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  1. it looks like Avermedia MP5000 and such Digital video capture card,from Taiwan,but i found some clones in mailand.China. So i cannot judge ur card are clone one or original one.
  2. Not all the DVR cards are clones in China. maybe only 20% customers use clone ones. most of them use original DVR cards,such as Hikvision,High-easy,Hanban 15 series H.264 haedware compression DVR cards,most of them are much better than those Kodicom even original ones. and some low cost solutions now are original such as 7130chipsets,23881 chipsets.they are attractive in cost and quality.
  3. cannot find ur website address where is it?
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    1.if the dvr card can b compatible with ur display card?some card choose ATi and NVIDIA chipset 2.resolution of ur monitor,some support only 1024*768,some only support 800*600 3.Video format:choose ur NTSC or Pal for video input. 4.Your OS problems.
  5. try some cards who supports D1 KN1524T:4ch real time D1 in displaying and record http://www.dvrworld.com/product.php?act=page&pgid=3&pid=6 KN404HCI 4 channels video and audio CIF or D1 CIF (real time) or 2 channels video and audio D1 (real time) or 1 channel D1 and 3 channel CIF (real time) or 4 channel D1 ( or not real time, about 15fps) KN408HCI 8 channels video and audio CIF (real time) or 4 channels video and audio D1 (real time) or 3 channel D1 and 3 channel CIF (real time) or 2 channel D1 4CIF and 4 channel CIF (real time) or 1 channel D1 and 7 channel CIF (real time) or 8 channel D1 ( or not real time, about 15fps) http://www.dvrworld.com/product.php?act=page&pgid=1&pid=6
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    pc dvr card

    is it a KMC4400 or KMC8800 cards? for these 2 cards,they need u share disc(s) to prepare for record.or it cannnot b installed rightly.
  7. [What this post said was "I am clearly a moron who can not follow simple rules like "No advertising." and as such I chose to be rude to my potential customer base. And yes, I have the good timing to piss off a mod in a grumpy mood." He just used a lot more words and pictures. -Thomas]
  8. u can use our 4X KN408HCI 2X KN4016HCSI 4X KN1508 to build 32ch real time DVR easily. It's a small case,with these cards,u can get Max=64ch(1920fps) per PC system.haha.....
  9. Our KN408HCI/KN4016HCSI and KN1508 can do it. and our KingSight DVR software integrated Matrix cards in to build DVR+Matrix system. plz view our site: www.dvrworld.com or contact me via MSN:besthy2003@msn.com
  10. --->we have. we can provide KN1508 X4pcs to build 32ch(960fps) real time DVR system. and our Kn408HCI also can do this. both can do max 64ch per system in real time. u can view our website:www.dvrworld.com to find them.
  11. Now in the market there are many kinds of DVR cards. so how can we judge who is the best one for us and choose one who meet our requirements? now we can judge it from the below features: 1.Compression format: H.264 is the most advance compression format now. MPEG4 is 2nd advanced. MJPEG is 3rd class 2.Resolutions: D1(704*576,pal;640*480,ntsc) half-D1(704*288) CIF(352*288) 3.Hardware or software compression Normally,hardware compression is expensive than others.and can do more channels in one PC system. 4.Real time or Un-real time in recording Not the more advanced ones ,the more best.u shall choose the right one who can meet ur requirements.
  12. Conexant Fusion 878 PICO2000 is a 8bit software compression un real time card.(most of it are clone ones). bcoz it is a SOFTWARE compression DVR card,it means when compression is running,it will use and occupy your PC CPU and memories. If u use other Hardware compression card,the CPU occupy rate will come down. www.dvrworld.com