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  1. qRQ9dSrqyS correct one for today double check your serial number Oh I am Sorry this is the correct info for the device: Device Type : DS_7308HI-S The Serial Number : IDVR-73080820110916BBWR404893474WCVU the security code for qRQ9dSrqyS always fail, do you have another code Sir?
  2. For Apr 15 qRQ9dSrqyS -------------- For Apr 16 RryRRrR9dR Bro, still failed . do you have other security code for today 15-04-2016 please....
  3. Hi zaheertaj! Thank you so much for the time you spent helping us for the reset code, but why my DVR still cannot reset the password , please help me with another security code please please please.. the device serial no. IDVR-73080820110916BBWR404893474WCVU for the 15-04-2016 Best Regards
  4. Hi zaheertaj, could you Could you please send me a reset code for my dvr with Serial Number is : IDVR-73080820110916BBWR404893474WCVU Firmware Version : V3.2.0 build 101207 can you help me for reset code 7/04/2016 8/04/2016 9/04/2016 10/04/2016 Many Thanks in advance, Agung