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  1. If you want it to work outside your network you will need to set up port forwarding. You only need to port forward the NVR. Assuming you left the ports default you will need to forward ports 8000 and 554. You need to read up on port forwarding as well as dynamic dns.
  2. Dont listen to that review. The poster is an idiot. You will be fine with the either switch.
  3. To fix you nightime issue, you need to login to the cameras themselves and change up the noise reduction to 100 percent. Make sure the wdr is set to under 10. What is the exact issue you are having with night images?
  4. "150" max is that per camera? Capture card route is not the best regardless, cards are very limited to the kind of software they are compatible with.... how important is image quality?
  5. +1 on milkisbad's recommendation. You don't need 20tb of storage unless you are recording 24/7 with no motion detection...you might consider vandal proof domes instead of bullets depending on the application...
  6. Boogieman

    Surveillance system at neighborhood entrance

    Can you just run the cable underground?
  7. you do realize this thread is 4 years old.....
  8. Anyone have any info on this NVR http://www.aliexpress.com/item/16CH-UP-To-5MP-Hikvision-NVR-DS-7616NI-VP/1666936077.html I don't see it on the Hikvision website...Is it really a hikvision? I prefer this look over the standard flat NVR because its looks like a backup battery or small pc and not an NVR...
  9. According to dahua [0x01] means DVR improper shut down or the system auto shuts down when encounters abnormal phenomenon.what is your dvr software build date?do you know how to get the ncom infor from RS232 port? see http://dahuasecurity.fr/onlinesupport_564.html have you tried unplugging the ups from the wall to see if it performs properly?
  10. Boogieman

    DS-2CD3332-I POE

    Are you plugging the passive injector to the 12v female plug or are you somehow trying to use passive poe via the Ethernet connection? How long is your run? Show us what parts you are using?
  11. Any reliable manufacturer make an outdoor dome camera with built in PIR sensor. Av-tech makes indoor cameras but I have not seen any outdoor cams...In the alternative are there any discrete or nice looking (small) outdoor pir sensors that I can mount near the cameras? Thanks
  12. Boogieman

    Camera Mounting Hardware

    did you try http://www.novattach.com/ContactUs.aspx There is a phone number...
  13. I was looking for that option but I'm running the cameras I have through a Hikvision DS-7604NI-SE/P so I don't have that option. Unless there is a way to get into the settings bypassing the NVR. Unless there's a firmware update for the receiver. I can't change the angle of the camera because it's pretty much maxed out on the angle. The doorway is narrow and I had to mount it high enough where it wouldn't be vandalized. you would need to hook the camera up directly to your pc or network to make that change (you would need to power it tough via a poe switch or get via a 12v adapter. Honestly that location is a poor choice because while it may not be vandalized you are most likely not going to be able to get a good shot....better off mounting it lower and getting a shot of the vandal before they touch the camera....or get the Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS which is about 185 on aliexpress....so you can mount it lower
  14. I think you guys are talking about this thread but its for Dahua...might be the same though...give it a shot viewtopic.php?f=19&t=39296&p=239124&hilit=dahua+orange+green#p239124
  15. Anyone using the hikvision domes in low light situations like a lounge/bar where there is basically only mood type lighting.
  16. turn the camera so that it doesn't hit the wall...try enabling smart ir..... your lens is too wide for that location....also mounting it that high prevents you from getting a good face shot unless the person looks up.......
  17. It would be great to see a side by side which is easy to do since hikvision makes 1.3 and 3mp version of the same camera....Now all we need is someone who has both to test....hint Buell
  18. Were the Arecont's exhibiting this problem before your install? First try disconnecting your system and see if the Arecont's fail, then it is might be the cable...check to see if the other nvr's might be causing problems.... isolate your system only, and see if the problem exists...
  19. are the Arecont's using the same cable? if not it is most likely not a cable issue... when you replaced the router was it for the same model? how about the switches? is there any other device attached to the network other than cameras and switches? are you overloading the switches are they gigabit? how many cameras per switch? How is the power in the building, maybe connecting to a ups or voltage regulator would help
  20. Thanks myiicu. Have you tested this with hikvision? Does the 1.3mp version of the same camera produce better low light images? (I can say that my 1.3mp dahuas have better night/ir than 3mp hikvision, but im wondering if its true with the exact same camera). Also, is this improvement only with IR on and black and white or would I seen an improvement with the 1.3mp over 3mp if I forced day mode as well.
  21. thanks for the input...was thinking of getting a mix of DS-2CD3332-I 3MP, DS-2CD2532F-I, and DS-2CD2132-I and DS-2CD2732F-I im afraid of ir refection indoors so I might use the DS-2CD3332-I 3MP inside as they don't need to be vandal proof...