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  1. Hi Has anyone managed to get 5.3 to work on a CH camera? Cheers
  2. Just upgraded the two english cams to 5.3 and this allows domains to be added.
  3. Hi, My cameras are currently running v5.2, and the firmware doesn't allow you to enter a DNS address e.g. ftp.video.com and you can only enter an IP address e.g. I use cammy.com and their upload server doesn't have a static IP address. I wanted to know if any of the newer Hikvision firmware allows you to enter DNS rather than an IP address? Cheers
  4. Just had another thought, is there anyway to create a static IP which would then dynamically change to IP of the software provider? There's platforms such as DynDNS which do this, but they only do it to a fixed domain address.
  5. All fixed. Changed the IP address of the router to match the old one. Not sure why this would stop me connecting to the switch though.
  6. Hi I have an odd issue which happened today after moving to cable from ADSL. Essentialy after changing to the cable modem I can now no longer connect to any of the IP addresses (camera, NVR, modem) connected to my switch from my PC. My PC is connected to a switch which everything is connected to, as of this morning I had an ADSL modem connected and everything was fine, after changing this for a cable modem I can no longer access even the switch. BUT I still have internet throught he PC which is connected to the switch which is connected to the modem. If I use a IP scanner all the devices are still show as active and on the right IP. But if I try and access them I now get a 'Could not establish connection to the remote host' error. If I try and ping the switch I get a request time out error. But the switch is working as I have internet, but the camera software doesn't detect the cameras either. Any ideas would be most appreciated Cheers
  7. Anyone? I'm still not able to get it working
  8. It's a Western Digital Purple drive, under 12 months old. I formatted it again in the PC and it finally initialized on the NVR. It was recording when I tested this morning, but I don't have much confidence in it anymore. I've reached out to Western Digital's support team and will let you know what they say.
  9. So I've resorted to taking out the drive and formatting in the PC. It works in the PC, but within the NVR when trying to format it it states: Init Status HDD Initialization failed.:1 Any ideas?
  10. I was hoping there was a way to do it without taking the drive out, is there a way to do this remotely? I can't select it from within the NVR control panel.
  11. Hi, I've been reading through all the threads and can't see if v5.3.0 or 5.3.3 will fix the NPAPI plugin support issue, according to a press release I found this was supposed to fixed for the DS-2x cameras in October. Does anyone know what version I need? I'm using Win10 and MS's new edge browser doesn't support NPAPI either. Cheers
  12. The only reason I wanted to update the firmware was so I could change the motion detection area, I didn't realise this but you can actually change this on the cameras from within the iVMS programme
  13. The serial numbers don't have CN/CH in but does have CC, how do I tell if the serial number has been hacked?
  14. Ah completely missed this, thank you.
  15. alexf40

    Front Door Cameras

    I use a 2.8mm Hikvision DS-2CD2332, suited perfectly. It does slightly distort someone when they are right at the door, but you get a really good clear shot before they are that close.
  16. Fixed. School boy error. Completely forgot about the router IP address, it had changed so had to update the settings for each camera's IPv4 Default Gateway.
  17. Hi guys, Thanks for your help in advance I've been running my Hikvision cameras through an app called cammy for a few months and never had any issues. The service just receives snapshot images from the cameras sent through the >image>ftp settings. However after buying a new TP Link router the ftp from the cameras doesn't work and I get a can't connect to server error. Has anyone any ideas on what settings I need to look at? Cheers Alex
  18. Hi, I've setup my Hikvision cameras directly through the camera IP. I set the movement detection by drawing the grid. However the snapshot is firing when movement is detected outside of the grid? Any ideas would be most appreciated. Cheers Alex
  19. Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply. I am using the 5 second pre-record feature, but this isn't the issue, any movement which is outside of the selected movement detection grid is setting off the motion detection. Is there any other setting which I may have incorrect? In regards to the snapshot feature, I'm using an app called Cammy which I FTP the snapshots to, this allows me to have very simple off site recordings and they also have an alarm system. I still backup locally to the Hikvision NVR. Cheers Alex
  20. Hi Does anyone know if you can you save live view presets in the NVR web interface? It's a pain to keep having to select grid squares and then the cameras. Cheers Alex
  21. Take a look at http://www.guardtrak.info/
  22. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to have the snapshot functionality run at a lower resolution to the actual camera? I'm using Cammy an Australian app which stores up to 1 frame per second for free, however my cameras are running at 3 mega pixels which means my upload speeds aren't enough to send to them. I'm saving directly to the NVR so want high resolution, but would also like higher frame rate footage on the app. Cheers Alex
  23. Just to confirm, I've actually set the snapshot within the camera directly. After double checking I've realised I don't think I even have any snapshot settings from within the NVR itself.