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  1. using 3 pairs of cat5 would give you 18awg still not enough
  2. vin2install

    Cameras with blue leds?

    There is no difference. The angle is not dependent on the color nor do the wavelength. Blue doesn't make it any more special or any more powerful. It is just a tint.
  3. vin2install

    16 channel Lynstan LDVR-1685F problems.

    Port forward it out so i can test it for you.
  4. vin2install

    16 channel Lynstan LDVR-1685F problems.

    What model video card and what is the date of driver installation.
  5. vin2install

    what caused this interference

    If the building is metal where the camera is mounted on try placing a piece of wood or rubber in between.
  6. vin2install

    16 channel Lynstan LDVR-1685F problems.

    Make sure you have Direct X 9.0c Also make sure you have up to date video card drivers. It should work after that.
  7. I meant doing the 120 ohm termination
  8. Maybe you need to terminate the rs485 since you have 19 ptz's
  9. vin2install

    16 channel Lynstan LDVR-1685F problems.

    The reason why you cant see video from your laptop is because avast antivirus is blocking it. Try disabling it and you will see video. If you dont want to disable it you will probably have to set it in trusted applications and other stuff in the avast program. And if you are have so many problems with motion you should just leave it on 24 hour recording. I dont see how you are expecting motion recording to work perfectly. If you are so worried about space you can always do a low quality 24 hour recording and when motion is activated it bumps it up to a higher quality recording.
  10. vin2install

    smtp email notifications?

    gmail gives you smtp service
  11. vin2install


    Is it still free? Somehow i cant create a new account with a host name without having to pay. Wondering if it is just me.
  12. vin2install

    H.264 Freezing

    It is your hard drive. You have to reformat it, it probably got corrupted somewhere when you lost power.
  13. vin2install


    The only problem is how you are going to implement that into the router ddns updater or the DVR's ddns updater. Maybe an open source router like DD-WRT could be done.
  14. vin2install


    Nevermind they make you sign up with a credit card and cancel to keep the free host.
  15. You have to configure your router for port forwarding
  16. Maybe its your DVR that is the problem since it shows color in quad but not in full screen.
  17. The video is composite. You must convert the adapter to RCA looking like jack and plug into yellow composite video input
  18. vin2install

    Internet speed?

    And if both give you good images locally than of course its your internet connection.
  19. vin2install

    Internet speed?

    There is a big difference between the 1st and the last. Of course you are going to see a difference between the two. The upload speed is 10x faster on the better looking one. I dont see why you are confused about this.
  20. Try using a regulated power supply. And try using the last pair to bring your wire gauge to 18awg.
  21. vin2install

    Kodikom diginet problem

    Check the video drivers on the client computer.
  22. vin2install

    How far can the DC power boxes supply to a camera??

    Depends on what your power consumption is. If you combine the unused 3 pairs for power than the 24AWG becomes 18AWG which is standard for running power.
  23. In California you need consent from both parties to record audio. Audio Recording Most audio recordings without consent of one or all parties are illegal. Recording audio is very different from video, there are definite federal and state laws prohibiting surreptitious recording and monitoring of audio conversations. These laws are taken very seriously by authorities and failure to abide by them could result in severe consequences. There are two types of defined recording situations for audio recording. They are usually referred to as "One Party Consent" and "Two Party Consent". "One Party Consent" means that only the person doing the recording has to give consent and does not have to notify the other party or parties that the conversation is being recorded. "Two Party Consent" means the person recording the conversation must notify all of the other parties that the recording is taking place and they must consent to the recording. Federal Law requires "One Party Consent" for audio recording. Here is a list of state requirements regarding audio consent: Here is a list of state requirements regarding audio consent: Note: Laws change constantly, please check your states current laws before engaging in recording. If you know of a change or error, please inform us. States with "One party Consent" for audio recording Alabama - One Party Alaska - One Party Arizona - One Party Arkansas - One Party Colorado - One Party District of Columbia - One Party Georgia - One Party Idaho - One Party Indiana - One Party Iowa - One Party Kentucky - One Party Louisiana - One Party Maine - One Party Minnesota - One Party Mississippi - One Party Missouri - One Party Minnesota - One Party Nebraska - One Party New Jersey - One Party New Mexico - One Party New York - One Party North Carolina - One Party North Dakota - One Party Oklahoma - One Party Oregon - One Party Ohio - One Party Rhode Island - One Party South Carolina - One Party South Dakota - One Party Tennessee - One Party Texas - One Party Vermont - One Party Virginia - One Party West Virginia - One Party Wisconsin - One Party Wyoming - One Party States with "Two party Consent" for audio recording California - Two Party Connecticut - Two Party Delaware - Two Party Florida - Two Party Hawaii - Two Party Illinois - Two Party Kansas - Two Party Maryland - Two Party Massachusetts - Two Party Michigan - Two Party Montana - Two Party Nevada - Two Party New Hampshire - Two Party Pennsylvania - Two Party Utah - Two Party Washington - Two Party
  24. You will need a powered splitter, the "T" splitter will work only for very short distances. You will need a powered splitter to keep the 1.0Vp-p
  25. use 2 separate dvrs and combine them with the CMS software