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  1. When using a T piece you can affect the balance of the 75Ohm signal - not always it depends on some factors and sometimes just on how lucky you get - you have several options. 1/ Install a 4ch switcher (pick one that will balance the signal) you feed four cameras into this and loop them out to your DVR - the ouput from this device goes to the TV and then your cameras will rotate 1, 2, 3, 4 in sequence 2/ Dont bother with a quad it will cost as much as buying another 4Ch DVR whcih is an option especially if it has loop outs 3/ If the customer is happy to have the TV mimicked the same as the PC screen (showing all cameras) then you could use a twin video card if the run is under 15 Meters and if over this amount you could use a vdeo card in the pc that has an analogue output and then Amp that to the TV 4/ Change the TV to a CCTV screen with inbuilt Quad and use an amp to feed it 4 cameras 5/ T peice 4 cameras at the back of the dvr and feed into a RF moduator - feed this into the TV and with a remote they can change between cameras (channels)
  2. 520 TVL was ony brought out to hype up the market, the human eye will see very little difference between 480TVL and 520TVL - In fact the human eye takes more notice of Height than width - its just how we work - the standard resolution for aanalogue differs based on what country you are in IE what video standard - for example in Australia we use 768x576 PAL - but in USA they use NTSC standard with a different resolution - the confusing bit is that a DVR with an analogue capture card (generally) can at best only capture the full standard IE best a PAL Analogue can ever do is 2 Fields integrated into one frame and a size of 768 x 576 - however - with IP cameras the playing feild has changed somewhat - we are now talking about a digital signal and are able to do whatever resolution the IP camera supports (within reason) MP IP Cameras are only fairly new to the market. The reason your device only records at 640x480 is becasue this is a good fit between the two most popular standards...IE no need to manufacture chips that do NTSC but cant do PAL etc and also is due to the original limitation of the PCI Bus speed - becasue this resolution can be cropped it often can suffer Frame Interlacing issues in that lines can be seen in the recording of fast moving objects - a lot of manufacorers have fixed this with Software Interlacing though
  3. Unless this forum has changed a lot sice I was last here _ I Imagine by now your inbox is flooded with Geovision prices - the best bet is to email Geovision and ask them who they recommend, local support for a card with this feature set is pretty darn important
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    newbie needs advise

    If you are not wanting to upgrade the PC you might wish to consider using IP based cameras - the reason for this is that IP cameras do the compression at the camera itself and therefore the recording PC does not work as hard - also you may want to consider a Capture Card that is hardware Based Compression - this means that the compression is handled by the capture card rather than the PC - again this measn you could use a PC that is not as powerful - I have not looked at the PC spec, however the higher the spec the better usually
  5. What you are possibly looking at it is actually the RS232/RS485 controler - and this is most likely to control the PTZ or for a remote keyboard device - as mentioned above, most DVR's now have ethernet capability so that you can load software on your dell and perform basic controls - however if you are trying to remotely activate the buttons attached to the device via attached cable then this is where the above mentioned RS option would help - Basically if you want to see the cameras and look at recordings on your Delll then you should be able to sue the software, however if you want to control the screens that are connected directly to the device then you may need the RS Options - or perhaps this model has a remote device that wires in the same way
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    Noob need some help

    There are many to choose from, all of which pretty much come out of Asia - I would steer well clear from EBAY products and would pcik a more well known brand, as you can see from the section in this forum that covers such cards there is also a sub section on Geovision and Avermedia - this is because these 2 x are the most popular cards on the market - you will only need 1 x card for 8 cameras
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    Different types of video analytics

    There are a lot of different types available, some are done in the camera itself and some by a DVR/NVR the ones I have seen thus far that seem good are; -People counting - Directional Alert (going the wrong way) -Object left behind at a scene - Object taken from a scene - Noise Cancellation - Activate a dsiplay of the camera that has motion - Thumbnail Searching - Face Detection - OCR Detection - Change of Camera View - Speed of vehicle alert - Licence plate recognition -Digital Back Light Compensation - Loitering Alert To name but a few - there are many many more
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    recording extraction

