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    Aver NV6480exp PC based dvr.

    Video Insight for coorporate & aver for other.... 6480e great card for the buck!
  2. does your current software support IP cams or just analog? What brand is it? acti has a neat little hidden IP camera that comes with a kit. Can't rememebr the model but it is pretty neat if you can get it networked & recorded. if you looking at going analog, the type of equipment you mentioned above sounds like it is a "packaged" 4 cam wireless system.....which will manage the fres. on it's own. Plug & play.
  3. VST_Man

    Aver NV6480exp PC based dvr.

    Vista and Home & Pro......... the client PC video card has to be right..........I've seen the missing Icons, ect. and when I upgraded the video card that problem went away. Home7??? Is it a heavy video user? Maybe the issue is that Home7 is using more video resources than before and the video card is not handling both? Not saying that is it, BUT, if you have a PC that is experiencing this and you can use a known good video card.......give it a try. oh, to be safe, update the drivers before you look at hardware.....
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    Aver NV6480exp PC based dvr.

    usually seen this on clients PC when they remoted in.....turned out to be the video cards in the client PC's...
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    Avermedia 1304 video out

    flip da switch and power on/off............
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    CCTV Power Supply Fuses

  7. VST_Man

    Avermedia EB1304mob problems

    have you updated the firmware? ......and some earlier 1304's had some issues with "some" hard drives.......even if Aver won't admit it I actually figured it out by using different hard drives...some worked fine, others worked initially and then just stopped recording??? Updating the firmware on ALL fixed the problems.........
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    Advice on acti 7411

    guess I'm old school and can learn anything now and then
  9. VST_Man

    Advice on acti 7411

    hey swamp................long time..... if you want help via teamviewer let me know and I'll remote in and "get'er' done for ya. I can also file transfer the acti ip software for ya. Kerry
  10. VST_Man

    Advice on acti 7411

    straight cable won't work to the camera. most acti cams I've installed will have dhcp "enabled" and the cam will get the proper IP address rom the router................. nany nany boo boo
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    Advice on acti 7411

    acti has a IP camera tool..........online download. if connect direct to the 7411 you need a crossover cable.... via the router..................7411 may not get a dhcp ip address if the ip is 1.x and router is 0.x..........you can TURN off dhcp and use the router as a switch only and then do the subnet & ip as instructed above. ip tool will tell all.........
  12. the Acess Point will require a Omni external antenna. All 5 have a internal directional built in.......so the outlying radio's will be pointed towards the Omni. If you can, go with a High Power output on the Omni and/or all 5...that way you'll be able to install with confidence that you'll have plenty of db/gain...........if you cut it close you'll be sorry the actual distances are directly dependant on distance + power/db = bandwidth. other factors such as trees....can kill a signal and/or shorten the distance & bandwidth. 25meg between all is fine but your actual "sharing" of the bandwidth will be dependant on actual usage at the time. like I stated, I already have this same type system installed and running with ZERO problems or bandwidth issues. Runnin 4 IP cams over one link and then sharing the internet access to 2 other buildings. clean link. Main house has a PTZ, Engenious, Omni, all on one 1" 1/4 TV antenna pole.........works great.
  13. VST_Man

    Wireless design w live monitoring

    - 6480e can connect to multiple IP sources so using that will allow you to have one source for viewing, admin, ect. CM3000 is a good thing also, just trying to keep it simple - viewing via the internet? If it is via Local Area Network (LAN) then yu can leave it stream since it won't impact poorly on overall LAN. If it is via the Wide Area Network (WAN) then it becomes an issue of bandwidth. Why do you want to stream 24/7? The 6480e can send emails with snapshots of motion if you want? - live monitoring in general is a great idea as long as you can pay to have that service. Otherwise I'd recommned that you tell them "it's recording and you don't need live monitoring" and an occasional lookie evry now and then works great. line drops??? battery back up will carry the equipment and if this is all lne of site short distance you won't have a line drop issue. chances of the line droping are pretty nill.it will happen, but, the "instance" will be small. If you use the analog with the 1304 you'll have a recording on the pole and on the 6480e so tha linedrop is not an issue. You can also use the I/O part(s) of the 1304 or 6480e to setup alarm triggers. I've used the following wirless relays to provide 100% trigger events and/or motion detection into the 6480e so that when triggered under specific rules it can perform email with attachement, ect. http://www.controlanything.com/ they even have wireless network type relays available now which allow you to plant them anywhere in the wireless area you'll have. I've actually mated this up with a PTZ which allowed the relay to move the PTZ to a preset based on triggers...ie. motion on camera #1, preset #3. ie. gate contact opens, preset #6. during specific hours you an also have emails sent, snapshots of cameras, ect.
  14. simple electrical tape is a no-go from me...........go with coax-seal.works great and is 100% waterproof if applied properly.
  15. VST_Man

