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    Consumer vs Prosumer devices

    Correct. It would be a function of the NVR, rather than the camera. Zones can be set up on the NVR to mask off areas that you don't want to be detected. Like if a particular camera is facing the road, and you don't want it recording every time a car passes through its FOV. That is incorrect, with these systems the motion detection is done in the camera.
  2. Hey, I installed a DS-2CD2732F-IS its working fine. The issue I am having is with DYNDNS updates via the camera. I have the settings as follows DDNS type = DYNdns Server address = members.dyndns.org Domain = xxxxxxxx.dyndns.org where xxxxxx is the hostname port=0 it will not let me change the port to anything else username and password are correct... it is not updating to dyndns at all, the dyndns logs show no activity for over a week... Edit: I solved this problem....it is so silly. I had inadvertently left a space after the server address (a space after the g in org)... I have seen this happen in other cases as well, user names etc... I hit backspace, saved and everything is working and updating.
  3. just use your router to update the account.
  4. This system only has 8 reviews. 3 of which are paid - they give them the system for free or reduced rate for an "honest" review...yeah right... Thankfully this looks like it is a dahua rebranded CVI system so it should be ok..you should be able to do what you want...someone with a dahua dvr can help you.
  5. Are you joking? That what forums like this are for....to ask BEFORE you buy. There are tons of posts with the same exact questions...why cant you return it? where did you buy it from? What is the link to the product?
  6. Your mistake is buying annke...junk. Run the amazon link through fakespot.com
  7. I saw that injector (can you believe I did the labor of searching google to find it?). I was turned off because of some of the bad reviews posted there, however it's not as if I can't send it back for a full refund with no questions asked. Also, I have favorite words. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. 628 reviews, 4.5 start rating...but turned off by a few bad reviews, then proceeds to buy crap on ebay with ZERO reviews. The logic here is outstanding...
  8. They would not even let me in. These smarter than thou folks should not be helped. He is obviously extremely lazy in addition to being completely technically inept. Didnt even bother search google and asking if something was appropriate.
  9. Boogieman

    I need help with a really weird DVR I have.

    It's clear that you know nothing about CCTV, or grammar and spelling for that matter. This unit was made in 2012. It's four years old, not ten. Even if it was ten, I'd still put the effort into it. Why? Because I don't want an overpriced digital online only piece of garbage. Stop peddling your "superior" product, thanks. The smart people will take it from here. CIF - Common Intermediate Format. Mainly used for analogue cameras and teleconferencing. This device is not CIF. It is H.264. And yes, it has network connectivity. Had you read a single line of this thread, you'd know that. And changing the "software", as you put it? Firmware is not software. Firmware is Firmware. If it was software, they'd call it that. It is entirely possible to create firmware for these machines. People have created some extremely useful firmware for old devices, ie; DD-WRT, Tomato, etc. But you wouldn't know that, because you're the guy that tosses money at a problem until geek squad comes over and fixes it for you. I wish you good day, sir. Please stop hijacking my thread with your useless nonsense. We were doing just fine without your input, thank you. I've received a message with some RF remote control codes to test out. Tonight I'll pull out the old harmony remote and see if I can't make it work. If I get in, I'll copy everything I can from the box and try to download a firmware file. I also have a couple of manufacture websites I'm going to try for a firmware file. Its obvious from your rant that you have no clue...What does "digital online only" even mean? I dont think you understand how DVR's/NVR's work. You dont understand CIF or h.264...this unit produces horrific images. h.264 as ZERO bearing on the image quality that the DVR can record.
  10. Boogieman

    I need help with a really weird DVR I have.

