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  1. Hi How do I set up my free dyndns account to where I can view two camera's from same account? Thanks [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  2. quick_pick

    Samsung sla-550da lens

    Is the Samsung Sla-550da varifocal lens A good choice to use with A Samsung Snb-5000 ip camera that has An ir cut filter? (Samsungs web site says="lens adjusts to different light levels") Also, and very important, the Samsung Sla-550da has A focal length of 5-50mm (f1. Is that focal length good for A room that is 12 foot by 12 foot with the ip camera in the corner? Thank you in advance for your knowledgable answers.
  3. http://www.giveawayoftheday.com has http://www.athtek.com IP - MAC Scanner http://www.athtek.com/ip-mac-scanner.html as today's give away of the day It seems to me, an end user, that a software that automaticaly tells you the ip and mac address of a many camera install would be a time saver and simplify the task I am not associated with giveawayoftheday or the company giving away the IP - MAC Scanner software I am posting this in hopes that the software can be usefull to some of you professionals and that is my way of saying than you for all of the knowledge I've gained through this web site If anyone feels like this post is spam, I promise that my intentions to thank everyone on this site for all of the help I've gotten Oh, the software has to be installed on the day that it is offered or else it will not work I hope the software is usefull and time saving to you professionals [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  4. I am looking for A viewer that will let me view 3 camera's that are from different manufacturer's The viewing software that came with each camera will not view the other camera's Something that is open source and/or free is preferable Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under 2 minutes, drill it]
  5. I hope that some 1 finds this to be a good deal. My posting this is my way of saying thank you to every one who answers my questions with such expert answers...... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Avigilon-Cctv-Camera-Lens-4-12mm-Megapixel-/231013940548?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
  6. Can A Panasonic BL-C101A be used in low light? Sorry if it is a dumb question. It is just that my Panasonic digital camera takes incredible pictures in the dark so I am wondering if the BL-C101A is the same way Thank you in advance [Thank you to every one who answers my questions with such knowledgeable answers]
  7. Thanks for the fast reply. Relatedly, I just read online that foscam has ip camera's with ir cut filters. Do you know if they are any good? Thanks
  8. quick_pick

    Samsung snb-5000 for trade

    Hi I need to trade my Samsung snb-5000 http://www.samsungsecurity.com/product/product_view.asp?idx=6092 for a camera that can pan/tilt/zoom, has an ir cut filter and at least 1 mega pixel resolution Something in the same form factor as an Edimax IC-7110W http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16881117011 to use as an example of the form factor I am looking to trade for. Wired is much more preferable than wireless.
  9. What are the "real world" system requirements for the Axxon Next free version? Technically, it should run on my i7/8gb ram/dedicated video card computer. I will wait till I get an answer from someone who has experienced the "reality" vs the "technically" before I install it
  10. The night vision corrected lens from my Iq751 that came with my Iq751 directly from Iqinvision is for sale or trade. The specs are: f1.6/4.5-10mm 1/2 inch. The lens works GREAT and still has two more years left on the warranty . I am selling, or trading, it because I just purchased an ultra wide angle view lens directly from Iqinvision. As for trades, I am very open to any category of merchandise: High capacity hard drive(s), nintendo ds3 games, money by Paypal, software..... Make me a reasonable offer
  11. The main thing I want to do is to be able to take "snap shots", single pictures, of what the camera is seeing. My computer has windows 7. Any idea's of how to take a "snap shot" of my ip camera as it is on my computer moniter would be more than welcome.
  12. Is there A way to reset the software configuration of my Samsung snb-5000 that I am currently using to "default" or factory settings? Thanks in advance
  13. The firmware for my discontinued Acti Cam that is available from Acti.CZ is more recent than the firmware my camera has now. Am I able to use firmware from Acti.CZ in U.S.A.? Thanks in advance
  14. My D-link Dir-601 router supports dd-wrt. Is there much of a benefit to using dd-wrt as a wireless access point instead of using the stock firmware? Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  15. Does anyone know which free online class at pelco global training institute https://se-buildings-lms.csod.com/LMS/catalog/BrowseForTraining.aspx explains which ip camera settings control the refresh rate of an ip camera? Actually, I'd like to learn what all of the configuration setting on ip camera's do Also, if anyone knows of any other free online classes, please let me know the url Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  16. Wow, they are SUPER TINY Are the Edimax ip camera's as high quality as the Edimax BR-6258n? It is the Edimax IC-7110W Wireless 11n Pan/Tilt Internet IP Camera http://www.edimax.com/en/produce_detail.php?pd_id=415&pl1_id=8&pl2_id=92 that I am particularly interested in. [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  17. I need a wireless access point to make a hard wired camera wireless. My options are: 1) D-Link Dir-601 wireless router http:// http://www.dlink.com/us/en/home-solutions/connect/routers/dir-601-wireless-n-150-home-router 2) Trendnet wireless gaming adapter: http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=195_TEW-647GA Out of the two, which one would provide the better performance as far as speed and which one would provide the most security for my ip camera that I am going to use as a wireless camera? The Dir-601 router gives me the option of using dd-wrt Thanks in advance [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  18. Your having the knowledge to use the software tools at http://nmap.org is impressive This forum taught me how to port forward/configure routers, trouble shoot mis behaving camera's as well as lots of other skills My next projects are going to be 1)dd-wrt on a router that is listed as a "supported" router 2)Barracudadrive cloud server so that I can use my own computer as a "cloud" rather than rely on a company who's server's may or may not go "down Besides, with Barracudadrive, I get to keep my files and folders private by storing them on my own equipment and being able to access it remotely [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  19. The person who wants to trade has sold 1273 things on Ebay with all positive feedback The ad for the iqeye's is: I would hope that the VERY NICE lady at Iqinvision corporate would give me a good price on fixxing the camera's Please tell me honest opinions [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  20. quick_pick

    Geutebruck cam2ip

    I will sell or trade my Geutebruck cam2ip for a low price I will consider any price or trade [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  21. If any one here sells, or thier supplier sells Geutebruck equipment, please let me know. It is the GeViScope and/or re_porter that I am particularly interested in. For any one that is not familiar with Geutebruck products, these are VERY high end products that I was privileged to see a presentation of but didn't get a chance to speak to the gentleman about me, as an end user, making a purchase A comment: A lot of locksmith supply houses are doing themselves a dis-servise by not carrying ip camera's and subcontracting you professionals to install them It seems like that would be a very beneficial symbiotic business related relationship [if ya can;t pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  22. Thank you for the response My interest in Geutebruck is that I own a cam2ip and, unfortunately, it is not a "stand alone" unit I will be asking you later about what equipment is compatable with my cam2ip Thanks again for the response [if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]
  23. quick_pick

    Samsung experience?

    From an end users point of view, my snb-5000 is as high high quality as my iq751 As far back as Samsungs snc-550, the snc-550 is a realy high quality camera As far as gvi branded camera's on Ebay, if some one saw one for $100 for a new one, from my end user point of view, I'd say that it would be a good deal By the way, Samsung has a few sales right now: http://www.samsung-security.com/products/security-cameras/network-cameras/Network-Promotions.aspx Unrelatedly, I want to thank all of the professionals on this forum for sharing thier knowledge and experience [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]
  24. My brand new never used tp-link tl-pa211kit http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/?model=TL-PA211KIT is up for trade I am looking to trade it for a Poe injector [if ya can't pick it in under two minutes, drill it]