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  1. Here is my understanding of IP cameras and cat5:


    IP needs 2 pairs of wire to communicate with the NVR

    The camera uses one pair to talk to the NVR wire #1 and #2

    The NVR uses another pair to talk to the camera wire #3 and #6

    This is called full duplex - to control the ptz on a network


    POE (power over Ethernet) uses 4-5 and 7-8

    But I choose external (local) power due to blower, IR lamps and distance of 300 feet.


    I am thinking that if, I am correct, I use IP balun or Ethernet balun with full duplex communication, I can get 4 cameras on a single cat5 with network ptz control.

  2. IP cameras do not use a separate RS485 that I am aware of.

    Yes the PTZ function operates via the network

    The network keyboard controller is connected to network via a cat5 plus power - no rs485

    It works with just a cat5 cable connected or cat 5 plus external power.


    There may not be an IP balun but it is probable called an Ethernet balun that allows duplex communication - camera video and ptz control


    Yes, analog cameras uses only one pair of wire for video (but I don't have any analog). I think that I have to use (the cat5) one pair for video and one pair for ptz communication via the network

  3. I have an IP PTZ 2mp camera and cat6 cable - not using poe because the distance is 300 feet


    1. How many IP PTZ camera can I get using one cat6 cable and what are the pins layout

    2. How many IP PTZ cameras can I run on one cat6 cable using adapters (ip balun)


    I understand that:

    A video balun is only for analog video (or ip without ptz - no control)

    An IP balun is for both video and ptz control but uses only one pair of cat6


    Removing old coax cable and running cat6.

    Didn't have much luck with power adapters and 2mp cameras - slow communication

  4. All equipment are digital network - not analog


    Everything has two cords each - 1. power, 2. cat5 - no other cables.


    Everything is connected only to the network. No camera is connected to the NVR.

    Digital IP network camera does not have any dip switch to set or manage -everything is done via software on the network

    The Dahua camera is SD65230HNI

  5. I am using ip network camera with NVR


    Camera A is remote channel 1 and assigned to viewing on NVR channel 1

    Camera B is remote channel 1 and is assigned to viewing on NVR channel 3

    Viewing works fine because A is on channel 1 and B is on channel 3


    When A and B were installed from different manufacturers, they are both assigned number 1 for each manufacturer automatically.


    Problem is that the NVR cannot control 2 cameras on the same physical remote channel number 1 (but no problem with viewing because the viewing is reassigned)


    I need help with changing one of the remote physical channel


    Looks like it has to be done on the actual camera but I have no idea or software how to change it

  6. I have a dahua NVR and a Dahua IP PTZ digital camera - 2mp


    I have the email setup when a motion is detected.

    NVR sends email but never any picture.

    Yes, I have the attachment box checked.


    I suspect that the problem may be either the picture size of approx. 1,800 kb as compared to an analog of approx 60kb or it is not storing the picture on the harddrive.

  7. I have a 32 channel NVR (without POE) Dahua NVR 4232.

    Working fine except for one small problem:

    Email notification and test are working BUT no picture.

    I am configured for gMail and have the attachment box checked.


    I am using a 2 MP PTZ camera Dahua SD65230-HNI


    I do have a DVR working properly - is XTS 16 channel.

    I did configured the router port forwarding with different ports for both.


    37778 37779 TCP

    37777 37780 UDP

    81 82 HTTP Port

    ? 443 HTTRS

    554 554 RTSP


    Any suggestions ?


    I am also looking for auto tracking software for the camera IP PTZ Dome IVS setup

  8. Yes, that is the PTZ in your link.

    According to Dahua, rs485 are not unified with IP digital cameras - only with analog.

    A PTZ controller cannot control a digital IP camera. Digital or network PTZ controller are very expensive and only a few are available.

    The rs485 connection on the ip camera is for NVR and software control - also for digital network PTZ controller.


    At the moment, I got it to work with NVR and software but not with any analog equipment.

  9. I currently have a XTS 8100s DVR and a PTZ camera working with a US-K802 speed dome controller.


    I just try to replace this camera with a Dahua SD-65230-HNI

    I am getting picture but not rs485 function

    I set the controller at Phelco-P, 9600, parity = none with id=001

    Dahua PTZ shows id as 1-s

    Don't know if this is the correct setting for Dahua or why the rs485 is not working. I did reverse the rs485 cable without any success.