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  1. First Dahua is not a no name camera and those cameras are very good. Where did you get the cable, because the specs provided do not mean that its solid copper just that its solid vs stranded. ok..if the Arecont are doing the same its most likely a network issue...what switch are you using? what router? are the arecont connected to the same power supply? or are they running separate poe?
  2. What type of cable did you run...did you make sure its solid not copper clad aluminum (CCA). Can you access the cameras directly outside the nas when they go offline? Where did you get the cameras? Can you show us an image of the interface so maybe we can figure it out? Honestly, going with a noname cam on a paid job is just bad business. Replace the cameras...
  3. Make sure the ipv4 default gateway is set to you routers ip address as well as the preferred dns server to be your routers ip address.. I had this issue with my hik camera, it would not work externally until I did that (although it was working fine locally)
  4. Does the motion detection on the camera work with the Dahua ok?
  5. That one has no built-in Micro SD slot & Audio Range with $249.99.... $299.99 can do both, you pay what u get! The Costco version (249 varifocal) does have an sd card slot even though its not mentioned in the specs....it just doesn't have audio..
  6. nice find, plus it has the alarm input and sd card storage...
  7. I have talked with a lot of people about motion detection and they have all told me that even $2000 cameras still have problem with false positives when it comes to motion detection. So any form of reliance of motion detection is off the table as far as I am concerned. A camera that can be triggered via a door sensor will be 100%, so why would I even consider anything that would be less then that. I agree that wifi can be untrustworthy in some case, but In my case it has never failed me. If it becomes a problem the solution would be to use the existing power source as the Ethernet through the use of a powerline product, instead of running a whole new Ethernet line. I currently have two wide angle camera installed in a crisscross pattern and they do not give me complete coverage of the area I need to see. Just for conversation sake. What exactly is PIR? PIR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_infrared_sensor you will not get any false alarms...unless you have pets.. the camera posted by cctvman requires a dvr or dvr card... good luck finding a standalone wifi camera at 200 with ptz and alarm in. (for your door sensor)..that is also stable and reliable.... you might want to try a cheap foscam ptz, (lots of folks mount the indoor ones outside just under and eve...its junk and will probably die quickly but at your price range....)K. Or go with their outdoor model..keep in mind that you don't need the alarm in on the ptz, you can attach the sensor to a cheaper indoor camera so you get the alert.... What cameras are you currently using?
  8. Heres the deal, wifi in general is not reliable, although it can be ok....but it will never be 100%...considering that you need to power the camera somehow, you may as well use power over Ethernet and run a single line. Motion detection, particularly on cheap cameras will produce TONS of false alarms from changes in lighting conditions.... You may want to get two cameras so you can see what is going on at all times. some cameras have built in pir motion detectors that will limit false alarms hikvision axis, av-tech make these type of cube cameras...
  9. why do you need pan tilt? what is the application? Generally pan tilt is a waste...you are much better off with a wide angle HD camera....
  10. i had a similar problem with my new Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW cube camera. There is no way to toggle the motion detection via the mobile app. I was able to get rob of ipcamviewer to enable the motion toggle (at least on the android app, but most likely implemented in the ios as well)...there is a defect in the firmware (I don't know if it affects the bullet cam) that sets the motion sensitivity to zero when you disable motion....so he set programed the app to set it to 40....hikvision needs to add this feature as well as the ability to toggle the PIR sensor on the DS-2CD2432F-IW cube. You may want to try ip camviewer and select Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW the firmware is the same as the bullet so the motion toggle should work...
  11. Boogieman

    New CCTV System

    its most likely some ir reflection because bouncing off the wall that is close to the camera. Or something else that is reflecting the light that we cannot see in the images...or as milkisbad said a bad seal. First you need to reposition the cameras so that there is nothing close reflecting the ir light. Try that first.... Here is a great example of ir reflection caused by the camera ir's bouncing off something that cannot be seen in the video image. http://www.cam-it.org/index.php?topic=6667.0
  12. Boogieman

    IP camera project, help please

    buellwinkle's point was that its neither a solution nor cheap if the system wont work properly, wont capture useful footage and it will be in need constant repair. give some detail about the project....how many cameras at each location? what is type of area are you covering, what is the purpose of the system?
  13. Boogieman

