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  1. Yes, reupload because I will not be able to correct this until later in the week.
  2. larry


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  3. Thanks, I didn't notice that. It probably has something to do with being fully SSL (https) now. I will look into getting them to display.
  4. Yeah, but I see you're still here spittin venom so that's encouraging. Hmmm...
  5. The classifieds section is a courtesy for established members needing to unload surplus equipment. New members have to earn the privilege by making constructive, helpful posts. It's not meant for retail to consumer transactions; please do not setup shop here. If you are a retailer, merchant, distributor, liquidator, ebay'er etc.. please refrain from posting in this section. I have to protect the interests of the businesses that actually purchase advertising on this site. Any post judged to be in violation will be promptly removed without warning. NOTE: All purchases/sells made in this section are made at your own risk. The forum is not responsible for transactions conducted here. Thanks
  6. larry

    Night cameras exposed by LEDS

    No one called anyone silly. All that was said is that he is going about it in a "silly way" big difference. Are we all in third grade here? Everyone is looking for an excuse to be offended and complain to mods. They need to man up and take the proper advice that was given. Let's be honest here. Saying someone is approaching something in a "silly" manner is a passive aggressive way of inferring they are silly. We're not all in third grade but, I agree, someone still is.
  7. larry

    Night cameras exposed by LEDS

    I agree. Being called "silly" is not a proper response to a question no matter how many times it has been asked.
  8. Boogieman, SunnyKim the two of you (three if we add in TheUberOverlord) need to move your personal battles somewhere else. Members here do not want to read your petty childish bickering about absolutely nothing. Plus, I am tired of cleaning up after you.
  9. Unfortunately I am locking this topic.. If the three amigo's can't get themselves together and learn how to agree to disagree; their posts will have to be moderated/approved before being seen
  10. larry

    I have a stalker and I need help

    This thread is finished.
  11. It was removed by me because it contained personally identifiable information, a false user dual identity accusation, as well as, procedures that - as described -do not work in all situations. Once the procedure gets corrected and proven, he can freely share his findings here.
  12. larry

    About Dahua SD42212S-HN

    You are posting from China. Why would you want to buy from the US? Why are you posting nonsense?
  13. Trust me. There is no double standard here. Retailer's who repeatedly attempt to promote their businesses here via forum posts, or through a shill, are removed once their actions are discovered.
  14. larry

    Change my username?

    I changed it for you and you will now have to login using the new name
  15. Locking this thread - I agree that it has gone way off course.
  16. Make sure your browser is not clearing the cookie when you close out of it. Or is setup to accept cookies. Some browsers have privacy settings that erase cookies, images etc..
  17. I agree...this topic went too far off track so I cleaned it up.
  18. Find a small HD board cam that you can hide in a boutineer. Edit: just noticed you want eye level.
  19. larry

    CCTV for intersection viewing ?

    Good idea, but this would not work here in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We have traffic cameras all over the place. Low incident traffic intersections and high incident traffic intersections. High crime street corners; just all over the place. Traffic cams are an excellent source of revenue here - fines are a minimum of $100 a pop. I assume all one has to do is fill out a freedom of information form and get footage. Plus all the tollway and Interstate systems have cameras about every quarter mile or so and we can view them on the internet.
  20. larry

    What has happened to this forum

    What's with all this? I mean, this forum is about helping people with CCTV questions. If it turns out that this forum is a bunch of DIY'ers, sticking together and helping each other out then, I ask, what the hell is wrong with that? There are some very knowledgeable people here now that did not come here with infinite knowledge. They learned it on their own and by asking questions or by trial and error or by just figuring stuff out. You have to be the type of person that likes to help others out with what you learned; some do, some don't. Out of necessity, I had to learn how fix my own appliances. I gain knowledge from people - some being experienced repairmen, willing to help at forums like fixya and the like. But guess what, I still see Sears appliance repair trucks all over my neighborhood. Like ShockWave said ...
  21. larry

    What has happened to this forum

    I can buy a lot and build my own home if I wanted - as long as I follow municipal code and an inspector blesses my work. There will always be those that do it themselves. There will always be those that want someone else to do it for them.
  22. larry

    What has happened to this forum

    I have to disagree with this assessment. From the beginning, most questions are about equipment selection or purchasing options or FAQ type of inquiries. Like "What's the best brand for..." "How do I view my cameras from..." "Where can I purchase ..." "Where should I place cameras for..." "How do I install a wireless..." Over time, the residential market has exploded and more people are putting cameras in their homes; so the questions are more on the level of what a DIY'er or novice would ask. Being a DIY'er myself, I don't mind that at all. As I stated before, things evolve. Analog was the king when this forum started; now it's all about IP. IP is not only the future; it is the now. I believe IP has already surpassed analog in sales; but this is my uneducated opinion. Personally, I read IPVM too- it's an excellent resource. And I am not even in the CCTV business; I write software. They are a successful subscription based service; this is a free forum that does not generate much revenue. We both attract different, and similar types of CCTV enthusiast. Plus, people just move on from sites naturally. I participate in a few software development forums. Some I participate in less frequently than I did earlier. Fact of the matter is; I still think this site still helps people make informed decisions. Some new members may not make use of the search function as much as they should and ask redundant questions. This site doesn't aggregate the most frequently asked questions and place those questions in an easily accessible area - that has to be corrected.
  23. larry

    What has happened to this forum

    Excuse me, but no one here has ever been denied the option of discussing whatever system they choose to recommend. So please, recommend a system at whatever price point you wish. Also, the "cheap" systems most recommend here are Dahua based. What is so inferior with that manufacturer? I just don't get what the problem is. People generally buy what they can afford. Cheap junk is identified by user dissatifaction. That's the way it's supposed to work - or am I missing something here?
  24. larry

    Manuals upload here?

    Yeah, you can upload it in a post I guess. Maybe later I can make a section where others can upload manuals too.