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    Who do you think is going to win sundays games? I think Steelers and Seahawks. Screw Carolina, they crushed my Giants
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    The Bus would not have retired if they lost last week. I think Plummer is a hack and Roethelsberger is the man!! Plummer didn't do anything when he was in Az.
  3. RTFM="Read The F@#&!#% Manual" I had to google it because I wasn't familiar with it either Rory.
  4. The problem we had with twist ons is some installers would use RG59 twist ons for plenum and vise versa and a lot of our problems traced back to bad BNC connections. Don't get me wrong a secure twist on BNC works perfectly, a lazy installer on the other hand....
  5. For RG59 we use Gem 305-10 and Aim Electronics 27-9100. In my opinion nothing beats a good 3 piece crimp on.
  6. G-MEN

    camera suggestion for this picture

    That is a smokin deal for those cameras. Did they fall off the back of a truck?? Where did you find those so cheap? You are talking about these right? WV-CW474AS
  7. G-MEN

    Photo Radar

    They are starting to put up photo radar on the FREEWAYS here in Arizona. There are tons of red light cameras and photo radar in the city, but the FREEWAYS!!?? Come on, traffic is bad enough already. I think this is happening only in Arizona...for now
  8. G-MEN

    Camera Line

    I second that!! Northern Video has been very good to us. Very good customer service and prices. Plus they are the only ones who give out beer at the ISC Expo
  9. Hey its not your fault, they messed up. you just tried to save us a little $$. So it is the same camera? I won't bother returning it then. I won't bother with the BBB either I got plenty of RG6. That factory stuff is garbage anyway.
  10. Mine said cam43 just like yours. I realized they sent the wrong camera immediately after receiving it, but then I googled cam43 and got this http://www.audio-discounters.com/cam43cir.html Looked completely different. I thought they mislabled it and sent out the wrong spec sheet.
  11. I was curious to see if the cam53cir lived up to what everyone on this site said it did and ordered one from the same link. They also screwed up my order. I called them and they informed me they screwed up the part # on the website. He told me to go to their website and click on returns and provide in detail what happened (no coax for me either) He said they will send out RMA tags and ship the correct camera and the coax. They didn't say anything about s/h cause they messed up. They better not charge me!!
  12. G-MEN

    Coax vs UTP

    After a little research and and processing everyone's input I think I'll go with an NVT NV452R terminate it in a weatherproof box, then run 59 and 18-4 up the poles. Thanks for everyone's help!!
  13. G-MEN

    Coax vs UTP

    Heres a little more info. The CCTV cables are run in their own seperate conduit than the power wires for the poles. The only time they will have close contact with the power wires is inside the pole leading up to the camera, roughly 25ft. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks
  14. play the tape through the origional mux and VCR and dub it to a regular VCR