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    wirless to wireless routing

    I got it up and running. Tested it with a Netgear624, Dlink AP900+, and a Belkin router. Belkin and AP (AP has a high gain directional 15Dbm antenna attached) were on the remote end. I set the AP in client mode and connected to the Belkin. AP linked up with the NG and provided the bridge to the remote router. ps. one recommendation from me to you if you do this is to purchase routers that have SMC connectors that will allow you to disconnect the antenna and add a directional high gain. The Belkin and NG do not allow for that. The AP did, which allowed me to connect a high gain antenna.
  2. http://www.fmsystems-inc.com/articles.htm
  3. VST_Man

    Security Camera to see mare foaling

    Ok, now that you been schooled on the good the bad, and the ugly.......I still recommend a cheapO IR camera. Run it into a VCR, lin in, and watch TV! You can attain all this for less than 100 bucks, toss it in the closet after yer done! If light is an issue, leave them on! If you get the right cheapO, you'll also get audio with it so you'll be able to tune your ear at night to the wonderful sounds of. http://www.cctvimports.com is a decent place to shop, and there are others. Good luck Dad. If you want to save yourself a 100 bucks, hay makes a pretty good bed.
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    Which Cameras to use in Convient Store

    I build the VideoInsight systems and have no complaints. Make sure you install the 240 into a PC (recommended or purchased via VideoInsight) that can handle it. Do not cut corners on the PC quality. And, a UPS for the PC and camera PS is a must! Camera's? I've used the inexspensive to the 300 - 400 dollar specials. What you use is directly dependant on the situation, location, appreciation factor! $2000 or less? I'm not sure you can do what your asking for less than 2k. Remember, your reputation will follow you. Don't save the customer money to look good or get the job. You'll look better when he tells his business friends that his new video security system kicks butt. No pun intended!
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    Security Camera to see mare foaling

    a short horsie..........if it is too short, that would make it a very short horsie. What time it is anyway?
  6. VST_Man

    Security Camera to see mare foaling

    ok, now this is starting to get interesting. A mare is a female horse generally over the age of 3, or has been used for breeding.
  7. if you are using a F connector then you are connecting into a TV or VCR via the cable connection? If so, you cannot do this. You need to take the signal from that camera and plug it into your VCR, RCA jack input, and change the VRC to "line". You need a "device" that will"tune" the camera for you before you input it into the TV, unless you have a high speed TV with video monitor inputs on it (RCA connector/jacks). Since you are using a BNC "converter", I'm assuming that you are changing the BNC to a RCA connection because you have RCA connectors on the cable you are using? If so, you won't need another "BNC converter" on the equipment side of the system to make it work on a VHS. I hope this helps.
  8. VST_Man

    Security Camera to see mare foaling

    sorry I spoke in the techno language. Habit. IR is InfaRed illumination. IR LED's, the illumination source when it gets dark, are mounted inside the camera housing. A IR camera automatically turns on IR as it gets dark. The camera also switches to black and white at night, not color. That's where IR illuminates the field of vision. There are many different types of IR illunimation; technology and money equal the best! IR illunimation does not turn day into night and you see everything; again, the better IR LED technology you buy the more you see, the farther you see. Purchase a LED camera that illuninates beyond your requirement to ensure you get the view you need. Also make sure you get a power supply included with the IR Camera. You can goto the sight I listed and buy it. If you can hook up a video input to a VCR recorder you can connect a single camera to the VCR without any problems. Not that hard. DVR is "Digital Video Recorder". Almost like a VCR, only it takes multiple video inputs and records them in a digital format that you can review. The system I have is a (desktop type running Windows XP Pro) computer controlled digital camera system. Pretty much the middle of the road, state of the art technology. I suggest that you connect a camera into your VHS recorded only because the signal/connectors that come from the IR camera require like connections. A VRC has those connections. I did forget to mention one thing. You will need a special connector that convert the IR camera BNC connector to a RCA connector so that it can be connected to your VHS. Buy the camera, cable, connector, and go for it! You can't break it? Opps, did I just say that? Where are you located? I am in Beaufort SC.............Retired Marine!
  9. VST_Man

