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  1. 100 percent agreed, not arguing with you at all. I am pissed of with Hikvision I wont be buying another device from them as this is completely ridiculous to have to contact their tech support just to reset a damn password. There are 30 pages of posts in this thread. To begin with the requests were being answered by a member who never got any thanks for it. If he runs a business to put bread on his table then the time he spent in this thread would have him starving to death. Why should he or other contributors spend 100 hours of their time for no gratitude ? They don't get paid to do it and they don't owe any of us any degree of enslavement.
  2. Why is this so difficult? Pissed off
  3. Please can someone help me? cant log in either DS-7108HGHI-F10820161210CCWR690392940WCVU