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  1. Need some help with network switch and 60fps camera. Can I use any switch or it must be a specific type for high frame camera - 60fps
  2. Want to add sound recording to my ip camera. Camera has a red and white connector - which one is for sound coming to the DVR ? Since I am using cat5/6 cable, do I need any other connection from the camera or a separate audio line ? I may do one way recording - coming in not going out - but planning for outgoing is good. Any other info I need to know except legal.
  3. narinesa

    Sound Recording

    Did not see anything about recording or playback of sound in the manual. But there are connections on both camera and NVR
  4. narinesa

    Email forward

    Have hikvision NVR and PTZ. NVR mail forward test ok with picture checked. But nothing is received by the email with outlook 2019 interface
  5. narinesa

    Sound Recording

    Hikvision NVR 7716 for the NVR Hikvision PTZ 699 44x zoom Both camera and NVR supports ip sound recording and have the RCA connections.
  6. narinesa

    60fps high frame switch

    Thanks for the info. I am using and 8 port switch. 7 cctv HD at 1080p at 30fts and 1 cctv HD high frame 60fps Any switch ok or stick with gigabit ?
  7. narinesa

    Email Alert Failed DNS

    I have Dahua and Hikvision NVR's. Both email alert stopped working on Jan 28, 2019. Test email indicated "DNS Failed" Using and alt stmp.gmail at port 587 Ping on my computer and it is working fine. Looks like there is a problem in my network somewhere or the email alert setup needs to be changed. Tried other email accounts with the same problem
  8. Some features I am looking for in a smart NVR without POE: No hard drive Must support 2 HD up to 6TB each Two audio Must handle high frame camera 60fps Facial detection - IMPORTANT ANPR - license plate (from a license plate camera) - IMPORTANT 4K Must support ONVIF, Dahua and Hikvision cameras NIGHT motion detection or line crossing 16 to 32 channels English version that is upgradeable Any other features suggestion welcome Price approx 600 USD
  9. narinesa

    Help Me Select A Top End NVR

    Yes one license plate camera Hikvision May consider two license plate cameras. I understand that Dahua NVR608 has a popup license plate display.
  10. My NVR is pre-populating: Device name Camera name with ++++++++++ Therefore I am not allowed to access or select my cameras. Motion detection email is from ++++++++++++++ But that is not what I have in my email setup. I did a factory restore then I upgraded to the new version 4 and still the same problem. Thinking it is a virus. How to fix ?
  11. narinesa

    Hikvision NVR DS-7616 Virus

    Problem identified - a virus in the GUI interface - not in the os If the nvr is started up going through GUI wizard, then the virus takes control of the nvr and not allowing any change or configure. If the nvr is started up and EXIT the GUI, then the nvr is normal with user control Working with Hikvision R&D to fix the issue.
  12. narinesa

    Hikvision NVR DS-7616 Virus

    There is a software tool to re-create a system security key password using the serial number and system startup date. I cannot find the link for this download. SADP does not work and also needs a password
  13. Need some help on how to access my NVR. It was hacked and I did a factory restore. It will not accept any password. SADA tool is not working since I don't know any password. I was thinking about TFTP but could not find the files and don't know how to use it.
  14. I have Dahua and Hikvision NVR. Both are on the same network and configured the same and working with gmail. Last week, Hikvision stopped sending email and cannot figure out why. If it relates, the same time paperport scanner software will not start indicating that there is no default email client. But I do have outlook as the default. Paperport is x86 and outlook is x64.
  15. I am using Hikvision nvr and smart ptz. Motion detection is set for 0000 - 2400 It is being triggered day and night but I am getting only dat time pictures. No motion detection pictures night time. I am not emailing it and the buzzer is turned off. Just want to capture day and night pictures. Recording is set for 24 hours.
  16. narinesa

    Hikvision web plugin

    Where can I download Hikvision web plugin for windows10 using firefox ? I see the macos version but not the windows
  17. narinesa

    Hikvision 3 Pictures

    Hikvision digital ptz takes 3 pictures for each motion detected. 1. Can I change this count to 1 or 2 2. Can I change the timing between each picture Current timing between pictures maybe 3 seconds. Would 1 second or shorter I am using it in the LPR mode with motion detect. Not sure the proper use or setup for LPR but playing with it.
  18. narinesa

    Hikvision web plugin

    Perfect - thanks.
  19. narinesa

    Hikvision web plugin

    Where can I get a copy for ie or edge ?
  20. narinesa

    Hikvision NVR

    In the motion detect mode, I am getting 3 pictures shots How can I set the NVR for one picture shot ?
  21. narinesa

    Hikvision NVR 7616 Motion Detection

    just got the NVR. Not sure how to check if firmware needs updating However, it is working only on a Hikvision camera. How can I get it to work on Dahua PTZ ? Other brands PTZ ?
  22. Just setting up this Hikvision NVR 7616 with several cameras. One is a Dahua PTZ I can get the networking email test ok but not the motion detection I am pretty sure that I did set it up properly according to the manual Perhaps some other switch is missing or perhaps that I also have a Dahua NVR on the same network But Dahua NVR motion detection is working fine
  23. Hikvision camera uses 24 volts AC power supply at 24 watts max per manufacturer (not dc) or poe I have a 24 volts AC power supply with 60 watts (3 amps) Can I use the 60 watts power supply ? Hopefully the camera will draw only what it needs or will use the full 60 watts and burn up ?
  24. narinesa

    Power Supply

    Thanks. I will use the 60 watts power adapter against Hikvision tech support instructions
  25. narinesa

    PTZ Parts

    Looking for Dahua model SD-65230-HNI PTZ speed dome camera head belt and ball motor belt. Ants gotten into my camera and eaten the rubber belts