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  1. Thanks Larry. Here is the updated spec sheet for the IPC-HFW1831C-PIR. It is outdoor rated and does NOT have ptz. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/asset/upload/uploads/soft/20181128/DH-IPC-HFW1831C-PIR_datasheet_20181128.pdf Dahua makes cameras for many brands.
  2. 51cent

    PTZ camera orientation is off

    Dave, I have a 2132 I which is similar, I believe. Look under configuration, advanced configuration/video adjustment/ there should be settings for mirror and rotate. Be sure and use Internet explorer or chrome with IE tab browser.
  3. Jim, I don't have one, but it gets good reviews. Dahua IPC-HFW1831C-PIR
  4. Did you try/look for a firmware update? Or try a camera reset.
  5. 51cent

    PTZ camera orientation is off

    Here is an old, but hopefully helpful thread. https://www.cctvforum.com/topic/40837-rotating-camera-90-degrees-hikvision-ds-2cd2032-i/ I would login directly to the camera to try this.
  6. 51cent

    Hikvision anpr camera blurry at night

    Did you try the SADP tool from Hikvision on your computer? If the camera ip address is and your computer ip is 192.168.0.xxx the computer will not see it unless you use the SADP tool and change camera ip. Here are some links to help you. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=SADP+for+ANPR+camera
  7. 51cent

    New CCTV setup

    Big Brother must have gotten to it.
  8. 51cent

    New CCTV setup

    Turret style doesn't seem to have the spider problems bullets do, and don't have the IR reflection problems of domes.
  9. 51cent

    New CCTV setup

    Kev, if night vision then Dahua Starlight cameras or Hikvision ultra lowlight cameras are very good, but there are no kits that I know of. Some Annke cameras are made by Dahua. Dome camera sometimes have problems with water spots and IR reflection. Turret/eyeball style may be better.
  10. Tommy, I think he meant no switch on the bulb itself. Alfan, he is correct, those light bulb cameras just don't work well.
  11. As long as both NVR and camera support ONVIF it should work. Here is a camera. https://us.dahuasecurity.com/product/2mp-4x-ptz/ The non starlight version is cheaper, but be aware neither has IR lighting but both can see it. SD22204T-GN
  12. Hikvision Ultra low lights ARE better at night. Dahua 2mp Starlights are very good too. Search google for comparisons with other cameras.
  13. https://www.dummies.com/programming/networking/network-administration-vpn-servers-and-clients/ https://www.infopackets.com/news/10404/explained-difference-between-vpn-server-and-vpn-service For accessing your cameras without port forwarding you need a VPN server on your router. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=VPN+on+router
  14. I would look at the Hikvision Ultra LowLight series of cameras.
  15. 51cent

    IP Camera

    Titin, take a look here. https://us.dahuasecurity.com/product-technologies/epoe-technology/
  16. 51cent

    IP PTZ camera tracking option

  17. 51cent

    Hikvision camera HELP needed

    Look at the Hikvision ultra lowlight cameras. Possibly a less wide angle lens would help too, try a lens calculator. https://calculator.ipvm.com/
  18. This may help somewhat. https://www.hikvision.com/ueditor/net/upload/2017-03-10/4c220b3b-0b85-4e1b-a50f-8250efafe8b2.pdf
  19. 51cent

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    And please, no political statements, lets keep it about cameras.
  20. To add to this, that 12x Dahua zoom mentioned is really a varifocal camera. It is used during setup of the camera. The zoom is usually painfully slow. And bullet cameras attract spiders that spin a web right in front of the camera, setting off the motion detection. I am out probably three nights a week clearing webs from 2 bullet cameras. My 2 dome cameras have no problems with spiders. I keep them under a soffit and rarely have to clean water spots off, only after a very windy rain blows through. Eyeball or turret cameras are supposed to not have those problems.
  21. hd908 seems too relaxed to be boogerman/fenderman.
  22. 51cent

    Newbie question

    1. Just look for that camera at a reputable dealer you trust. 2. You can download the video from the SD card without removing it, just log into it with your laptop. You can record on demand. You can use wifi without internet, but still may have interference problems.
  23. On my BlueIris setup I have 2 cameras out front. The wide angle watches the driveway and car. The other is a PTZ watching front lawn. When the motion detection of the fixed camera is triggered, the ptz pans and zooms onto the car, getting a better/different view of the car and possible door checker/thief. That is one use for a ptz.
  24. Look for ONVIF device manager from sourceforge, it might see your cameras. This program has a camera reset option in its software.
  25. Cortian explained it much better than I could.