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    Strange IR Glare? Hkivision DS-2CD2132-I

    So I looked at the dome cover and it was clean but I wiped it down again anyway and still looks like this. I am guessing this is IR glare that everyone talks about? Well now to try and improve it does anyone have any suggestions on lighting solutions. As you can see there is a lamp below it and one on the other side of the truck. What type of bulbs should I use? LED , regular lights, infrared bulbs, etc. Or would it just be better to put up a IR illuminator. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. gotcha. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. Hi, I plan to help my friend install 2 3mp or up ip cameras. He wants to record video at various times so I am deciding whether or not a nvr is best or just use his computer. He has an i5 4670k computer which has space to store video but I dont know how I feel about running it 24/7. The software I was thinking about using was blueiris and the cameras were possibly the Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I . I may be paranoid but I worry that the computers lifespan will be decreased tremendously if kept on for months at a time recording where as nvrs are designed too(I would assume). Maybe there might even be a setting in windows or blue iris which allow computer to record in a low power mode (if possible that would be great and if not any other software that might)?? Power usage of pc can range anywhere from 50watts all the way to 250watts for something standard like this which is why its hard for me to decide given the specs I saw on a nvr stated around 30w with harddrive. Any advice would be appreciated ! Thanks
  4. Just from looking into the ISO 12233 I am starting to feel overwhelmed haha. You wouldnt happen to know of any good guides to read which have everything I would ever need to know about ip cameras and their networking and physical setups , etc.? If so I would be really interested in reading it. I am tired of googling for everything and it being spread all over the place lol , plus i feel bad asking so many questions when it seems I am out of my league compared to most people on this forum. Going back to the original post, this is a vague question but I was wondering if an i3 4340 could easily handle 8 ip cameras 3mp ( hikivison models I referenced in first post) running blue iris for recording and viewing. 8 would be the maximum I would go and I can get that cpu pretty cheap . Does recording and viewing use more single thread performance vs multi thread performance? For instance, I can get the i3 4340 for 130 where as I can get the fx-6300 with 6 cores for 110. 4340 has higher single thread performance where as the 6 cores perform less for single threaded applications but overall scores higher on benchmarks if all cores are utilized. I want the best cpu for the job and I have usually gone intel due to power consumption, but if performance wise it wont cut it for the hyperthreading dual core then amd it is! This is last decision before making the purchase. I have yet to look into the other softwares but since like you said previously BI uses cpu more than anything id like to have this decided as a backup. Thanks as usual
  5. I would actually like to experiment with different lens types. Any way to tell which lens will fit on a Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I ? Is there a standard type of port/attachment for ip camera lenses or does it depend on brand? I never actually messed with the focus with the camera because I figured it was best to use the manufacturing settings. I guess I should toy around with that?
  6. Docer I noticed you said 2mp gives a wider fov than 3mp. maybe I am misunderstanding what megapixels is but I thought it was how pixels in the given resolution hence more detail. So why would this effect fov and if it did why doesnt 3mp have a higher fov than 2? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am new to this stuff!
  7. I am using the 2.8mm lense. I was also using h.264 encoding to save space but I am not sure what the bitrate settings are. In fact I do not even know how to check the bitrate settings lol. The wider the lens the less clear the image is though? I was going for viewing angle but if that means sacrificing good clearity I could give up a few degrees haha
  8. Yea i agree. I need to get rid of all those unneccessary parts. FOr power management you would use those nvr software over blue iris? What about without power usage in play?
  9. Thanks for all the great replies. I actually built the pc so I am not new to computer tech in regards to pc components but unfortunately I am paranoid and the computer is not going to be at my house but instead at my computer illiterate coworkers house lol. So from what I feel like most are getting at is that software offers more and a pc generates almost the same given its parts compared to that of an nvr which is more restricted in power usage. I actually thought about the intel nuc for a split second but thought a Dual-core i3-3217U might not cut it and that unit is the best performance per dollar I could find at around 180 bucks on ebay last time I checked. Do you think this ulv cpu could handle recording 4 streams from a 5mp ip camera at 1080p resolution? How about recording and monitoring via blue iris simultaneously? I was also curious about cameras. I purchased 2 geovision mfd130 models and their picture was not very clear at 1.3mp. So for testing purposes and a friends house I purchased 3 hikivision DS-2CD2132-I cameras for $160 each which were great quality but I was still not satisfied with the camera picture quality in the regards that you could not recognize someone more than 20ft away or read a license plate. These were 3mp cameras and I thought that was enough but I guess not. I figured megapixels was the most important part of getting a clear image so now I guess I might have to go up to 5mp or even higher? Do you guys have any suggestions on the best ip cameras for less than 250 which have infrared and possibly ptz?
  10. So despite they have been on 24/7 you havent had any harddrive failure or fans blow their bearings and start to squeel? I am aware how power efficient haswell is which is a plus but I have never kept my computer on for more than a day because of paranoia lol. So have you ever tested those pc's to find out what the overall power usage from the wall is? In regards to an nvr, can you think of any reliable ones that are under 250 bucks with poe and supports up to 4 hikivision cameras? Also, I have never used an nvr but can you access its settings via its ip address in a browser vs hooking up to a monitor. I was also curious about using a NAS. I have never used a NAS but I was wondering if most cameras can support streaming straight to one? I know they are fairly cheap which is why I ask.
  11. I am going to be setting up 4 security cameras for a small business owned by my friends dad. The business only has a wifi hotspot so no router or nothing. I have never done this before and this will be my first setup so its a lot of pressure to do this right. What the guy wants: 4 720p cameras that will record atleast 20fps(if that will provide somewhat smooth motion) Keep the price as low as possible but not complete junk Can be wired or wifi, room is semi small so wifi is possible but he needs to have all angles covered Wants atleast 2 weeks worth of footage to be saved( motion detection/ activation would be fine if it doesnt stop recording till people leave the store) He is not very tech savy so the simpler the better but need be I can teach him how to use it. He does have a laptop he keeps with him. My idea: I was going to install a router and connect the 4 720p capable ip cameras to it. How would I go about storing this footage the cheapest way possible? Setting up a nas and get the data off if needed via usb? the laptop will most likely be connected to his wifi hotspot having everything stream from the cameras two the router to his computer then to a external harddrive wouldnt work since he would need to be connected to the router that doesnt have incoming internet. SO any ideas? Can a computer be hooked up to a wifi hotspot and the router at once so he can store the footage but also surf the web? Any advice would be nice and also I have seen NVR online but they seem very pricey and I wasnt sure about the compatibility of them with all cameras. Thanks in advance and sorry if I left anything out thats important