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  1. We install more IP cameras in one week then you install in a year and have experience with every major VMS and IP video camera on the market not just chinese government owned small 4 camera systems. You really need to understand what you are talking about and understand how IP video works before you "brag" about how reliable IP is over analog/HD analog/TVI/CVI/HD-SDI. You need to stop bragging about how many you install. I learned long ago that volume does not imply skill or quality. Like I said, many installing are installing 700tvl cameras, more than you, doesnt mean they are doing it properly. You obviously are comparing a homerun system to a multi node system. How dumb is that. Based on your comments I would not trust you to install a doorbell. If YOUR ip solutions are so unreliable then you need to look at yourself not blame the technology.
  2. Yes and they rarely if ever fail. Not any more chance than an analog DVR failing. Simply stating that you service the IP system more often is meaningless are that system is obviously not a 4-8ch home run to an NVR..we know nothing about its components or how it was setup. The more you argue this you worse you look. Right back at you. You are purpose misleading - the worst kind of agenda driven offender. Comparing service to a complex multinode system to a plug and play NVR. Wow. How low will you go to promote your garbage
  3. Yes and they rarely if ever fail. Not any more chance than an analog DVR failing. Simply stating that you service the IP system more often is meaningless are that system is obviously not a 4-8ch home run to an NVR..we know nothing about its components or how it was setup.
  4. Referring to yourself ? Just in case you didn't know, TVI/CVI is AnalogHD. Google it instead of taking my words for it. Btw, I never push Analog over IP. Using either depends on situation. We are talking about reliability here. You said it is just as reliable, I disagreed as inherently, there's more point of failure. Doesn't mean it'll fail, just means there's more possible way to fail compared to analog coax system. IP setting could cause a cam to go offline, doesn't happen to analog (which include analog HD btw). DOS attack could flood the network switches causing failure of video stream, doesn't happen to analog cabling (including analog HD). Connecting a Network Device with the Same IP to the same network would cause ip conflict situation which will take camera with same IP offline, doesn't happen to analog system (including analog HD). Firmware of IP Cameras might need to be updated to fix bugs, analog camera (including analog hd) doesn't have any firmware to updatem, if it works, it works. Firmware upgrade is not 100% foolproof. Equipment under going firmware upgrade sometimes failed during the upgrade process and require further steps to reload the firmware/kernel. These among others. For home use nvr + ip cameras, most people just plug and play. Plug and play means the default login of the cameras are never changed. Only the NVR is. Any IP devices which is left in default settings will be less secure than those with setting changed. As mentioned in other post, IP based allow for flexibility of deployment. You could add on equipment with less cabling work. Even using wireless is more secure as it's harder to find common standard secure wireless transmission equipment for analog equipment. I use both IP/Analog depending on situation and also customer budget. Redundant recording design , offsite backup, doesn't only applies to only 100% IP Based system. Other systems also supports it. Guess english is not your first language. Did you not read a word I wrote? Do you not undestand what homerun to the NVR is? Denial of service attacks really? Now you are proving how inept your are. Wireless is secure? wow...I could take your wifi offline easily. plug and play default? if the cameras are not exposed to the NET its the same as analog...you cannot reach the cameras directly.. wow, you really dont know what you are talking about. Sad. Your grasping at straws making silly arguments about default passwords..well you know what? if the default password on the ANALOG DVR is not changed then I could disable it as well. What do you think this is oceans 11, where the burglars are going to find your ip address and remote it? this has gotten to the point of idiocy.
  5. I respect that you have some IP cameras in the field but frankly I have single customers with significantly more cameras than you have installed. IP transport is more complicated than analog/TVI/CVI,HD-SDI you can try to argue differently but you are wrong. Dont really care how many you installed. You are wrong. There are lots of duchebag installers implementing 700tvl systems in 2016, and they install many more cameras than I do, doesnt make it right. Shame on them all. You have your own reasons for pushing analog. Point is IP is just as reliable is analog, even more so, with a simple sd card. You mention all the irrelevant network jargon to conflate the issue. This is a 4ch install, homerun to the NVR, none of the nonsense you mention is remotely relevant. Anyone recommending analog over ip because its more reliable is deliberately misleading the end user here.
