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  1. i have a nv5000 card what i want to do is add a computer monitor to watch the cameras and use the computer screen for he pc only.

    Is it possible if so how do i connect it up.

  2. I have an old version of the nv5000 card,i do not know if that makes any difference on todays nv5000.

    The problem i have my system keeps crashing with BSOD.

    Question i have which is the best opperating system.

    I have windows xp 32bit pro or windows 7 32bit utimate also windows 64bit ultimateto choose from.

  3. My Geovision GV800 card is dead so i took it out of the computer and removed the four chips by the long slot to see if i could flash it . Now i am not sure if i have replaced them the right way round .The 4 chips have a little indent on the edge of the top does any one know which way round they should go? I hope they are all the same as i just put them on the table and more than like got them mixed up .The card did not work anyway just hopeing to kick start it.

  4. I need a bit of help please. I have a Geo GV800 16 Card all was ok till i came of my holiday.I have power to the cameras thats ok .Removed the card Reinstalled the Card & software again all i get is Video lost on all frames.I have checked just about everything i can think of.This is where you come in any ideas?

  5. I need help!

    I have an avermedia 5000 card and i am linked up to tiscali with a siemens se587 router .

    I am trying to view this card over the internet but the thing i have not got a clue how to set up this router which numbers go where or what to do .

    Any help would be great.

  6. Thanks for all your help on my Cat 5 question .

    The next Question i have does it matter which colours i use for Camera

    /Power/Motorised lens the cameras i use are 12v . What i am trying to do is to use one pair for power one pair for the camera and two pairs to a rocker switch so i can control the lens .Any thoughts would be a great help as you chaps are the experts

  7. What sort of cameras do i need for night and day fitted over exit out side doors that will work in Canada at -20c with loads of snow.Ihave some Cameras mounted but the pictures do not show a night and in the day they show up with a red hue maybe it is to cold.Any ideas?

  8. How do you wire up seperate infra red lighting and what controls them to come on at night?Also i have a camera mounted on the corner of the house pointed up the drive can i mount the infra red on the other corner of the house they will be about 16feet apart ?

  9. Iam looking to buy a new box Camera of a very good quality and make that i can use for day and night.

    I have been useing Night & day with 40IRS with vari focal but the picture is not clear enough at night to pick out faces .

    Ihave come to the conclusion that these all in one cameras are not up to the job yes you can see for miles at night but you dont know what you are looking at and yes i could see someone breaking in but who?

    So now i am looking to you experts out there for which camera to get.

  10. Ok chaps you are the experts i have just got my first system a Geo 16 Camera card 100fps and one yes one day and night Camera vari focal lens 40 irs £200 worth.

    The thing is that during the day i cannot make out my reg no on the car

    which is about 40 foot away also at night it is all blured when i put my flood ligt on its fine .

    Now i am thinking are these day and night cameras really up to the job

    because if you can not make out a number plate at 40feet whats the point of cctv or are the box cameras with seperate lighting the thing?

    Just for the hell of it i used my Digital photo camera pointed it a the reg no and was very clear yet this cctv set up in fuzzy.

    I await your thoughts

  11. I have a Geo 16 card 100fps also LJD Night&Day Camera with 40irs

    At night you can not make out a thing i have the Auto Gain set to on Back light Comp set to off Flickerless set to on Auto Iris set to on Zoom set x3.The picture very grainey almost like snow even during the day you cannot read a number plate 30yards. Any ideas?