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  1. http://asecurecam.com/foscam-e1-review/
  2. 51cent

    Anyone from Chicago or thereabouts ?

    15%, 20% if they were real good. I haven't done it, but if they were really lousy, nothing.
  3. 51cent

    Can access cameras on wifi, not off

    If you have a new router your external ip address may have changed and/or you may need to forward the port(s) on the new router, but that isn't considered safe any more.
  4. 51cent

    Can access cameras on wifi, not off

    Did your external ip address change? Did you get a new router?
  5. Kev, I agree with Papa, and also turrets are less likely to have a spider problem than bullets. Bullets with the ring of IR bulbs around the lens attract spiders which spin their web across the lens, setting off motion detection.
  6. 51cent

    Best p2p software

    Milestone has a free version I believe. And Blue Iris is great but about $60.
  7. Try using the Hikvision SADP tool.
  8. For a camera, the HTTP port is forwarded, but change it to a different port.Remember that a forwarded camera port leaves it open to the internet and network cameras are vulnerable to attack. The best way is a vpn client installed on the router. A vpn server, used to hide your porn viewing etc, is different than a vpn client. Google the term "vpn primer".
  9. 51cent

    Mobile View of CCTV

    Did you forward the port(s)? Dated, but... viewtopic.php?f=12&t=12156
  10. It may solve the motion issue, but the face one meter away problem is too much light for that short of a distance. And be wary of posters recommending spam sites.
  11. Car license plates are highly reflective and need a dedicated camera. Your sons face is too close to the camera with the IR lighting on. If he were back another meter or so it might be ok. When the camera switches too night mode, the camera exposure is longer, letting you see a better static image at night, but any movement will be blurry. A seperate ir light will help, CMVision makes some affordable ones. Or better yet, switch to a 2mp Dahua Starlight camera. My pal Tommy will have some good advice too.
  12. 51cent

    Bunker Hill Issue

    This is what worked for me. For the browser use either Internet Explorer or Chrome with IE tab. For Internet Explorer you must go tools/internet options/security/trusted sites and add the camera ip address to trusted sites. Then go to custom level tab and allow activex controls.
  13. 51cent

    Home Camera Security

    raefy, they are pushing cheap cameras that will disappoint from their sites. The problem with those cameras is usually the software. Good affordable reliable cameras are from Dahua and Hikvision, but none that I know of with batteries.
  14. If the cameras support onvif you could try onvif device manager 2.2.250 from Sourceforge for the url.
  15. 51cent

    EZVIZ Mini Trooper already registered-

    I would send it back and post the name of the dealer so no one else gets swindled.
  16. With many cameras, support is as good as the store/site selling it. If night vision is important, look at the Dahua 2 mp ptz starlight cameras, they are the best bang for the buck in my opinion. Hikvision also makes the similar Ultra lowlight cameras.
  17. 51cent

    IR LEDs blow quickly

    Why not put up external IR lighting instead? CMVision makes affordable IR lighting. If your cameras are 10 years old, you might be surprised by the video improvement in new cameras, even the cheap ones.
  18. Are you a spammer or just an idiot?
  19. 51cent

    Advice on new IP Based CCTV System

    IR light attracts spiders who build their webs which sway in a little breeze, not to mention the spiders movements. I believe the circular pattern of the lights on a bullet contibute to the problem. I have 2 bullets and 2 dome cameras, and the domes rarely have problems. They make wall mounts for turrets/domes. Google the term PFB203W Wall Mount Dahua makes a new dual camera, I don't know the model number but it is cheaper to buy 2 cameras and use those. For long distance lens help, google the term lens calculator Don't mount the cameras too high if you want to id people, you will just get the top of their heads or a hat will hinder id.
  20. 51cent

    Advice on new IP Based CCTV System

    With bullet cameras spiders will drive you crazy, turret/eyeball style are much better. For night vision, look at the Dahua 2mp starlight cameras, but there is no put together systems that I know of. Hikvison also has the Ultra Low-Light cameras for better night vision.
  21. On an old 2cd2132 the setting is under: configuration/advanced settings/image/day-night switch/sensitivity Fixed
  22. 51cent

    CAM that facing lights

    Look up your model, but I would assume most have BLC. http://overseas.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries.aspx?c_kind=1&c_kind2=2&c_kind3=432&id=6123
  23. 51cent

    In need of good advice from you pros here

    To partially answer your questions, get turret/eyeball style cameras, not bullets. Spiders will drive you absolutely nuts with their webs on bullet cameras. Mounting 12-14 ft high may be too high for facial identification. Others will pipe in with more advice, hopefully.
  24. 51cent

    CAM that facing lights

    You want a camera with blc, backlight compensation. https://reolink.com/wdr-blc-hlc-in-cctv-camera-ip-camera/ Which brand is better/best, I don't know, others may chime in and help.
  25. 51cent

    CCTV advise

    Do you mean looking for things like indoor pinhole cameras?