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  1. Which one do you have? This one calls out to me because of the price and being turret: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6JS5HM2884&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-IP%2FNetwork+Cameras-_-9SIA6JS5HM2884&gclid=CjwKCAiA15vTBRAHEiwA7Snfc9yGQCh8vOygZlazvBcwxnu2fG9Is3WFYu1u8NCdUoyO6ZC7wfwNYRoC6O8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I bought a couple Dahuas a few years back, but was turned off by the proprietary software needed to do camera setup (i.e. no built-in web pages). Every so often, when the money just starts spilling over, I think about doing an all-ACTi system because of the low resource needs of their camera hosting application - which seems to offload a lot of processing to the individual cams.... but I have no clue about ACTi's low light performance. there is no proprietary software needed to setup dahua cameras, nor was there ever... acti is crap. All manufacture vms and nvr's use the cameras motion detection to trigger recording....you are severely misinformed... the skybell has no better night performance than any other 1080p camera...
  2. doesnt matter what you think, cops are not wasting time on this.
  3. They will only give it to police and the officer at the scene said there was nothing they could do. This was after waiting 14 hours on premises for the officer to come. Clock is ticking fast. this is not a murder, they will not analyze the footage.....even if they did, what would they do with it? post it on the 10 oclock news and hope for an id of this "unknown man"? Your laptop is gone...start shopping for a new one..
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    IC Realtime camera wiring ?

    its the same as dahua...google is your friend.
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    TVI capture card

    Now they do exist and becomes available. Please leave me your message in my meassge box if you like to know more. Do not buy anything from sunnykim he is a scam artist...where are the mods when you need them. His stuff is garbage.
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    Please suggest a system

    Yes, WORST garbage ever!!! Dont buy. Its infected with a virus.
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    New CCTV quotes are ALL for Analog systems, why?

    BEWARE, cctvcambuy is a crook spammer.
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    Why are 90% of cameras white?

    Did you even give this the slightest bit of thought? 1) cameras are not intended to be stealth...most are there as a deterrent. 2) cameras are often mounted on white surfaces, like overhangs, ceilings , soffit... 3) white stays cooler in direct sun I dont think you understand the purpose of surveillance...
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    fix my install.

