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  1. Foscam E1 is a battery powered wire-free security camera, which means it can be installed on anywhere without the bothering of messy cables. Meanwhile, it is powerful enough to withstand the rain or splashes. 8sabH0F3JFI Source: Foscam Global
  2. i am user of the camera and i am very satisfied with the performance. easy to set up you can move the camera anywhere within WiFi range. Please video and pictures, Night vision is excellent. Free 1GB cloud storage free for 7 days,
  3. Hello I am new here and i want to start my discussion with my Foscam E1 security Camera review. I have been looking wire-free outdoor camera for a long time. Because my house doesn’t have an outlet in our front door and I don't have a budget for hiring people to drill the hole to have a wire outdoor camera. One of my colleagues recommends me to buy this Foscam Wire-Free outdoor camera. After trying for a few weeks, it really helps me to solve my issue. Advantages: There are two major advantages compared with another regular outdoor WiFi camera. And also two things need to be aware of. The first advantage, this is "Wire-Free" design, so I can put my camera everywhere (Don't need to drill hole anymore) within my WiFi coverage. Make sure that this camera only supports 2.4G network, not support 5G. Another advantage, this Wi-Fi camera has 1GB Free cloud storage (it's good for seven days) which I don't need to buy additional storage. This is good for my home usage and I can easily purchase more cloud storage if I needed to. My home has Frontier 100/100 internet service, so make sure that have good internet to use this outdoor camera. East Set up: The set up is really easy by following the manual. First, sync the base station and camera. Then, download and open app on the phone, add the device on the app. I can check the battery level and download the video, etc. I will be share the pictures of the camera here very soon. You can ask any question regarding the Camera. thanks