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    Swann Motion Detection email not sent

    Are you using PSS software?
  2. Hello, I purchased a NiteOwl Poseidon DVR 8 channel system from Best Buy I use the motion detection feature to monitor my yard for intruders. It seems to work "ok" except that even on the lowest setting it is too sensitive to motion. Every time a cloud passes overhead or even the tiniest shadow moves, it sends an alert. On a day when noone has been in my yard, I typically get 20 - 25 alerts. Ideally, it would only send an alert when a human being walks across the field of vision. Is there anything that can be done? I called their tech support and I have the latest firmware and they *claim* they dont get that complaint very often which I find impossible to believe. I wouldn't mind spending a little more to get a better unit but I am not aware that buying a more expensive unit will solve THIS particular problem. Would you be able to suggest any things I could try? It's driving me nuts. Thx
  3. Hello, I bought two different DVR (both low end) But one came with software that is VERY advanced while the other came with software that is so basic it's almost funny. It'd be like comparing the Starship Enterprise to a Hot Air Balloon. I'll just say that the one that I REALLY like and had a LOT of features came with my QC444 Q-See DVR about 2 years ago. It has so many settings that allow a much richer and deeper configuration compared to the lackluster almost worthless software that came with my NiteOwl 8 channel system. I wish I could use the PSS (Q-See) software with the NiteOwl but alas...it won't recognize it. Is anyone else familiar with the PSS (Pro Surveillance Systems) software? Is there other software out there I could buy to use with a low end DVR that is better than what comes with it? I absolutely HATE the NiteOwl DVR software. The sensitivity is bogus (doesn't really do anything) and it is just too simple to do any meaningful configuration. Thx
  4. Ahhhhhh. Interesting. Thx. I thought Microsoft was revoking everyone's rights to use Windows emulators or something like that?
  5. I have PSS software on a Q-See 444 DVR. Here's the problem.... When motion is detected on one of the channels, I want that channel to go full screen for about 30 seconds, then revert back to normal (split screen or tour) view. Right now, when motion is detected it does go to full screen....BUT IT NEVER LEAVES FULL SCREEN ON THAT CAMERA. I have to manually go and click the screen to get back to normal view??? WTH
  6. yakky, thx for the info. Good stuff mang ! Do you know if the Linux PSS has all the same functionality as the Windows PSS version?
  7. Uneducated consumer How do I know what DVR is Dahua based ?????
  8. Anyone know if these cameras are any good ? I don't understand how it's 1/3" and the lens is only 3.6mm ??? http://www.ebay.com/itm/280945130644?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I'm not needing high end stuff. But just wondering if anyone bought one of these and if it's "decent" for low end use? (all my current cameras are 420 TVL and this is 600TVL ) Specs Pickup Device 1/3"SONY CCD Horizontal Resolution 600 TVL Pixels PAL:752(H)×582(V) NTSC:768(H)×492(V) TV SYSTEM PAL/NTSC Lens 3.6mm Sync System Internal Syncronization Usable Ⅲumination 0.000LUX/F1.2 (LED on) S/N Ratio ≥48dB(AGC Off) Gamma Characterlstic 0.45 Video Output 1.0Vp-p 75Ω Scanning System PAL:625 lines 50 Field/sec NTSC:525 lines 60 Field/sec Electronic Shutter Time Auto,PAL 1/50-100,000Sec NTSC 1/60-1/100,000Sec White Balanc Auto Power Supply DC12V±10% 600 mA
  9. Also a Linux person here. Motion is obviously software. What kind of card do you need to use it on a Linux Box?
  10. Well, I guess they learned a lesson. I have 5 cameras I bought off ebay and I have to be perfectly honest....they work very well at night. They were all between $25 and $32 Granted, the max range I am trying to see is 40 ft. But I am actually surprised at how well the IR lighting works. The cameras I have all have 48 LED's and maybe that makes a big difference? I do agree there is some cheap garbage on ebay. People should read feedback and know at least the specs. No doubt spending more "should" give better results. I just ordered my first 600TVL camera. All the ones I have now are 420TVL. I'll report back after getting it on the results.
  11. Does something like this already exist? If not....... If someone can access your outside, incoming line that carries your DSL or Cable signal to your home, they can effectively cut off network access to your DVR thereby preventing you from receiving any more remote alerts , snapshots or access to live streams. That means that at the instant the line is severed outside, your DVR is still recording inside but alerts can no longer be sent your phone etc. I'm trying to devise a working cellular backup system for my DVR that does the following.... ........a). Detects loss of network connectivity (most DVR's already do that) ........b). Sends an emergency signal to a cellular backup that will alert me via cellphone of network failure ........c). Possibly transmits a flood of snapshots while possible from the surveillance system to my phone Anyone done this or know of a way to do this?
