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    wiring in attic?

    What kind of j hooks do you have in mind?
  2. pal251

    My wiring "closet"..

    I don't have a laundry room that would have the room or basement. The only thing I can do is pay to have someone install an outlet or two in a closet and then run the wires into that.
  3. pal251

    My wiring "closet"..

    Looks good. How hot does your garage get in the summer and do you ever have problems with the heat if it does get hot? I am thinking the same thing but my garage gets really hot in the summer time and I can blow air over it but it will just be warm / hot air. Was wanting to do it inside but I cannot find a good place I'm comfortable about knocking holes in the wall at.
  4. pal251

    What difference in Blue and Red IR LED`s ?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and give a different side to the story and play devils advocate. From a law Enforcement side where I deal with stuff like this frequently , why don't you just ask him if he is dumping the trash in your garden and then ask him why? I doubt the Police will do much about it and the fine will be minimal. Would you rather piss off the neighbor that you may be living next to for years and then worry about "revenge" after he has to pay a fine and possibly community service or jail time? Just ask the dude why he is doing it and say you caught him already but you wanted to avoid the embarrassment to him by calling the Police. He may be cool with you and apologize and be done with it. Tell him to go to the other neighbors yard That or run a camera closer to where he is dumping and hide it in a planter or something
  5. pal251

    CAT5 breakout technique?

    I would leave the 4 port balun at the DVR and run the 4 cat5 cables to the cameras. Just find a way to get the wires there...has to be another way and cat5 is not that thick
  6. pal251

    CAT5 breakout technique?

    Get a 4 channel balun and possibly power the camera locally. A camera in the bedroom....creepy!
  7. pal251

    wire closet

    Had to go into the attic tonight to look at some things. I have an idea of where I want the 2 cameras in the front of my house but unsure of how I want to run the wire... Should I run the wire in a conduit for the cameras (cat5 plus separate power wire) or just lay it on my insulation or staple it into the trusses in the attic. I figured I would mount the cameras onto my eves or soffitt. I figured if I put conduit going to the outside cameras it would be easier to install another wire in the future. I HATE attics...always have the fear of falling through the ceiling plus I hate insulation
  8. Looking to run all my network wires to a central location along with camera cat5 wires and power wires. What is the most aesthetic way of running the cat 5 wires? I will have about ten including cameras plus 4 power wires. Should I run conduit down from ceiling or use that wire raceway conduit... I dint want to just Cut a hole in ceiling and drop them down
  9. pal251

    If i get a EYEsurv FULL D1 8 channel....

    I like the WBL-20s by CNB (I think thats the model number). Its about $60 with fixed lense
  10. I love it! I've actually been using that for years. Nice!
  11. pal251

    samsung srd1650d remote viewing

    Is this the only computer on the network? Do you have drv plugged into the switch or router?
  12. Jondilly do you have a close up photo?
  13. Or the prosecutors are reluctant to even charge someone without a video
  14. You have any photos of your handiwork? I would like to see how that is done without having any exposed wires. You can email it or put it on the forum So basically you just run the wires from the camera into the box through the hole on the cover? Thanks for the photo.
  15. You have any photos of your handiwork? I would like to see how that is done without having any exposed wires. You can email it or put it on the forum
  16. pal251

    wire closet

    I'm thinking of doing something like this
  17. pal251

    Video- PTZ finally installed!

    I'm jealous. Need one of these mounted onto my roof ha ha ha..
  18. pal251

    wire closet

    I think the hardest part would be hooking it up to the breaker box. I have a single story home with an attic. This dvr would be right on the wall on the other side of my furance so it would be easy to spot the big pipe coming up to the attic. I should have a pretty easy time of finding the spot to drill at.
  19. How do you guys mount a standard bullet camera? I have a CNB bullet cam that was around $50 that has the standard base that most every camera has. Do you screw it into the cover of one of the boxes and then run your wires into it?
  20. Don't forget people want to spend $200 and see the face of someone 100 feet away while they are 5 stories up in a building.... I'm so glad I am not a full time professional installer, I don't see how you guys cannot laugh in someone's face. I salute you
  21. pal251

    wire closet

    Ok, thanks for the idea. Now my next problem is should I try to jumper off of the power outlet in the next room that backs up against the closet or should I run a new wire from the breaker box I possibly can go to the linen closet if She who must be obeyed lets me... . That closet is where the intake fan is for the ac/furnace so it may be a bit dustier but at least its better climate controlled. I can also jump of the outlet for the furnace that is direcly behind it but should I do that? I am worried about power spikes or dips when the furnace turns on.
  22. pal251

    Buying IP Cams off eBay

    How well does aliexpress work? I have been eyeing a couple things on there but I am scared to order from there...
  23. pal251

    Fingerprints... How reliable are they?

    Worked in law enforcement for over 10 years now. Love it when someone leaves their car and someone steals $5 in change out of it and they expect for us to find the criminal immediately. First words out of their mouths are...cant you find any fingerprints on it?? People don't realize how tough it is to leave a fingerprint on a lot of surfaces and especially on different types of car surfaces. I didn't watch the video.
  24. When you guys get a new camera and have to join it up with your power wire how do you guys normally do it. I have been putting the dc power jack on one end of a butt connector and then put the camera wire onto the other side of the butt connector then crimp it. I then wrap a piece of electrical tape over that part. Last guy that did the install on the cameras just put electrical tape on the wires to hold them together!