    Nope, I don't expect him to rewrite the software, I'm already working on that (though I would appreciate collaboration with others). I'm personally just in it to collect info on whatever targets are available, currently targetting dvrs based on hisilicon stuff. Already got a booting kernel 4.8-rc4, and getting more working each day. Ok we will wait till you have his unit working ... No point anyone else being involved. But I will say it again .... Not that you are understanding It's a proprietary CIF over 10 year old ..... It is CIF crap Its amazes me how much time folks will waste to save a couple of dollars, but more importantly end up with an inferior CIF dvr....
  11. I wonder if you know what the function of the word 'operate' has when used in a sentence. Your poor, broken grammar may suggest an answer to that. Thank you for poisoning this thread over your butthurt in a different forum. Way to contribute here. Your ego is hilarious. Thanks for all your (non-existent) help. Have a good day. When you use a 12v poe injector to try to power a 802 compliant poe camera, seems to me that your are the uneducated one. It does not operate over 12v...that is fact. Your brain is simply too dense....hire a professional...you are incompetent.
  12. I never acted like a know-it-all, I simply stated what I understood. That is not to say I was correct. If the guys in the other forum hadn't acted in the age-old immature fashion of "Firstly, you're an idiot. Now tell me what you did and you'll understand why you're stupid" right from the start then things would've gone super-smooth. Come on, the one guy goes out on the web to get a "You're a douche-bag!" image simply to post it and call someone a douche-bag and makes no attempt to help. That is the pot calling the kettle black. The other guy asserts the a-factual statement "poe does not operate over 12v". Anyway, like I said, I'll find the help I need elsewhere. Back to the subject. So what do you mean by compliant? As far as I understand the only thing that matters in this case is having a passive 12v PoE injection, which means constant power on pins 4,5 and 7,8. This is where you correct me where I'm wrong (without the condescension I experienced in the other forum). Or, simply link me to an inexpensive PoE injector that will work. That would be the easiest solution. 802 compliant POE DOES NOT OPERATE OVER 12v you need more than that for any significant distance..because there is attenuation over the line...but you are the expert and know better...wonder why you need help..I read the post, you acted like a total duchebag....you are on your own...If you cannot figure out what you did wrong based on the information your already have, I suggest you hire someone competent.
  13. Your poe injector is not 802 compliant and will not work. Your power supply is under powered. You need 12v 1A power supply. If you would have posted this information in the other forum where you acted like a know it all then you could have been helped. This is basic user error.
  14. Likely improper power source...what is the rating on your power supply? What poe device did you use?
  15. Boogieman

    few IP camera pre-upgrade questions

    Stop being cheap. Its not about the megapixels...that night image is horrible. Camera firmware is also important. You need STABLE firmware. Go buy the 29 dollar camera and you will be right back here with issues.
  16. Boogieman

    Analog camera video to PC (inexpensively)?

    You are wasting your time. Buy an ip camera- they 50 dollars wont kill you. You will not get a good image from that camera. Annke also post fake reviews for their products on amazon. http://fakespot.com/product/annke-900tvl-cctv-camera-in-outdoor-fixed-home-security-day-night-camera-ip66-weatherproof-metal-housing You will futz around with a crappy analog camera and a half baked solution that will never work well. Also not that if you are using an old inefficient pc, it will be cheaper to buy a replacement pc or simply use an NVR.
  17. First you say "it did work"..did it suddenly stop? Generally if you can see using a remote network but not on wifi using the external ip address, then you have a nat loopback issue. Commonly a problem when using router/modem combo units.
  18. Blue iris is a fixed price http://blueirissoftware.com/purchase/ and has not connection to the vb40 You dont need the vemotion vb40 for your little setup, thats insane
  19. Boogieman

    few IP camera pre-upgrade questions

    Forget about wireless..its not reliable... forget about a decent camera for 30 dollars...you need to spend at least 80 or so for anything usable. Start reading and researching.
  20. Boogieman

    Ip camera issues

    You do not have troubles if gone for analog systems. But please keep posting the message as there are many guys who keep promoting IP camera system might come to the rescue. Analog systems have lots of problem...look at the support forum...his problem is using CHEAP repeaters...same issue as using cheap analog gear your company sells. Maybe he wants analog because he needs redundant edge recording or uses it with a PC based vms like milestone or avigilon. Maybe he records to two servers at two different locations? Ever think that some folks needs better performance than cheap analog DVR's. Its 2016 not 2004. Get with the times.
  21. Search IR reflection. This is generally caused by improper installation.
  22. IP does not mean wireless!!!! Run ethernet to each camera. Use the SAME ethernet cable to power them (POE). Blue iris runs on windows...see the website for a demo. You have extreme control of remote viewing bandwidth.
  23. You dont state the make an model. How can anyone help you? There is WAY more to a camera than the two specs you listed.
  24. You can record at high res and remotely view video at lower res with many NVR's...you can also do this with pc software like blue iris...you can also limit users to specific camera groups..you can also impose bandwidth limits ( in the form of lower quality images thus saving bandwidth) on a per user basis.
  25. Boogieman

    Unknown CCTV System Help

    Send that junk back. Why buy and ask questions later? That needs to be reversed.