  6. Boogieman you should really do a little research about electronics and to understand how IP video vs analog works before you bash people and call them stupid. You should completely dissemble single camera analog system and a single camera NVR/switch/IP camera system. Count how many chips there between the two and report back. IP is more complex then analog so there ARE more failure points. It is very simple. Now IP video is more flexible and allows you to build in redundancy but that comes as a huge cost. You can setup VM based NVRs, SAN storage, fiber rings with redundant switches but this comes at a huge cost and and adds a significant amount of complexity. You should really understand that simply because someone has more processors and chips it doesnt mean that it has a higher failure rate. Its really that simple. The fact that you correlate possible failure points with actual reliability and failures is very troubling. Daryl simple made up stats. What a bunch of nonsense. Analog is not more reliable. Its is pushed by those who want to make more profit. You bring up irrelevant nonsense like vm's, san and fiber when OP is dealing with a 4ch system. Really?? You dont need any of these. Stop making crap up and read the OP. Its really not that difficult. Anyone pushing analog in 2016 (except in rare special circumstances) is cheating the end user. Unfortunately, members here push analog because they work for companies that sell mostly analog in installers who install mostly analog. Shame on them. Also your statement about ip cameras having more "moving parts" is false and makes no sense. The fact that you bring up networks/switches etc, when we are dealing with a 4ch system questions your motives. Really sad and unfortunate that you are pushing analog in 2016...guess whatever pays the bills.
  7. You won't need this troubleshooting instruction if rebooting to resolve a ip device functionality issues is never required. Perhaps you could also recommend the perfect brand that you had been using that never ever need to reboot so that the TS could make a informed choices as well. And for the other thread, the TS wanted Cheap and Wifi, what else would you recommend ? Your perfect IP equipment ? But is it gonna be CHEAP enough for that user ? How to Choose Budget Level CCTV Camera? viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50776 You are obviously not that bright. I said I never had to reboot a camera. Yes its possible to be needed. Its extremely rare. You simply MADE UP numbers about reliability. If your DVR freezes or HD failes you now have ZERO video, how is that for reliability. There are troubleshooting guides for DVR's and analog cameras as well, does that mean they are constantly having issues? How silly... I have hundreds of dahua and hikvision cameras in service. Again, if you are constantly rebooting your cams you are improperly installing them or using crap cameras. You simply made up your statistics. Very sad to see amateurs like yourself give improper advice. What about the fact that if the DVR fails you have NOTHING??? Your statement is FALSE. Stop misleading innocent end users. Minimum price does not mean LOWEST priced crap. I figured out why you push analog. That is all your company installs. On your website you push 720p analog as though its top of the line HD. What a joke.
  8. That's roughly what I meant. I didn't say IP is not reliable. TS asked if they are AS RELIABLE as analogue, which in my opinion, they are not and never will be due to the existence of more point of possible failures. Just take for example, each IP camera is also a web/video server with firmware (embedded software). Any software will have potential bugs, otherwise you'll not require software/firmware update to fix bugs. And some firmware which are not that well written can't handle exception properly and they hanged or slow down due to memory leak or some other reason. Just look at some NVR/DVR, they have a schedule reset feature to "increase stability". So for a 4 Camera system, you have 5 devices running server firmware whereas compared to an analogue system which has only 1. Even if all devices are equally reliable on it's own based (based on firmware), e.g. 99% reliability , for IP system, it'll be only 95.01% (99% pwr of 5) whereas analogue system is still 99% (law of probability). I don't even want to go down the path of potential security flaw in the implementation of a NVR with directly connected ip camera, which is non existent in analogue system. BUT as I mentioned, IP based system have it's own strength as well. So you got to decide based on your requirement and budget. What you are saying is COMPLETE nonsense. I cant recall the last time I had to reboot an ip camera...What you are saying is only true of crap cameras. You make up probability numbers. STOP IT. You said that NVR/DVR cal lock up? what happens to all your footage when the dvr locks up? you have NONE. If you had an ip camera with SD card storage or a second cheap hidden NVR as a backup, guess what? Your statement that IP is less reliable is FALSE. In fact, i have just shown you how it can be MORE reliable. Your entire premise is based on using crap cameras with poorly written firmware...what garbage...its folks like you who have no clue that mislead others....just as you did in the other post recommending garbage wifi cameras.
  9. You can beg to differ all you want. I have seen you give improper advice in other threads here. I honestly think you dont know what you are talking about and make it up as you go. You statement that there are more points of failure in an ip system is FALSE. Its made up. You need to stop spewing this nonsense. Take for example an IP system that is homerun to the NVR, how are there more points of failure????????????? First error. In fact, IP systems can be made much MORE reliable than analog (SD card redundancy, multiple NVR redundancy/hidden (much easier to implement than multiple dvrs). It sucks when amateurs give advice to unsuspecting end users.
  10. Boogieman