    A i5-4670K mini pc that i built. Cameras are 3MP Dahua and Hikvision. I have one Dahua PTZ and 12 Hikvision cameras, You are likely not setting up blue iris correctly. First enable direct to disk recording for each camera, then enable hardware acceleration. Ensure there is not discrete card as it needs intel HD with quicksync. You should not be using a pc running a vms for other purposes like youtube... You will sorely miss the options in blue iris if you move to a standalone NVR...
  10. another fake china post..please do you expect us to believe you when this is your first post...stop it Xinray...you will lose more of your reputation by using this tactic..
  11. lol, did you expect anything better from a china seller.....generally they are ok, seems like you failed to do the proper research before buying the product...
  12. It is widely accepted and tested time after time again that analog will always be more stable than ip cameras solutions, while its true that IP cameras are getting stabler as the time pass by, it can never beat the stability, reliability and delay free that analog systems can offer. Both IP and TVI are great technologies, but I prefer to do TVI installations on most of my jobs, here are the reasons: 1. 35 years on the field Analog proving I can count on it, I will not adopt another technology that may or may not bring me problems, I am not a gambler. I am going to stick with what has been working for me for the past 35 years and I am glad that Analog is being improved upon and that improvements are constant and that we may see a future TVI 8 MP camera, who knows? 2. The different between what people see on the monitor and what happens in the moment is near 0 ms response time, the same cannot be said for IP cameras where it is known up to 300+ ms delay to occur, for picky customers who might get irritated due to this delay there is not a cure for this for IP cameras setup, sure you might be able to decrease the buffer at the peril of introducing stream based instabilities. 3. The single longest coax run is 1,000 feet for TVI version 2.0 and 2,500 feet for TVI version 3.0 or 1,500 feet at full quality at 3 Mega Pixels, the same cannot be said for Ethernet which caps out at a mere 328 feet and then you have to use network switches that must be powered on the spot to further expand and gain another 328 ft, adding a critical potential future point of failure to those cameras connected to that distant network switch (maybe another contractor could incidentally or accidentally disconnect/unplug the power to that network switch? Maybe the electrical line you used to tap the power for that network switch could be decommissioned in the future and the CEO had no idea the CCTV system depended on power sources other than the one that goes to the CCTV server room and then you will be labeled a "bad CCTV installer". With a TVI system, you can stretch that coax to up to 1,500 Ft and provided that you use a low amperage camera for example a miniature TVI 3.0 MP 0.001 Lux consuming 40 milli amperes) can be entirely powered where the DVR is located. You cant deny that being able to go to the far reaches with one single cable run is very attractive and super reliable since you didn't had to include any intermediaries between the run. I did my CompTIA Network + Certification along with being a computer engineer, I have created and wired networks more than what you can possibly dream of, however I am still not sold on the idea of IP Cameras. You see? I am a perfectionist, I will always go with the most stable and reliable solution. While IP cameras has been increasing in stability as the years pass by, it will never EVER be more reliable and stable than analog systems such as TVI and others and when I am doing a CCTV installation I feel that what I am doing cannot, CANNOT FAIL! I feel like if the life of others depend on my work, that's how serious I take my job and for that reason I have been reluctant to move away from analog, Full HD analog. That, you are right! I thank God that the mode of technology that I have been using for the past 35+ years, even though recently has been upgraded to support HD and beyond, is cheaper than IP cameras solutions. This means that I don't have to settle to earning a $500 profit for a 16 camera installation like a competition I have seen that have thrown himself to wasting lots of money on 16 IP cameras and an NVR, a few PoE Switches, etc in agreement that the most he is going to pocket as pure profit is $500(!!) because because the competition (well actually a computer customer of mines that installs CCTV on a different state than mines) on his area is so fierce that he literally had to sell himself away just to take the job and send some change to his bank account. Are you kidding me? The same job could have been done with an HD-TVI 3.0 DVR and 16 TVI cameras, a 20 Amps Power Distribution Box, a few box of coax and he would have pocketed over $1,500 of pure profit for this pocket. Admittedly that guy had no idea that TVI existed, he personally told me this when I told him why didn't he consider TVI, I showed him my TVI DVR and he couldn't believe that such a great quality was possible via conventional coax cables. By the way, I know this guy because he is one of my customer that I service his computer from time to time (its possible to have a mutually B2B relationship while being competitors on a different field at the same time - but he services CCTV in a different state so not much of a competition directly with me). -- So this guy was installing mostly IP cameras because he as been told its the best in the market (well depends on who you ask and what variable you look at), he was spending his @$$ off on IP gear and IP cameras to service consumer base where such an endeavor would not be profitable. Come on? You are not going to tell me with a straight face that you will go full blown IP on a customer that doesn't want to pay you what you deserve? Even you, a person that heavily promotes IP cameras will go TVI when your pockets are threatened, now dont lie to me, its a business decision to make decisions that doesn't affect the bottom line. What.. exactly.. are.. customer.. losing.. out? 1. Multiple point of failures? 2. Having to change user names and password individually per each camera? 3. Clusters of cameras going offline because that PoE network switch you installed 328 feet away to connect a cluster of cameras averaged approx 500 feet away lost its power source because the electrical line you used to tap power to that distant PoE switch was decommissioned? 