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    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Boogie relax I think OP just want to separate traffic Sorry about my ambiguity and confusion in my first post that was trying to convey my desire to not flood my busy home network with the load from newly installed high resolution cameras. Thanks for the help here from all! If that is the case, my earlier response is correct....as long as the NVR and cameras are connected to the same switch no traffic passes through the router...this is basic networking 101...the fact that level 1 tech support folks dont understand that is not surprising to me..
  2. Boogieman

    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Almost all HIK NVR have 2 NIC cards One for cameras second for LAN and your traffic completely separated Exactly what I had hoped for, thanks so much for the reply! Another reason to go with HIK. You are not isolating anything this way...understand that the NVR is NOT isolated on the network. Why are you so concerned about isolating the cameras but dont care about the NVR itself, its just as prone to security issues as a camera...
  3. Boogieman

    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Now you have completely changed your issue from the original post. In the op your issue was the camera "load"... If you have a security concern about the camera why dont you have the same concern about the NVR? its not adding up.. If you have want to completely isolate the traffic you will need a switch and router that support Vlan...
  4. Boogieman

    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Every NVR will do this, that is the premise of networking...as long as the nvr and cams are connected to the same switch and the switch is then connected to a router, no traffic will pass through the router unless you are viewing on another device..
  5. Boogieman

    Settings for new HDD for pc?

    if you have that question, you need to pack everything up and send it back..also reolink cameras have issues with blue iris since there is no setting to adjust iframe intervals in the reolink software.
  6. Blue iris does not use the hikivision server port, it uses the rtsp port. or use find inspect for the onvif profile. Thanks for the reply. I have set the rtsp port in sadp and in Bi to 544 and still get no feed. Any thoughts? Thanks, Skip have you double checked the user name and password? log into the camera via browser and check the port settings...blue iris works perfectly with hikvision cameras so you have something set incorrectly...what have you selected from the dropdown menu as you camera?
  7. Boogieman

    Replacing old system

    Please stop giving advice when you simply dont know what you are talking about. It benefits no one.
  8. Blue iris does not use the hikivision server port, it uses the rtsp port. or use find inspect for the onvif profile.
  9. Boogieman

    Replacing old system

    To run ip cameras you will have to rewire with ethernet..(some analog installs use ethernet with baluns at the end so you might get lucky...otherwise, if money is a real issue, look at dahua tribrid NVR's with 2mp starlight CVI cameras..they can use your old coax wiring...
  10. Boogieman

    Replacing old system

    Actually, 2mp cameras can be MUCH better in low light than 4mp cams...take for example dahua starlight.
  11. Lol, when you find a unicorn, please let us know.
  12. Boogieman

    Hikvision Fire Hazard or POE?

    use coax seal (silicon tape)..
  13. Boogieman

    4k camera compatible with Q-See 8816 Nvr?

    What is the 4mp lacking? Higher res is not always better...
  14. Boogieman

    Defender image quality issue

    Thank you for being zero help. Glad you found the time in your day to make this post. If anyone has something intelligent to add, please feel free to join the conversation. It was the PERFECT amount of help. You bought a low end garbage 600tvl system in 2017....you failed to do even the most basic low level research and are therefore in the predicament your are in....there are literally hundreds of threads discussing various camera/nvr options...this time dont be as lazy as you were last time.
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291152713348 http://www.ebay.com/itm/201793999231 Well, I am renting so I want to spend less and put as less as possible drill holes. Please tell me, which one should I purchase from the two links above. I appreciate your help and time. Sincerely. Both garbage...it seems you dont really need cameras...spend your money on dinner..
  16. Colorado. essentials is now free for 8 cams or less.
  17. Boogieman

    Cable lenght question

    You like IP over coax? Really? What are you talking about?? Do you know how much it costs to use converters on both ends? Its a last resort.. 300f can be done easy..the technical limit is 100 meters or 328f...you can often go much longer with quality cable.
  18. milestone essentials is free for up to 8 cameras.
  19. Boogieman

    Xeoma VMS surveillance software

    I noticed the time issue as well when I first set it up. It seemed to have corrected after the second trial period but in either case I can always have an OSD display manually from my IP Cameras or just review when the file was created/modified to get a more accurate time stamp. Not sure on the free license yet, waiting on a reply. I can update after I receive it. Are you saying that you were offered a free license for your review?
  20. Boogieman

    IR Camera Bad Picture In Light

    The hood could be a problem? Maybe reflection? The problem is garbage cameras...
  21. Boogieman

    Defender image quality issue

    God that is garbage...replace with 1080p...start doing your research.
  22. Boogieman

    Failing cameras

    replace everything with a 1080p system...