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  1. Are you sure its not the VCR or VCR tape that is distorted. It is not common for a MUX to put out distorted video but very common for a VCR or VCR tape to have distorted video. The best way to test the VCR is to pop an old movie tape in there to see if it has clear playback.


    The tape and VCR are good. Played the muxed tape back direct to a monitor you can see all 16 cameras switching and when played back slow view each shot clearly.

  2. Typically, you have to match both the format used by the MUX, AND the VCR... Fortunately these aren't usually all THAT different from one brand to the next, and some MUXes actually have a number of options in the setup menus for proper support of a wide range of VCRs.


    Unfortunately, it will be hard to say just what other MUX and VCR (besides the original types) will fully match up to what the tape was originally recorded on - trial and error is probably your best bet.


    Thanks Matt, for your input. I was thinking trial and error too but that means ordering them online somewhere and shipping them in for me to test out. I have the original VCR's but the mux main video out is really distorted. I am trying to see if anyone local can even fix it. At this point price is not an issue with the insurance company as it could save them millions on a lawsuit.

  3. I have a client video that was recorded years ago on a super circuits qs19 16 channel multiplexer (same as the lorex sgx1600). After 5 years the insurance company wants to watch an incident on a video but they want it played back on the multiplexer so all 16 cameras are shown at once. Problem is the unit is now defective and can't be replaced (can't find any).


    How are these videos coded? can they be played back with any other 16 channel multiplexer? any help would be appreciated.

  4. I cant speak for the IP cameras, but 8.4 is a huge CPU hog, make sure upgrade the computer too as its a huge difference between using 8.31 and 8.4. I went back to 8.33 as a 3 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 10 cameras was using 80-90% CPU, while in 8.33 it was using 30%. Also, nothing to do with the IP cameras again, but in 8.33 you have Mpeg4 while in 8.4 it doesnt, Mpeg4-ASP uses more CPU and H.264 uses even more CPU.


    Not sure if the issue is your systems are not fast enough or not, just a heads up.


    I upgraded the CPU's just last year from 3ghz dual core to 2.8ghz quad core. Each machine is running GV1480A cards with full 16 analog inputs and 8 IP 1.3mp cams. With the dual it was running at 90% and after the upgrade to quad it dropped to 30-40%. Huge difference. I didn't know 8.4 used up that much more CPU, I will double check on tuesday when i go back.

  5. I've been having lots of trouble with Geovision BX110D day/night box cameras. I have sent several back into repair for all different reasons. Mostly it has to do with the IR sensor. Some units won't come out of night mode once its daylight and others the varifocal lens keeps opening and closing. Geovision has horrible repair time taking between 30-45 days to get one back sometimes they send it back unrepaired! Usually my local geo techs verify before they send it in for me. Has anyone else have any issues with these cameras?


    Out of all the models from Geovision the CCD chip versions i used to buy two years ago has never failed me but they were pricey.


    As for the 8.4 software. I did several machine upgrades form 8.3.1 to 8.4. Always followed the software upgrade procedures that i normally do, ie remove old program, delete gv folders, restarts, etc etc. But for some reason one machine has issues displaying any of my h.264 geo cameras. Tech support from geo was no help, checked the codecs and made sure there right after deleting old files...last resort they told me to reinstall windows. Any ideas?


    Thanks so much

  6. 15 megapixel cameras. Check your bandwidth.


    I don't know how your premise is wired but definitely check on your bandwidth. Could be you have a choke point somewhere or your network is simply flooded. Actually, I'd almost bet the house on this being the issue (almost, so no you can't have my house if I'm wrong )


    It's unlikely to be your PoE switch, but make sure that's not maxed out.


    I've been having the same issues, GV camers randomly going out. I have a two systems with 15 IP cameras comming in from all sorts of switches in a large hotel. I noticed that if I just restart the camera ie. power cycle it works again. It always happens in areas where I know the bandwith is being used up heavily. Its frustrating.

  7. 121604_1.png


    So I went ahead and picked one up this week and installed it at my clients hotel parking lot. The camera is not bad, but it has the same image quality as the GVIP mini domes. Does not compare to the GVIPCAM Box Day/Night or the Vandal Dome that has the CCD imager. The CMOS cameras seems to soften the picture? This was the best focus I could get.

  8. Hey guys, has anyone tested the new GVBOX110D from Geovision? The price point is excellent compared to the other GVIPBOX Cams, and this camera features a Day/Night mode apparently. I love the GVIPCAMBOX D/N and the Vandal D/N cam however the CMOS chipset i am not to fond of. Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated. THanks.

  9. he didn't. He was so busy trying to get his store ready for grand opening he was not watching the install guys. By the time he wanted to discuss the horrible work the company never ever answered their phone. Basically a fly by night company. I overhauled his entire system and the difference is day and night.

  10. Yes, enjoy it while you can, youngster.. Dancing won't be quite the same after 20 years of crawling in attics.


    Never got a chance to play with gear like you are showing, it was all Muxes and tape for me... Bet you don't know how to change the head on a Panasonic AG-RT600, or program an original American Dynamics Mux, though. (like those are a skill I'll ever need again!)


    Ha, well after a week of work I need to let myself go and have fun on the weekend, but not every weekend. My schedule is crazy with work during the day and going to the gym 2/hour day 5-6 days a week. Especially now that its winter here in Chicago working outside is no fun.


