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    Inline Microphone problems

    What is the impedance rating for the microphone and am I reading this as you used RG59 cable for the mic? Also how are you powering the microphone?
  2. Have you ever wondered or experienced what would happen if a vandal took a hammer to your cameras? Here is a chance to find out for real..................
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    I/O alarms

    alarms are simply a open (normally closed) or closed dc circuit and require only a pair so you could run 4 alarm devices bacck to the NVR in the same way you cuuld run 4 channels of analogue Video over baluns In reality you will often use a PIR or other trigger device which may require 12V DC or 24VAC and so you could pair up the remaining 3 pairs to power the PIR or trigger device. Don't just buy cheap nasty PIRs though as you will be back in the same situation. Dual beam PIRs are far more particular. Look at the Luminite and the GJD range of PIRs
  4. I am pleased you saw the merit in what I was saying and likewise I see your point about advertising and it's true they can take measures to hide their faces and given that scenario in the face of being accused of entrapment I think you would have a valid argument for using a mixture of overt and coverts are used.
  5. CCTV IS NOT A WEAPON OF REVENGE and you'd be naive to reduce it to such. Obviously we would most of use be sorry to hear you have suffered some vandalism and if you want to take measures to minimise the likelihood of a re occurrence, that would be perfectly reasonable. Only an idiot would set themselves up a CCTV system then sit in wait until they are vandalised AGAIN Even if you do catch someone in the act, you have no idea whether or not they perpetrated the first vandalism, so you are no better off and stupidly you've allowed yourself to become a victim and paid for the privilege. You are right to worry about cameras being stolen as unfortunately this does happen, it's been said before placement is everything. In such cases a hidden camera IS justified but consider signage as an important element in the system. i.e an intruder does not need to see cameras to know they are there but it would help if they can see some. ALWAYS REMEMBER AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A POUND OF CURE I am not calling anyone stupid, just saying examine what you are doing a bit closer, be objective and don't make vengeance your life's work. I am sure you have better things to occupy your time as we all do. PS good luck with your IP system
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    Just to say Hello

    CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit TeleVision Acronym is a word made from the first letters of a phrase or group of words, almost a word in itself. Acronyme en francais Sigle composé des initiales ou des premières lettres d’une désignation et qui se prononce comme un seul mot. BBC NHS HMS UK GB and so on... So in France and French speaking countries it's called Videosurveillance is that right? In English we call a Enregistreur de surveillance 'DVR' for short ( we are fond of acronyms) Digital Video Recorder (but actually it is much more than just record as the French description indicates. And we call Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras PTZ again another acronym.
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    sunluxy cctv

    What they forgot to take into account is that some people either can't read or can't be bothered to read.
  9. I love my job so much, I would probably do it for free if I didn't need to make a living. But what is it you love about your jobs
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    Hiding CCTV on house and Garage

    So your place/ car/ property is the bait, and you were advised by police to set a trap to find out who is doing this suspicious thing? I Think that the police officer who gave you that advice might not have dome if his superior were present. Fancy advising someone to become a victim again so they can catch the culprit. Heaven forbid something serious happens next time. Hidden cameras are all very exciting and clever but frankly I would rather not suffer as a victim a second or third time just to catch someone in the act. I'd be happier stopping them altogether by making a BOLD statement. There are times when hidden is appropriate,,, with respect, this doesn't appear to be one of them. I spend my life trying to secure the safety and peace of mind of my clients, I wouldn't suggest they ever put themselves in the firing line again just to capture someone in the act. Even an overtly placed indoor camera can drive out a burglar as soon as they see it, reducing their time on the scene, Hidden cameras DON'T, CAN'T DO THAT FOR YOU. Simply have in-ya-face cameras and signs so there is no mistake.... IF YOU MESS WITH ME YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Its amazing how the bravery leaves people when there is a prospect of getting caught prevention is better than cure!
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    Hiding CCTV on house and Garage

    Why do you feel you need HIDDEN cameras? The more visible the better, hidden cameras cannot deter anyone from misbehaving.
  12. Numb-nuts

    CCTV documentary (UK)

    Sorry wasn't trying to thwart your efforts, just teasing.
  13. Numb-nuts

    CCTV documentary (UK)

    Sounds like a sales rep looking for prospects?
  14. Wiring up is the simple enough. With IP a complete amateur can wire it up using ready terminated ethernet cables. There are PLENTY of ready to go IP kits with matching cameras that will just set themselves up. Mobile viewing and remote client software PC or Mac are now almost common to all systems so all in all I think you are ready to make a choice, just don't get so involved trying to understand very last detail. You DONT need to become an expert to use IP CCTV or analogue CCTV. and it needn't cost you a fortune either. What you need to look for is a supplier that will offer you good after sales support.
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    Personally I think you can do better than both of those systems. Do some research in your area and I am sure you can get a better value. Neither of those brands are great quality.
  16. No it's my BRITISH sense of humour and irony coming out. (Sorry if you didn't receive it in good humour it was meant to make you smile and think again) Of course if thats what you can afford then it's better than nothing at all. Just do a little research and see there are webcams and several variants that you could use also am sure if you look carefully on ebay and other sites you will soon see othr items that might be adaptable to your purpose. I doubt a dashcam is going to be suitable but then I haven't viewed the relative positions and distances.
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    Software based NVR/DVR

    Its just NOT THAT simple
  18. Have you still got a toybox to store it in after you find you are disappointed with it?
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    How effective are CCTV systems at catching vandals?

    This is a question that almost nobody can answer definitively, so looking for a definitive answer is a waste of your time since there are No Guarantees! In the first place recorded evidence can give police a better understanding of the overall picture which a witness statement can never do as well as actually seeing the events. The two combined are a powerful combination for law enforcement use. There are going to be instances where number plate capture can be realistic but you have to plan to set this up and it doesn't happen with cars passing at speed unless a specific ANPR camera is used and a secondary standard camera giving the same view. Even then result can be sketchy as it's difficult sometimes impossible to account for every contingency. I think your BEST hope of getting good footage and evidence is to employ a professional. The problems are that the criminals have every chance to change and react to cameras but the cameras remain static where they were installed so placement has to be considered very carefully indeed. Some may require relocating as events unfold. Be patient and stay on the right side of the law. You will eventually succeed but it may take a long while. Keep records and footage back-ups. When shown as a collection, individual incidents that may seem trivial at the time add up to a powerful tool for police in dealing with such offenders. You are painting as close a picture as you can of the events you and the neighborhood are suffering. (DRD) DIARY RECORD DOCUMENT It's a powerful weapon against such anti-social offenders. CCTV is just one weapon in your arsenal. Just one word of caution, you don't install CCTV to capture these individuals, you install it to deter them.
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    Sannce 8Ch security

    @ is likely your illegal character. Try changing your username to something simple
  21. Sorry for replying to a 2 year old post....
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    Upgrading my analogue CCTV to IP/PoE

    Your best bet frankly is going back to CCTV42 and speak to Henry, he will advise you and since you are already an existing customer he will definitely look after your best interest. He's a very knowledgeable person and will easily be able to advise.