    It would depend largey on the make and model of the device - for example if it is a Linux derivative then it would need certain drivers for the CD or DVD to operate - if it is a Standalone device (non pc) then it would be very unlikely that you would succeed in upgrading unless there was some kind of firmware or software upgrade - you may find that if there is a "player" program and if windows can see the files on that drive that you may be able to open the files - if the device has network ability then perhaps you could see if that network client will allow you to back up - lastly if all else fails you could set up a cam corder in front of the screen and play the files while recording the video
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    multiple LCD monitors

    These do look interesting especially for using a secondary screen without having to open a box and change video card....but 16MB I wonder how that would go with high res video?
  10. Man...such familiar things just like PNG.....you just never knew whenpower was going to be on...even a lot of busineses used SAT Ethernet becasue you could never trust the telephone lines...gotta love third world countries.......told you once told you twice Rory....work here its nice an peaceful, no need for guards mate......just beers and women wearing short clothing......I love Australia
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    Remove Geovision-Branding right top

    Bloody genious - the support number as the DVR name....clever thinking
  12. A surge protector will nopt protect you from all power issues and will often as Rory pointed out get fried right along with everthing behind it, dependant on how bad the power problem is. There is a big difference between a ON LINE UPS and LINE INTERACTIVE UPS http://www.poweronaustralia.com.au/onlinefiles/Product%20Downloads/FACT%20SHEETS/POA_001___WHAT_POWER_PROBLEMS_CAN_ARISE.pdf
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    Remove Geovision-Branding right top

    Yeh I knew about the Com Res folder from ages ago...I read there is even a tool to replace these images now.....just diodnt know you could get rid of that bit
  14. I agree rory, undervoltage is usually the biggest killer...try PNG that place is a joke for power......a lot of the UPS devices have this "buck and boost" voltage regulator in them and are almost as cheap as buying the device on its own.
  15. cctv_down_under

    Neighbor Problems - Need Advice.....

    You would need to check the legislation pertaining to your place of residence - here you can only view the boundary of your own property. I would suggest tallking to your local law enforcement representative and check what you are allowed to do...in that way even if you make a mistake you can document that you seeked advice.
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    Hosted DVR solution - is there a future?

    I saw a product once that was actually an alarm PIR with the ability to send pictures by email or FTP or Dial Up, this device sent video on alarm to a server OS, that server had a SMS server that sent a text to the owner alerting them of the alram even and asking if they wanted the video sent to another location or email. it was pretty nifty in that you could reply to the SMS with the email you wanted ...no matter where you were...it also told you the local police number to contact because this info was set up as part of the staging process. The point is though without meeitng certain standards of recording proofs, the server itself could be taken by police for evidence of the courts. Also rules for recording CCTV differ in every place and frequently change....Imagine someone undressing infront of said camera.....imagine it was a 7yr old girl.....you are now transmitting that info through the web......MY GOD you would want to be sure its secure. I dont think with ISP's that your going to have a lot of luck too, as some people charge for uploads and some dont...some ISP's block certain ports too. But still images even at a fast FTP rate are not a lot, especially when only activated on alarm....kind of handy idea
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    Remove Geovision-Branding right top

    To your own name? Kewl
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    TVL Measuring

    I dont totally subscribe to that theory......although I most certainly do have this knowledge i dont think it is completely necessary to know this information - that said it really depends on your role...... I think you are making a valid point though that electronics engineers are often more schooled and educated in such matters...but I dont agree with the sweeping statement that a person should have that level of knowledge to do their job in cctv I am sure that a person working at the local TV store selling TV's is more than capable of technically selling televisions.....but that does not mean they need to know the intricate detail of how they operate or differ - further it would be fair to assume that someone working in the repair of such screens would have a much better understanding of its operation...but two seperate jobs for the same industry...so I do not agree with your point. I do agree that TVL is often mis represented as mentioned in my post. I was here when this forum started it was been a great and friendly place.....I have been gone a long time from it ....and being back it reminds me why I left.....why are forums used to attack people. Mind you Rory and I used to have some great arguments.......so perhaps I should not throw so many stones - those in glass houses But just as Rory bowed down and saw the error of his ways and started to use Geovision even after swearing he never would (just kidding buddy) you two should learn to get along.........learn from each other.......if I had some money for every incorrect post i made or the COUNTLESS incorrect ones I have seen in here i would be a rich man. What you both need to realise is this post both made you read a little more, find out more facts, and even test other things....this is the beauty of this place......proving yourself right is by no means as important as learning and gaining more knowledge. By all means disagree - Hell I just did in this post, but do it politely.....
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    TVL Measuring