    Wireless design w live monitoring

    - Aver 6480e, Dell Vostro Quad, Acti ACM-7411's, Umbiquiti or Engenious wireless (you can create a public WiFi area at the same time?), 4 channel PoE switch, and a battery backup installed at the pole for the IP cams? - If you use IP cams you'll need to also use a IP decoder to view the camera's "live" via a monitor OR use a PC/laptop to log onto the dvr and display the live view onto a monitor. cheapest is a PC/laptop. - CM3000 is used with multiple DVR's so if you use a 6480e you won't have to use the CM3000 software.........other coices are Internet Explorer, DVR client, and the matrix. - you can also go with analog cams on the pole by adding a 1304netsata, or (1) PTZ with a 1304netsata..........I like the 10X mini's...work great! 1304 can be forwarded to the 6480e for a double recording of all...... - 6480e allows for expansion, great audio, and lots of bells and whistles - live monitoring will be a issue with both IP & analog since you WON'T have a cable running out to the pole...all will have to be IP based back to main recorder You biggest issue will be how to house the equipment on the pole. custom work is need........taping power is also a issue.
  16. like I said, call and let them spec it.that way it's done right. One other reason why we used 2.4 is so they can get any standard wireless device on the network...........
  17. I just installed a system that had the following; - Engenious with Omni as the Access Point with a wireless router inside the house. - (3) outlying buildings with routers connected to Engenious directional. All line-of-site. furthest distance was 800ft. All works great without any issues. - installed a 4 channel DVR (avermedia) with 4 cams on the longest 800ft. link. This connects to a Aver 6480e quad at the house providing backup recordings. - all other links are JUST internet access. - main internet acces is a microwave link at 8 miles. 3000 down & 1.7 up. I would suggest that you go omni and then directional back to the main building. call http://www.wirelessnetworkproducts.com/index.asp?PageAction=MFGSEARCH&ManfID=1139&Page=1 and tell them your distances and they will match it with the right equipment. - you can eliminate the wireless routers if you add a switch, but, for da money get a wireless router, turn off dhcp on the outying rouyters, ect. - wireless cams work but like stated before, go wire over wireless if you can - acti has a nice small dome out, the acti acm-3701....got one here testing it. same pic as the 7411.........small as everything. - go with 2.4 considering your distances.....
  18. VST_Man

    Cities see burglaries fall

    it's not over til it's over.................... unemployment is running for many.............more to come. We have yet to reach a critical point in the whole economic thing. the knucklheads are just warming up..............you'll see more mass murder type things happen, sucides will rise, and robberies in general will rise. and, I'm not sure who said home robberies will increase? I'd like to see the actual nubers of ALL crimes...........
  19. wow, what a question. I've sen some comart cards react to camera's in all sorts of ways. I have traced that to bad camera's OR bad cards by using a CM2 to test the camera outputs to the cards. Having said that...........cheap camera's always seemed to be a larger problem BUT I've seen pricey analog camera's do the same so I guess that the expensive camera's had some inexpensive parts? not to mention that the technology behing cards/analog is older and when you attach these LCD's and high speed PC's to them that the issues of mixing older cards with newer technology can create problems? find the right combo for the mix and then stick with it. you can try to test and improve which has been pretty decent for me lately.
  20. VST_Man

    Installers prices?

    ok, why are we (owners & installers) responding to such a lame question? If "we" want to help this guy we should be telling him to get more bids and then make a decision. This guy is looking for a way to melt the bid. seen this many times..client wants it all but does not want to pay for it. Bottom line; install pricing & support is dependant on area serviced. ie. Tampa is going to cost more as compared to nowhere Indian. sorry if I come off a bit angry but if you want a cheap install go get a Sams special and plug it in. If you want a quality install, do your homework. get several bids to compare and then ask for references. Trust me when I say, a good installer with good support is worth every penny spent.....unless you want to do it yourself. not rock science unless your looking to dump some numbers on a guy who is making a living installing CCTV.
  21. ps.I'll bet a bathroom exhaust fan boths you too
  22. hey, it's a budget DVR, not the space shuttles video link..... I can sell you a "whirrless" DVR for 3k....ok?
  23. VST_Man

    Acti or Vivotek?

    depends on where the install location is and the enviornment effects. ie. lighting day & night. indoor outdoor. target area. expected target results via video.what are you trying to record? I can use a 40 dollar camer inplace of many 500 dollar ip cams as long as the target area is low on my scale for video recording......and the target area is smalll and close, well lit, ect. cameras are like tools. you need to know what the job is BEFORE you you grab one.
  24. move the analog camera's "up" and then program #1 as the IP camera........ aver cards are limited on the NV cards that have channel extenions. ie. a 4 channel NV card is only capable of 4 IP cams even if you extend it. I've extended the NV5000 and used the first 4 as IP and then the others as analog. Not sure yours will do that but I have done it thatway with the NV5000