4. The 1 to 3 second delay between what happens in real time and what shows on the monitor? (by the way There are picky customers that will take issue on that and will give you a hard time because of it) Okay, enough of pointing out IP based pitfalls, customers are not loosing out anything with HiKVision HD TVI 3.0 DVR and its accompanying cameras, they can get the very same benefits IP cameras customers get. Here is an example: Did you know that you can install any, yes ANY VMS software, yes even your favorite VMS software and connect to any or all of the cameras behind the TVI DVR in the same manner you would for IP cameras? All what you need to know is the RTSP URL for the camera, lets say you want to connect to mainstream camera #1, the RTSP URL which includes user authentication data would look like this: rtsp://usename:password@DVR's.IP.Address:Port/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/101 (102 would be for its substream) Lets say you want to add Cameras 2 to your VMS, well the URL would be: rtsp://usename:password@DVR's.IP.Address:Port/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/201 (202 would be for its substream) and so on and so on on this format. Heck, if you want to add an NVR you can even do that, all what you have to do is add one by one each cameras following this same format, all feeds would be fetched form the HiKVision TVI DVR and would show up on the NVR or your VMS software as if they were actual IP cameras and for all intent and purposes they would be treated just as if they were IP cameras, you can take advantage of every single features and functionality your VMS software has to offer. Do you want to have a backup recording at your premise? Well you can use a cheap refurbished Intel Core i5 computer you purchased at Micro Center, etc install a VMS, connect all cameras and instruct it to record at all time, or Motion record, or however you like, then you take that computer and hide it away. Do you want to have an OFFSITE backup recording, say at your house? Well, just configure another computer with an VMS software, connect all cameras, set it to record all the time, or motion detection, or however you like and then take the computer with you and hide it somewhere in your house after making sure its working. In short you can do everything you can do with an IP camera installation with a TVI installation. So... What exactly are customer missing out? It is more evident that ever that you dont understand ip-AT ALL. Changing a password on the camera is difficult for you, I understand. With tvi you cannot have edge storage on the camera itself. With tvi you cannot record to multiple locations without relying on the DVR itself to feed it..talk about a single point of failure. (yes you can split the coax but thats a problem in it of itself. If you try an user the TVI unit as a DVR and also feed a vms at full bitrate it will likely choke. TVI requires homerun of all cables. TVI locks you in to, in your case, hikvisions subpar mobile app,as well as their sub par event detection and notifications. YUK. Once again you are using TVI because its cheaper and you want to make more money. You just post hours of drivel because you have been called out on it. Maybe just maybe you should get your head out of your ass and try a modern vms. You simply have no clue. This is typical of old school folks who dont want to learn to properly install vms. At least you admit that you refuse to adopt after 35 years. You should inform your clients that there are alternatives but you are simply not skilled enough to implement them.
  13. You are joking right? The op is using a server processor from 2006!!!! 11 years old and wondering why he is having issues...the passmake score on that system with DUAL processors is less than half of a modern i3 processor not to mention that milestone supports hardware acceleration with intel hd/quicksync. Modern vms software does not huge machines...they are just as reliable if not more reliable than standalone boxes and have a TON more features. Depending on the vms you use and setup, the cost is roughly the same with far superior performance... Your statement also evidences that you dont understand how standalone nvr's work..they dont do any motion detection or processing and only display substreams on the matrix (or have a limit to the full res on matrix)..I can point you to hundreds of threads with nvr issues...you have likely never used a quality pc based vms. Spoken like a true amateur. Nope, I am a terrible joker, trust me you do not want to hear me crack up a joke I didn't know were were talking about a XEON version that old, all what I heard was Intel XEON something and something, I didn't bother myself to google what XEON we were talking about, I assumed it was probably something not that old For the VMS having to determine when to save the stream to the hard drive and when not to, such as in the case of Motion Detection rules, there has to be some kind of processing done by the VMS, to determine when to do something and when not to, when to do this and when not to do that....and the more features and bells and whistle a VMS has, the more processing it has to do because it has more variable that it has to account and monitor at any given time, coupled with the fact that coders (programmers) these days are so lazy that they dont code to efficiency anymore, unlike last generation's coders that they didn't mind coding using Assembly Language, the machine's native language, no compiler needed, they took their time to properly optimize their piece of code in such a way to keep minimum system requirements to a minimum, where the same exact program made using, say C++ and the compiled required a CPU processing power over 8 times higher than the one made with Assemply language to perform the same task. With all that said, it is possible today to actually develop a PC based VMS software that gives you all kinds of bells and whistles that you can possibly imagine entirely using Assembly Language and optimized carefully in such a way that its processor friendly, that an obsolete single core Pentium 4 LGA 478 (remember that socket and processor type of year 2002?) can properly run such VMS wasting no more than a 25% processing cycle at any given time. But once again, computer programmers of today are not programming to efficiency anymore, in fact if your piece of code requires a compiler your work will never be efficient, to make it truly efficient the VMS needs to be programmed straight using Assembler bypassing the need of a compiler and then further optimized. For for this sole reason your highly inefficiently programmed PC based VMS whose stated system requirements to exponentially be greater the number of IP cameras you device to add to the PC because the underlying software developer never took enough time to properly optimize his/her piece of code for CPU friendliness will never been more efficient than a purpose built stand alone NVR. Are you sure about that? I really doubt that any VMS software is going to be more reliable than a purpose built ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) or in other words a NVR, a dedicated NVR will always be more reliable than running a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 with any VMS software and even further more reliable than running a computer with Windows 10 with any VMS software and here is the reason why: In windows 7 you have more control on how windows updates are to be installed, in windows 10 Microsoft took that control away from you and all updates are forced down your throat whether you want them or not and to make matter worse, I have observed a Microsoft Installer for updates getting hanged in a perpetual 100% CPU cycle until you perform certain "fix" documented on microsoft.com support website, you just cant afford to see that kind of incident on a production machine you just built for your customer for a 16, 32+ IP cameras job you just did