoeing is needed ... IP is 1 cable


    price .... more crap from sales and buying old stock 



    analog camera £20 

    IP camera £25

    on paper looks cheaper 

    analog needs extra power cable also needs £10-15 power supply  .... giving analog price £35 to 40 

    IP camera £25 no extras but has more benefits to updates more control and high resolution £25

    now if this is for your home rg59 shotgun is hard to hide .. also needs cable management box at camera end 

    cat5 can be used for both analog and IP most installers now use cat5 for everything 

  5. 16 minutes ago, thehandyman said:

    Can anyone recommend alternative recording software? And, how would I install it?

    Hi anran systems are toys just like any wireless system .... you are stuck with what you have for this reason 

    wireless camera is a transmitter..... which sends data to a receiver (the recorder) and then decodes to give you your image it’s all proprietary (all coded together) so can’t change software or use any other wireless camera that is not coded to the recorder


  6. Hi. Not a good idea to buy alien pro off eBay plus complicated old system 


    what is your budget for your system ?


    7 hours ago, dangrey46 said:

    i have heard that an NVR system when recording can generate quite a large pull on the internet.)

    This is not the case as an IP system does not require internet ...... internet is only used if you want to see your system away from home which is same for analog system 

    lip is much easier to install and less cable and cheaper to run power wise


  7. 1 hour ago, gazb0 said:

    thanks for the reply, i don't have the original email address, would i be able to call them and do it on the phone?

    Hi you can ask techno .... but it is a security feature of the recorder they would still need the qr code. 
    let me know if they will 

    we’re are you based

  8. Hi Gary

    you need to press password retrieval understand settings and take a photo of the qr code let me know if you get that far 


    1 hour ago, gazb0 said:

    Failing that anyone know a cheap unit i could buy to replace it,

    You have one of the best systems on the market at the moment .... don’t replace it

  9. Firmware 1017 to 1019 is what you need

    but I would not use it as your system sounds as if it’s bricked forums are full of avtech bricked problems and can’t be fixed 

    firmware and patches are update software that attach to the recorders main software when bricked it’s the main software that’s corrupt..... so firmware or updates have nothing to attach too

    for a 10 year old system and only cif recording it is better for you to buy a new recorder

    Buffer overflow in cgi-bin/user/Config.cgi in AVTECH  DVR with firmware 1017-1003-1009-1003 and earlier, and possibly other devices, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (device crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code via a long string in the Network.SMTP.Receivers parameter.”

  10. 4 hours ago, dje75140 said:

    if I short TP5 and TP6 with the USB thumb drive inserted

    Hi. 5&6 are reset only all you are doing is restart ..... upgrade method for that unit is switch off dvr ...unplug hard drive..... insert pen drive .... power back on ....... can take upto a hour to load

    you will need the original file path sent to you by avtech in the order it was sent or it won’t load

    but I would also question if you have the right files .... it is unusual for something 10 years old 

    it is only a cif resolution dvr ... time to change

  11. Hi. You have a net vision run system 

    how upto date is your software on all of your devices. ?

    I this for home or business use 

    software changed to P2P late 2017 but your card is a lot older than that and is only cif resolution so not worth spending money on


    is it not worth you using dvr instead and not have the problems that are now with old pci cards

  12. 27 minutes ago, Dana Solomon said:

    Still not sure? Not being able to come up with budget kitchen remodeling ideas? Hire an expert kitchen renovation designer who can guide you all through the makeover process at an affordable service cost.

    If your company does not know the difference between a kitchen door and a cctv system there is no help for you 


    no wonder you need to spam 

  13. 28 minutes ago, flxiso said:

    unfortunately not, also there is not access to Internet in this place.

    This is what I'm trying to do, but with wifi camaras instead of wired




    Ok ..... bit of a mixup..... picture is not Wi-Fi .... they are standard ip connected to something like a nano setup also nothing to do with P2P

    PtP point-to-point

    how many cameras do you want in that location and what is your budget

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  14. 3 minutes ago, flxiso said:

    Its for a weeding venue, the camaras will be 700mt away from the monitor/router

    Hi. 700m is going to be a problem with Wi-Fi plus what your looking at doing a Wi-Fi will only bottleneck your feed


    can you get a cable from one location to the other ?

  15. Hi. It’s unusual for a dvr to only do tvi 

    TVI was mostly used by hikvision a few years ago but most dvrs now use all HD formats 

    so if you search hikvision tvi 5mp you will find lots

    but you could face another problem if your dvr is old .... check the spec . Some early units were limited ..... one 5mp but then rest were 2mp on a 4 way giving 4 cameras but if you add another 5mp it basically turns from 4 channel to two 

    going 6mp like you said is a waste of money and going 8mp (4K) you will find won’t run 

    do you have dvr spec

  16. 4 hours ago, Leslie T179 said:

    What you guys think about this Shall I proceed or not. Do comment your response too

    Two types of spammers ... one that just leaves a link ...... the other is making up a story for people to read with a link  .... which is what you do...

    so it’s all lies......... so imagine the crap people will get from your company if they have any warranty issues  

    your October post is the same .... but different reason