    I never used that VCR before and your right I have never changed a VCR head before. However I worked on Betamax recorders before. As for old equipment, I've used sensormatic/Robot/American Dynamics products. Such as the RV2216, MV16p, Ultra 4-5-6 ptz and 2000domes VM96 Matrix Switchers.


    Here's a question, how did anyone ever catch anything with this kind of systems with time lapse VCR's with multiple cameras recording at a frame a second or less? I am now used to installing stand alone DVR's and GeoVision with IP cameras and there is no comparison.

  11. can't get the pics to uploaded. They are JPG and less then 150KB


    use http://imageshack.us/


    Why not just use an NVR software that works with the Iphone and save the $900?


    Well I am a Partner with Lextech labs and they don't charge the $899 price anymore. They charge $30/month per user for up to 6 cameras. They have different dealer programs. I have only used GeoVision NVR software, which company supports iPhone? Also did I mention the guy budget was $2500 and he wanted 6 additional high res cameras with a new 16 ch dvr? He didn't want to spend money on IP cams.


    I thought Lextech only worked with IP cameras and select NVR software.


    They do, I was going to use a 4 channel network video server to stream his video for his iphone.

  12. can't get the pics to uploaded. They are JPG and less then 150KB


    use http://imageshack.us/


    Why not just use an NVR software that works with the Iphone and save the $900?


    Well I am a Partner with Lextech labs and they don't charge the $899 price anymore. They charge $30/month per user for up to 6 cameras. They have different dealer programs. I have only used GeoVision NVR software, which company supports iPhone? Also did I mention the guy budget was $2500 and he wanted 6 additional high res cameras with a new 16 ch dvr? He didn't want to spend money on IP cams.

  13. I had a client call me asking me to come in asap becuase he wanted a better surveillance system than what the previous company had installed and wanted his cameras on his iPhone with the iRa software.


    I was shocked to see what the other company (no longer in business) had done! The used consumer grade security equipment, shady wiring job (didn't even crimp the bnc connectors or covered power leads) and used MASKING TAPE to mount cameras. See pics


    Most of his cameras were crappy and blurry and you couldn't make out anything with his recordings. I was at least able to meet his budget and replaced most of his cameras and his DVR.

  14. I have two identical DVR units built, same exact specs and all using windows XP SP3. However one computer has a GV1480DVI Card and the Other GV1480 PCI card. First of all besides how the cards connect are there any other physical differences? The reason I ask is...I am constantly having video loss (all 16 channels) with the DVI card or the computer would freeze up. The video loss would happen maybe after a few hours of it being on. I took the same exact camera load from the DVI card to the PCI card DVR and I don't have any problems. My tech support ran Windows tests to make sure the operating system was working properly and it was fine. Hard drives, memory, etc all checked ok. Any other thoughts? Oh I am using v8.2 waiting for 8.3 download

  15. Thanks I think Im going to stay away from this -it seems like you can do it but can get priceyif you want it well done.


    The iRa software is a very intuitive mobile video surveillance application. However you are right being pricey. Depending on what you are trying to do it can be a great tool. Have you seen the demo? go to there site and take a look at their demo video. You can utilize Axis Cameras and so many others however if you want to record you'll have to use a Milestone Server or a JVC network video recorder as those have milestone embedded into the NVR. The software is for live view purposes only. They are still working on adding some new features to the software.


    I just got a copy of the software direct from Lextech Labs so i'll be playing around with it.


    iRa direct is $499

    iRa pro is $899

  16. Not all Exview cameras are made alike - basically.


    There are various Exview Chips and they are based on price, more you spend better the chip is.


    I used expensive Exview before and it worked great, Ive used cheaper before and it worked ... good ... Ive used cheap recently and it was just so so .. would not pick up as much side by side with the mid range priced Exview .. also depends on the manufacturer and how they preset the camera.


    Please give us the exact specs of this Exview camera, is it BW, Color, or True Day Night? With 580 TVL it sounds like BW only, though a True Day Night would be something like 480TVL Color then 570-600TVL BW. If it is just a color Exview then dont expect much, the BW mode it goes into is just for picking up IR (hence no IR Cut Filter) but it is not even close to being as sensitive as a basic BW only camera.


    Bottom line is the camera needs light. Exview takes light from the image then spreads it around the image, basically. Which is why when it gets darker and darker it gets more pixelized. Little yard lights do very little for cameras, so they wont help the exview much.


    The other snapshots you posted are common with IR Domes, which is why I never used them.


    Also, that 0.003 lux is inaccurate for Exview, average 0.1 Lux Exview Color or 0.01 Exview BW (Faceplate can be less).


    Lastly, an F:0.95 lens would make the world of difference.


    I dont know how dark it actually looks so hard to tell, maybe get a Color shot out there if you can, if it is pitch dark in color then the images arent that bad.


    Thanks Rory, I went back to my clients home to do another adjustment to the dip switches. I had something wrong (dip switches are sooo small, i thought I had it something turned on while it was off). Anyways it made a quite a difference and its looks better in video then the snapshot.


    The camera is Color from Arm model CX580MDVAIVPDN. Its actual rating is 0.05lux @ F1.2 with AGC ON. I typically don't have any problems with Arm and I got to know there tech staff over the years.