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  1. Good stuff Kawboy. Grab yourself a new set of spurs out of petty cash. I saw this site yesterday from a link posted at another site.
  2. One of the purposes of a forum like this is to help people. If someone doesn't want to help, don't help, it's simple. There is a Private/Professional section for the pros. Another purpose of a forum is advertising revenue, the more members/traffic, the higher the revenue. That is usually considered a good thing.
  3. I would imagine it's not one of googles policy making staff driving that car. It's probably some college kid making minimum wage, told to go down the street if it doesn't say private or no trespassing. So instead of tilting at windmills, put up a sign, it will at least keep google and honest people out.
  4. Why not put up signs then to avoid future problems?
  5. A little more on fisheye cameras in case your interested. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=36311&hilit=fisheye
  6. A somewhat similar thread was posted recently. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=42554 That may help
  7. Take a look at these, a bit more expensive but you get quality. http://www.hikvision.com/en/products_show.asp?id=9620 http://www.axis.com/en/products/p12_series/index.htm
  8. http://ipvm.com/calculator http://www.axis.com/products/video/camera/about_cameras/selecting_cameras.htm A couple of links for you.
  9. 51cent

    Blue Iris Software

    With blueiris you can set a minimum time in motion detect for it to start recording. If the cars take an average of 1 second to go past, you can set it for 1.5 seconds, for example to start recording.You can also mask areas to shrink the detection to a smaller area around the mailbox like mgb posted. Sometimes the camera software will be able to that.
  10. I have Blueiris running my cameras and can access them through the BI software via lan through my LG smart tv browser.
  11. Canon may have decided to get more serious about their network cameras. There may possibly be a Milestone camera in the future?
  12. Could it be salt water spray?
  13. keep in mind that your isp gives you your external ip address, not your internal ip address. I would also read this thread. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35868 Good luck
  14. Look in the quick start guide, I found it on one of the links you posted. The camera default ip address is The internal ip address of your comp/router must be in the same subnet 192.168.1.***, if not, you need to temporarily change the computer ip address to same as camera, then access the camera to change the ip address of camera to your networks address.You can do a forum or google search on how to do this. Do you know the internal ip address of your camera? It looks like there is an upgrade tool, which you can access/find camera once on the same subnet. It will be named upgrade.
  15. 51cent

    Alternative to SwannView?

    From site, Pro/Upgraded features include audio for some devices, unlimited cameras, no ads, record mode, and more. http://hit-mob.com/ip-cam-viewer-android/faq/#1
  16. first off bro, you need to make sure camera and computer/router on same subnet, like for camera and 192.168.1.*** for router/comp. 192.168.0.*** will not work.
  17. 51cent

    GoPro as security camera?

    It has been covered somewhat here. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=41248
  18. Try the trial version of Blueiris, it should meet most of your requirements.
  19. 51cent

    Security Camera Recommendations

    Axis has some cameras you may be interested in. http://www.axis.com/en/products/p12_series/index.htm
  20. 51cent

    ignore motion from trees

    Blue Iris has the ability to mask motion detect areas. There is a also a free trial.
  21. Could security software on the computer you are trying to access the cameras with be blocking it?
  22. 51cent

    avoiding being caught on camera

    I believe a de-authentication attack on the router using a program like Backtrack would stop the cameras from getting any pics of this dude. If the cameras have sd card they would still get him though.
  23. After you are killed, you really won't care.
  24. Have you forwarded your port(s)? If you are using commercial VPN it needs to support port forwarding too.