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  1. I have just reset the time on my DVR. The time did not appear to reset. I shut down my Hikvision 7204 and rebooted. I was asked for a password. The problem is I deactivated the password when I first set it up. I had to make a password in the first instance to be able to get in. The system was set up and password deactivated. So now I am being asked for a password I have no idea what it requires. I entered my standard password which I initially used to set up but it did not work. I have tried the default 12345 and numerous other combinations but no go. I have contacted my supplier who wants me to return the DVR so they can reset. This will take approx. 1/2 weeks! If "Zaheertaj" can help I would be very happy. The box details are: DS-7204HWI-E1_A0420151212AAWR559900463WCVU-201604011147