    Plenty o Pools.......could you believe before the recession I could not even get an install tech for under $100,000 per year.......now its a different story...but I fear we have strayed from the original post a fair bit
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    TVL Measuring

    Just come here and work for me mate.........easy peasy!!! Gold coast or "the Goldie" as we call it is only about 45 mins from me.....not that any locals ever go there.....its so funny because the beaches are quite nice and you see tourists eyes light up taking pics all the time...but all the locals know......all the good beaches are not there.....but we never tell them where....no one wants to sit on the beach while there is tons of people taking pics and screaming excitedly........so we keep them secret.......clever us folk! The Goldie is just for tourists...mind you I am down there this weekend for a trade show
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    TVL Measuring

    Really - where what doing......if he needs a place to crash let me know if he is in Brisbane that is
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    TVL Measuring

    Rory the pool Boy.....has a nice ring to it.......can see you cleaning the pools for all those rich ladies in the bahamas LOL
  23. Some things to consider - 1/ If your DVR is PC based and windows based, you should consider a UPS that has software or a command script to end the process of your DVR recording and shut down safely, there is no difference between pulling the plug directly out of the DVR otherwise, IE when the battery is dead on the UPS then it just goes straight off - the main reason you need this is that most PC based recorders have a Pre Event recording buffer and then when movement stops they close the event and store it to HDD, if it can not close the event, windows will dump what is in memory to the HDD - normally this is fine - but in some cases that file that is dumped is so corrupted that windows can not make out its size and therefore it does not know what blocks are considered as used on the HDD - when the dvr records it uses an index file to tell it where the recorded video is and to what order it pulls the files into the review software and where is free to sotre them....as far as the index is concerned - that corrupted file does not exist and as far as windows is concerned it certainly does....so it goes like this....Write to this sector - NO - OK Write to this sector - NO - so on and so on until your PC based DVR crashes - you will note a lot of DVR's now have a "repair database" tool for this reason. 2/ It is a VERY common misconception that a UPS device will protect you from all power issues, but the truth is that there are different stages of UPS quality and what they will cover....the most common cheapie UPS devices wont protect much, some have what is known as "buck and boost" adjusting the output to bring it into range. However they wont protect against big hits or long brown outs etc etc....the company we use sell a 3 , 5 or 9 series the 3 series covering 3 power issues, the 5 covering 5 and the 9 covering all nine......big difference in price.....so firstly you need to find out what kind of power issue it is....IE spike, sag, brown out etc etc or just plain power cut. Keep in mind a good UPS can extend the life of your DVR - think of it this way - Imagine your car and you every now and again red line it just for fun...sure it will be ok, but the more you do it, the more likely it will break.....the same if you never took it over 20klm an hour and feeding it the wrong fuel or not clean fuel occasionally will cause the engine to detriorate.....the same goes for the electronics inside your DVR especially the power supply.
  24. cctv_down_under

    Cable and Resistance

    Can someone explain to me why you can use a barrel joiner close toa DVr witha very short run and it will not affect video but joining in the middle of a cable run does. Surely the resistance does not change, however I have always heard that you can join a cable so long as it doesn't run far from the join.......the maths just doesnt work in my head because the resistance is the same?
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    TVL Measuring

    Fair point - I actually meant to type an eight dont know how I got the guy with the glasses LOL I did say "usually" obviously there will be differences the point was that you need to set to the best focus possible for the testing, there are even better ways to do this.....but hay lets not confuse the issue, it seems pretty confused already and its nearly 1AM here......