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  1. Hello. I have pre-run cat5 (or maybe it was 6) throughout my attic area. I need good IR and weather proofed cams maybe 8-12 each (will sit under the eave) and around a 2 TB HD. (expandable for more cams) I want it accessible with iPhone and also with movement detection an email is sent with the photo. There has been a rash of home invasions in the Indianapolis area and I want to be better protected. These cams need clarity. No need of installing somethings that will only show a figure. Oh and the range of the cameras, I would say need to get out at least 50-75 feet. I was in hopes that someone could list a system here or a link. If I don't have to piece it together...well that'd be nice. Whatever it takes and I do thank you for any help. DM


    I was looking at something like this, but I doubt the cams are that great....


    don't get that system, its analog and will not give you the clarity you want. You should be looking at an IP system that is at least 1080p...you need to provide a budget....