  12. Why do you laugh? Just because im 6ft 3 doesnt mean that someone 5ft 9 couldnt do the job. You go with what you got and what works for you. Not everyone needs the same thing you migjt
  13. sometimes I do. Do you think in this case I would be getting a better camera? I'm not sure. I was looking at their feedback and I didn't see anyone that wasn't satisfied with that particular camera. I've found that sometimes with Name Brand you're just paying for the name but not necessarily getting any more.
  14. Hi fellas, I think that the average home is most likely to be broken into by novice thugs looking for an easy looting, Mostly youths who live in the area or drug addicts. While they may have broken into many houses (or businesses) they probably are not prepared for every scenario nor do most common thieves care to make it difficult on themselves. I have heard of people getting more sophisticated like using Comcast signs on their vans or posing as Lawn Care when actually they are breaking and entering. So, a little extra measure might go a long way for the majority of burglaries we'd see. While I agree nothing is burglar proof, the harder you make it, the less likely you are to be targeted. On my home I have a monitored alarm system that already has a cellular backup so I rely on the camera system as a backup. I'm also fortunate in that I have a close friend who works 3 minutes from my home and I can call him anytime and he will jump up and go check on my house for me. Everyone's situation is different. For me, the ideal situation in this case would be a way to directly connect my cell phone (a spare one) to the DVR so that the DVR could use the cell phone to dial me. The person who solves that will make some good money imo.
  15. Hi, I did some searching on this and it may be what I'm looking for. One thing I don't understand...... I use a cell phone as the Internet provider? I get the cradlepoint, then connect my existing cell phone to it via USB ?
  16. VitaminD is interesting. I'll search to see if there is a thread on it. thx
  17. Too bad these things can't detect INFRARED for Motion ....that would solve a LOT of problems
  18. Is there other (better) software I can buy that will work with this unit? I actually had a Q-See QC444 before this and only changed to get 8 channels. The MOTION detection on the QC-444 using the VASTLY better software that came with it (PSS?) was perfect. I almost never got false alarms. It also had a feature that would allow you to set a time to wait before another MD event could be sent from that camera. All in all, the PSS software allowed far superior and infinitely more granular control over everything. The NiteOwl software was so featureless I was shocked at the difference. Had I been aware of the NiteOwl vs PSS software, I would never have purchased the NiteOwl. At some point it'll become a paper weight. For now it hobbles along and gets the job done ...barely
  19. Hello, Yep, I bought cheap. Actually on my currnt budget, it wasn't "cheap" for me. But that's another thread. Anyway, here's what I'm working with... NiteOwl Posiden 8-channel 264 DVR Lorex Cameras (cheap ones but with microphone.) It seems to me that I cannot just connect an RCA plug to a BNC input and expect it to work. I'm missing the fundamentals here. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  20. I bought a QC444 DVR not long ago from CompUSA. All in all, it's not bad for the price. Specifically I use it to monitor Video from my Android Phone and it works well for that so basically I'm happy. But, after hours upon hours of working with ChrisH in their tech support office plus Level 2 support, they were completely unable to get the sending of emails for motion detection working and also could not get FTP working. I have not yet been able to confirm with a real person that anyone has been able to successfully use that function. If someone with more than 40 posts or so chimes in and says it works I might believe it. The problem might be that their firmware only works if you set up the device using DHCP. If you assign a static IP to your LAN computer(s), it may not work. Just a theory. They had no better explanation.
  21. No. What I'm wanting is for a COPY of images that are sent to me as Motion Detect alerts (they are just photos, but I supposed they're frame grabs?) I want that single frame copy sent and store on a server via FTP so I can review all motion detect frame grabs at a later date. Right now it records continuous frame grabs one after the other non -stop so I get tons of individual files about 30k each. I only want it to do this when there is a Motion Detect. Just that one frame. I set up everything I could find to do this but it still sends a stream of frame grabs.
  22. UPDATE Email alerts are working Much Better now. (or I fell asleep....some will get it). I eventually found out that for no known reason......setting the motion detect functions simply does not work when done directly on the DVR. But it DOES work if done through Internet Explorer. I have no idea why. Up to now, I did everything directly on the DVR. In other words, I had a mouse connected to the DVR and worked directly on the monitor screen that was connected directly to the DVR, right clicking and using the Set Up menus from there.. To me, this is easier and the menus are in color and easier to use so I did not try Internet Explorer. So, apparently the problem lies in trying to set things up directly to the DVR using the DVR's built in software/firmware rather than using Internet Explorer. They should fix this.
  23. Hi, I have a QC-444 My DVR periodically attempts to send packets over the Internet to an unknown IP address. It's going to Savis which is one of those server services used by companies to offload some traffic...or being paranoid...to do things they don't want to be identified for doing and so they're using these services as a proxy. I have checked to make sure all settings that could be sending anything are not. So, I'm left thinking the manufacturer simply programmed this thing to send them info periodically or do you think it's just auto checking for updates or something? Either way, I don't like it doing this.
  24. I thought about that. But I have DNS turned off. Maybe I'll triple check it. The IP address is for Savvis...so it doesn't really tell anything or help.....PROXY obviously