occur say 60 days later, I have seen updates hang the CPU 100% cycles perpetually on many machines, including those with Intel Core i7 processors and those in between (i3, and i5), its a problem that has been plaguing Windows 10 and Microsoft technically hasn't fixed the condition. So why am I telling you all this? To give you one example of many why a PC based VMS will never beat the stability and reliability that a stand alone NVR will give you and this is coming from a guy that used to be pro PC back in the days, I have over 35 years in the CCTV installation industry, I come from way back in the days where we used to do time lapse VCR installations with those 360 tvl cameras, then we entered the digital CIF era, there I started building PC's for this purpose and completely rebranded our PC's and we enjoyed telling our customers that we are the builders of our own DVR's, well PC based DVR's first running Windows 95, then Windows 98 briefly until we discovered Windows 2000, then we leaped to Windows XP were we stood there for the longest including bypassing Windows Vista until Windows 7 was released and then we discovered these high definition over coax technologies being developed, we didn't pay much attention to CVI and others and continued doing D1 jobs until we saw TVI, we did our own research and saw that HiKVision's TVI qualifies our business, they develop softwares and VMS which is easy to understand for our customers, installing iVMS 4500 on their smartphone is so easy and configuring it is so straight forward that most of my customers dont have an issue doing it themselves when they get a new smartphone, I can't really say the same for the convoluted mess of Dahua's DMSS which always required me to drive to my customer to install it and configure it for them, but with the introduction of the new age of High Definition over Coax came the fact that we had to retire our old business plan of building and rebranding our own PC's in favor of purchasing the already built and rebranded HiKVision TVI DVR's because there were no TVI PCI Express cards our there in the market, apparently there was and there is no demand to create such PC DVR cards for 1080P TVI cameras, we could no longer tell our customers we are the builders of our own DVR's that we install, but that was compensated quickly by the fact that we no longer had to spend sleepless nights building, installing the operating system, configuring everything, something that took about 2 hours to complete total, now its just a matter of buying the DVR or NVR, driving straight to the customer, installing it there and configuring it on the spot and that's it, now I have much time available to myself and I am giving my customer something that is purpose built to do one job and to do it right, something that comes with an operating system that is only capable of running the software the manufacturer coded to run and operate the standalone DVR and NVR's. So in short, you are wrong, PC based VMS will never be more reliable and stable than Dedicated NVR's or even dedicated DVR's specially if the ones we are talking about were built by HiKVision since that's the only brand we deal with at the moment. Oh, by the way: Everyone knows that a VMS software cannot turn this machine: into this machine: https://preview.ibb.co/j2x4YF/Computer_Control_Room.jpg but if you can find any software that is capable to "huge" a machine let me know, I am highly interested I always wanted to run a data center on my own house . Okay, in a more serious note, you meant to say "HUG" not "HUGE" that "e" at the end completely changes the meaning of the word. so much drivel all nonsense..it is evident that you simply dont know what you are talking about...you dont know anything about how vms works or how they are coded...You claim I am wrong, about reliability yet you have never used a modern vms, all you do is install mostly tvi systems using dvr...what comparisons have you done? what studies have you read? hikvision ivms both server and mobile is a complete joke compared to pc based vms...you are wrong about windows 10 and updates...you should be using the pro version that gives you control..there are VERY easy steps to disable updates. You are comparing old pc's with capture cards with todays modern vms? please you must be joke. Aside from installing hikvision, pray tell what VMS have you tested? TVI is easy for you because you are a networking novice, and its most profitable, I get it...there are many like you. Shame that customers lose out.
  14. You are joking right? The op is using a server processor from 2006!!!! 11 years old and wondering why he is having issues...the passmake score on that system with DUAL processors is less than half of a modern i3 processor not to mention that milestone supports hardware acceleration with intel hd/quicksync. Modern vms software does not huge machines...they are just as reliable if not more reliable than standalone boxes and have a TON more features. Depending on the vms you use and setup, the cost is roughly the same with far superior performance... Your statement also evidences that you dont understand how standalone nvr's work..they dont do any motion detection or processing and only display substreams on the matrix (or have a limit to the full res on matrix)..I can point you to hundreds of threads with nvr issues...you have likely never used a quality pc based vms. Spoken like a true amateur.
  15. use internet explorer not edge...google is your friend.
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    Help please

    Rule number 1, never take advice from someone like orange security that spams a forum trying to promote their own site.
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    Install 20 cams and quote

    20 cams installed for 2k? leave the guy your card so he can call you when the other guy runs off with his money..
  18. look at a dahua tribrid DVR..this will allow you to use your current cams but also replace them with HD CVI cameras as well as ip...
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    Is wifi bad?

    oh god, PLEASE dont install cameras for anyone...you have less than basic knowledge...go get a job working for someone first..
  20. Yes, send that junk back... Without any suggestions of something better I'm not sure this helps it helps a lot..start doing some research, do you think you are the first person on this forum or others that has asked for camera advice? the search function and google are there for a reason....unless that is too much work for you....
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    Help with migrating from DVR to NVR

    cheaper to buy a hybrid dvr...
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    Static and Night Vision

    1) its 2017, why install a low resolution garbage system.. 2) cloudy image is likely ir reflection...
  23. WTH are you smoking. Stop installing systems for anyone..you are a danger..you dont understand basic optics and resolution..wow...dont blame lorex..blame yourself...
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    night owl analog cameras question

    Those are complete garbage...420tvl...less than worthless...toss them.You need a dvr...otherwise how do you propose to connect 4 cameras to a tv..