    The problem DVR does not start!

    try installing a hard drive.
  11. As tom pointed out, that is not a real view. The poster is a spammer trying to sell you junk. Reported.
  12. Boogieman

    Need help picking a camera system

    That kit is COMPLETE junk. Its very low resolution analog. You will NEVER get a usable capture with it to your mailbox. Its 2016 your system should be 1080p at a minimum. Start researching IP cameras systems.
  13. Boogieman

    Pre-wired House looking for advice.

    What toss said. The most unfortunate thing about the original post is that its 2016 and they prewired a new house with bnc instead of ethernet. Insane.
  14. Ip is just as reliable as analog. Anyone who tells you different is installing junk products or improperly installing. IP cameras have nothing to do with the internet connection. NOTHING. You will need a new NVR. Start reading and researching. Your currnt 400tvl system is crap. If you dont want to run new cable, you can look at hikvisions TVI or dahua CVI systems that run HD over coax...
  15. You can only view this in the NVR interface..not the web interface..
  16. Backwards compatibility? there is a 30 day period where you can revert to 7. You dont get to run dual boot 7 and 10. You need a new 10 or new 7 licence for that, just like almost any other software license where you dont retain the license to the lower version you upgraded from.
  17. Getting personal again are you Let me educate you and Google if you don't understand Microsoft and Linux Canonical have been partners for the last 3 months So again no licence problems So I stand by my post in saying YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT PIRACY. Red bull racing is using it now What does the partnership have to do with the issue at hand. You obviously dont understand the issue. User has windows 7 license, then uses it to upgrade to a FREE win 10 license. The questions is whether the 7 license is still valid. How does the partnership affect this issue? Guess its time to read the actual thread. I stand by my post that you are wrong about me being wrong about the piracy.
  18. It is approved by Microsoft ..... So no problem with piracy or licence. No its NOT. Windows 10 is an UPGRADE from 7. Please show me where Microsoft says its allowed or "approved". There is no affirmative indication that you can use the old windows 7 license key. As with all upgrades the general rule is that the original key is no longer valid. Is this the first time you have upgraded software?
  19. Move on please. Because what's next? You claim to be Batman? viewtopic.php?p=280528#p280528 I quote you: "You seem to have forgotten that I never threatemed to sue you. You threatened me with your fictitious legal team...you got scared when you found out I'm a lawyer. You need to be banned because you are a litigious moron. Don't ever threaten me ..I will not cower like others you intimidate. To me you are a rat." Look at my link above. Do you think ANY state Bar would approve of that? Worse you sponsored others as well. Yet, you're "Hell Bent" on trying to DESTROY this Forum thread. About legal issues for those running Windows. Yet that's NOT got anything to do with this "Forum Topic". Minus that I showed how I did do this with a Windows based system. Geeze, you're showing the inability of being sane! Don Again dont imply a threat to report me to the bar. You dont scare me. You have been proven to be full of it. You need to be banned from this and all other forums are your threats of lawsuits to other members should not be tollerated by the mods. Also stop giving users suggestions that MAY be software piracy. As I have already demonstrated you have ZERO evidence that this practice is approved my Microsoft.
  20. Don has implied threats to report me to the state bar...you don't scare me you, has been, rat..You have stooped to a new low. This proves you have no basis for your argument when you need to resort to these kinds of threads. You are a dishonorable disgrace. I don't need the bars approval to post on forums... Nice try though... You are a disgrace... I will challenge you and your misinformation... MODS, looks at this fool threatening someones JOB over forum posts. HE NEEDS TO BE BANNED.
  21. Move on SPARKY! Stop trying to destroy Forum threads because you have a medical problem. Don Stop posting lies alleging I have a medical problem. That is defamatory. Mods please ban uber.
  22. Please feel free to sue me for whatever you wish. I'm more than prepared to deal with you. I look forward to making PUBLIC the results! Don You are the one who threatened me with a frivolous lawsuit and your "legal team" which consists of your computer. I dared you to sue me. Like the COWARD you are, you didnt. Any forum member who threatens lawsuits against others should be immediately banned. I hope the mods ban you.
  23. You cant explain why you resurrected this dying thread, other than the fact that you are infatuated with me. ;D You are also hereby on notice to cease and desist using ipcamtalkbs.com to promote your own website. You have been and remain a petty looser.
  24. What i mean is are you viewing the system from a monitor attached to the pc, or using something like teamviewer as well as the local tv. Also, does the software allow you to choose between displaying the substream/mainstream?
  25. Really!!!. See this. http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=280528#p280528 How's this working out for you? My legal boy. Update Please! For others. Please see this link to see what this Forum thread is about: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=49894 Don Ah you have awoken from the dead. This time using your real user name (yes we know it was you unlawfully posting on the other forum because you simply cannot stay away, despite being banned multiple times and told not to return.). Please dont link to your own post which I have already disproved as "evidence". Everything I said is 100 percent accurate and truthful. You have not disproved anything. What a looser. You are infatuated with me. I love it. Its hilarious that you feel the need to post a link to the first page of a two page thread so folks can see what its about.. I think the mods on this forum should look at your last post as evidence of your instigation. Waking a dead thread (one month old) to quarrel. You need to be banned here as well. Im loving how you are addicted to me.