    Need advice

    I have no direct experience with the analog systems but these have better specs http://www.costco.com/Q-See-8-Channel-960H-Security-System-with-1TB-HDD-and-8-900TVL-Cameras.product.100096884.html this one comes with lots of cameras... http://www.costco.com/Q-See-16-Channel-960H-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-16-900TVL-Cameras.product.100089468.html
  14. Boogieman

    Need advice

    which ones. They don't make their own stuff... so it depends on the system. What does she need to monitor? how many rooms. Like I said you may be better off with 4 hd cams vs 8 analog. What is the purpose of the system? monitor employees or to be able to id an intruder?
  15. Boogieman

    Need advice

    im not sure about that 1k budget as op mentioned the bosch cameras that were probably expensive back in the day.... also using ip cameras with better quality and ordering a wider lens, op could get away with 4-6 cameras where he though he needed 8. For example starting with a system like this http://www.samsclub.com/sams/qsee-8x4-720p-ip-secrty-dvr-bullt-cam/prod10700191.ip?navAction= adding 2 cams you can build a system with 6 cams for under 1k.... the install would also be much easier to run cat 5 instead video and power...
  16. Boogieman

    Need advice

    get an ip camera system from Costco http://www.costco.com/Q-See-8-Channel-HD-NVR-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-8-1080p-IP-Cameras.product.100069855.html http://www.costco.com/Lorex-16-Channel-Stratus-HD-NVR-Security-System-with-3TB-HDD-and-9-1080p-Cameras.product.100087415.html don't install an outdated analog system... these are the simplest solutions if you are not familiar with ip systems....
  17. yes you need to set port forwarding up on the router you are connecting to...is it a modem router combo? model number ?
  18. Prices have come down..the qsee system is good, it is a rebranded dahua system. Its from Costco, if there is ever an issue, or you just dont like it, no questions asked returns...You can also search through the posts here on hikvision, dahua, acti, cameras... you can build you own pc and use milestone, blue iris, exacq to record...tons of options... the link you posted is a hybrid system which you don't want if you are building new.... just because a website charges more doesn't mean you are getting a better product.
  19. Prices have come down..the qsee system is good. You can also search through the posts here on hikvision, dahua, acti, cameras... the link you posted is a hybrid system which you don't want if you are building new.... just because a website charges more doesn't mean you are getting a better product.
  20. The onboard video on the OP's pc is MUCH more powerful than the ati 6450 http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Intel+HD+4600 http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+6450 it has more than double the power. The ati 6450 would be a downgrade. In fact There is something else going on here... Then new intel HD graphics since sandy bridge have been quite good. No need for a dedicated card which sucks power...
  21. You need to hook the pc up to a killawatt meter under load to determine how much power its going to use. Couple of things, first, the 4670k is haswell which have low power consumption. Do not over clock it. Do not use a discrete card, use the onboard video this will save lots of power. I have had i5 ivybridge systems measure 18w at idle and 35-70 under load depending on how much load I placed on it, but every system is different. You will have lots more options with software vs nvr, but nvrs are generally more stable and less power hungry... As far as life, I have a few systems that have been running Blue iris 24/7 for well over two years with zero issues...
  22. if you are not technical and want a simple solution there seem be to a bunch of used Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite LITE's on ebay...
  23. Boogieman

    Hikvision DS-2CD753FIE

    Max, you were right on. I has the wrong version of the firmware even though I used the link in one of the threads here. I got the right one and its working fine.
  24. I have a Hikvision DS-2CD753FIE that came with version 4 of the firmware. I updated it to 5.1 via tftp (I got an update failed via the browser interface). The documentation says my camera is supported by 5.1. The update says it was successful, however, I cannot access this camera anymore, not via sadp or an ip scanner. My pc network settings are correct I set the ip address to in the network adapter it should be picking up the camera as the default is I am able to repeat the tftp update so I know the pc is communicating with the camera during the update. I cannot ping the camera either. In the past, a hard reset solved this issue with the hik bullets (2032). I tried resetting this camera via the "initial set" button on back but i don't know if its actually resetting. I tried both just holding down the button for 30 seconds and also holding the button with the power disconnected then connecting power (via poe) and kept holding it for at least 30 seconds....I am out of ideas...any suggestions? Thanks