    Security Camera to see mare foaling

    We've got Warm Bloods! Here is what I suggest. I purchased a flat monitor from the site below and added 2 IR (IR will provide a viewable scene in b/w) capable camera's. After the birth you can install this into your truck, horse trailer, and still get use from it. I have a KR F350 w/4h featherlight, which ends up being 60ft plus long. Nice to have a view off the back and more importantly inside the horse area while towing. I know that you will appreciate the comfort monitoring what is happening inside the trailer while towing. If you want to save money, just purchase (1) IR capable camera with the field of view you need, 200ft. cable with connectors (power and video)already attached, connect it to your VCR, TV, and wait/record. Since this is a "temp" install I think you can lay the wire out on the ground til done? For the price of a camera and cable, you are up and running! Don't waste your money on Cosco type equipment. Wireless works if your are willing to spend more to get better quality. I would not suggest that. Weather inside the barn should be good enough to set-up your camera(s). If you want to make this a perm install, I suggest running underground UTP cable with balun's. Pick a good DVR, camera's, and enjoy the views from the easy chair. I have a 16 camera video-insight system installed here on our ranch with 10 cameras out on the property. Nice system, easy to interface with, and it always works! Good luck with the foal. We've had ours these past 4 years and we are finally break'n them, ect. Ya hoooooo! http://www.cctvimports.com/html/lcd.html
  10. I have (2) IR camera's that require more amps than the rated amp output of the distro pannel I have. Is there a way to increase the amps when using a DC distro pannel w/500 mA output? I need to bump up the amps (1.25 amps) in order to get the IR's working and do not want to put those camera's on a seperate DC power supply. Or do I need to buy a better disto unit?
  11. Home Depot and Lowes sell a Satellite Diplexor that looks like a cable splitter. 2 inputs, 1 out. , but, it basically takes the satellite signal and rf signal, combine them into one signal. You need 2 of these to complete a circuit, or one to each device you need to link up. They work great and are very inexspensive (less than 15.00 ea) and if you do a WEB search you can find them cheaper. I use them to combine my local cable and satellit signal. It also passes the voltage required for the satellite LNB's. Be careful, the satellite dish voltage passes over the satellite cable and is provided by each satellite receiver. If you pass and combine you may short out your satelite receivers. Some receivers allow you to disable the dc voltage or a dc blocker maybe used. I labeled all my satellite feeds with a red tape to identify them as "hot".
  12. VST_Man

    Cable question.

    If you lived closer I'd fix it for free! Good luck.
  13. VST_Man

    Cable question.

    I pull on that cable real hard until it completely stopped working, then call them and tell them it's broke. Just kidding! If your leasing it they have some responsibility to provide you relief/satisfaction, or allow you to have it repaired. Signal is degraded and they will not conset to fixing it? Submit your request to "them" in writing and ask for a response in writing. Sounds like your dealing with a "slum lord" type person? You stated say "they" won't fix it til it's broke? Well, I'm a reasonable guy. If you want it fixed, and they won't fix it til it completely breaks, break it. You leased with reasonable expectations. They are being unreasonable. I'd also be looking for a better leasor. They most likely have multiple "taps" on that line? A nic in a cable normally causes interferance or no reception, not signal loss on the high end. High end signal loss points to a weak signal. Splitting the cable causes signal loss. Have you had a cable guy read the signal at the wall? Signals can be overdriven to the point that your signal starts to degrade?
  14. VST_Man

    Cable question.

    Thomas, do youself a favor and have it fixed. If the line is defective any amplifictaion will possibly cause problems elsewhere? If you are like me, my time, and time off, is worth the money spent.
  15. USB can't hang. Like Thomas stated, the video is poor. And like anything else, once you get started you want to expand or upgrade. USB is very limited. I tried/purchased one and everything about it had a Kmart feel. And, tech support was terrible.
  16. I own the VideoInsight V120, 10 camera's, hp2.8, and I am happy with the overall horsepower it provides me. What I enjoy the most is the fact that I do not have to have any other software or special plugins to view it via the internet. I decided on this system because it is Windows based. Streaming quality is pretty good (your system connection speed and CPU speed set the pace, and as you upgrade those your system gets faster) I've set this card up on a dial-in system (no high speed on the island yet!) and the streaming for 4 camera's was sufficient to view, refresh was at 6 seconds. All I needed was a way to check on the ranch while I'm at work and this does the job. I can't wait to get DSL. The most impressive part of a video security system is when I first turn it on. I caught neighbors, kids, and professionals doing some really stupid stuff on my property. The kids used to mess with the horses and dog but now that I have a visible camera everywhere, they don't come around anymore. My neighbors also act differently once they we asked about a few things also. Fences make good neighbor's, and video keeps them honest! Video Insight Tech Support? So far they have done very well in my book. When you call they answer the phone and solve your problem. No answering systems to negotiate. Video Insight DVR Card? Works as advertised. The documentation was slightly lacking in explaining the dteails of some of the camera settings, but delivered on set-up. ie. Frame settings, bytes per frame, which is best, what the trade offs are when setting them. Motion detection settings work great. The average user will need to understand the details of the settings in order to streamline the system performance. Better details in the manual would be nice. System stability; Never cashed, locked up, or failed. Video Editing; I use power producer gold to edit clips. Video Insight came with one embedded but I was already used to the "gold" and I have not had the time to play with it yet. Like to have? IP Camera interface, which Video Insight is going to release this month (will be inteserting to see how they combine the multiple formats out there that will work under one software progra) And, I want a stand alone networked hard drive to store the video on. Does anyone have any good recommended sources? Later.............