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  1. Are these camera's connected wirelessly?
  2. Can you log into the camera's directly and set the resolution. It may be because the camera's are not taking the setting your inputting on the recorder but rather your recorder is taking its lead from the camera.
  3. Sir Lenscelot

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    I’m sorry but the use of cloud apps is the lazy way out. If your going to use this then your basically agreeing for someone to watch you. How can you secure a network that you have no control of. Like I said before, proper network security wil l reduce risks in any product not just the Chinese ones. When do backdoors or exploits contribute as spyware?. There’s nothing to suggest anything more here than poor judgement by the manufacturers. In dahua’s case, the devices are so cheap that security was probably an afterthought. There is no definitive proof so your conclusion is merely conjecture. Most of the electronics you use is made overseas. Does that mean you stop using them, no. You take reasonable precautions. In this case network security. You said the USA imposed a ban which by the way was signed off by the man that wants to build 3145 km wall across the Mexican border. Microsoft software is exploited daily which is why I am told to constantly upgrade my computer. Does anybody stop using it?, Does the US ban that?, I think not. If Microsoft was Chinese and part owned by the Chinese government then maybe. Why not go one further and call windows update a backdoor. Microsoft have the opportunity to install anything they want on millions of devices. Does anybody question it. No because it’s a necessary evil. Yes hik may have dropped the ball making it so easy but is it in there best interests to destroy their market share. Surely if anything underhand with the Chinese government was going on it wouldn't it make more sense to reap the revenue and use it for more targeted purposes. Also why make it so obvious and easy to find, like any government they have the means to employ the very best engineers but they resorted to secret urls and password hashes that can be copied. Doesn’t make sense. My point is not always things are black and white, there are always angles to any news story.
  4. Sir Lenscelot

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    Not my stupid comment but yours. When did I say hik was the best, I merely pointed out for the price point they offer one hell of a package. Do you just quote what you read, do you do any thinking for yourself? I assume like myself you live in the west, where everything you see hear or read is engineered for us, sold as independent but ultimately has some bias, whether that’s pride in your country or some other motivation, it’s the way of the world. You think if you lived in the east the story would be the same, I think not, it would be that the Americans are spying on us or whatever. How do you think an exploit is found, by people that want to find them. If somebody ultimately wants in then they will get in. Like any incident that involves cyber security it’s all about target value. Why do hik get news coverage because they are pushing so much product, it’s that simple. Backdoors don’t get found in your favourite products because nobody actually cares about them. Why breach the 10 you buy when you can breach 1000’s. I didn’t say that people shouldn’t care who’s watching them but what do you actually thinks going on, the Chinese have rooms full of people watching you take a nap. It’s all about target value. And as for the 16000 then they must have been installed by plug and play installers like yourself using manufacturers proprietary services and servers to relay images. Because correct setups by networking professionals, it would be impossible to mix up video streams from different sites.
  5. Sir Lenscelot

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    Completely agree. So the basis for not using a product according to Tomcctv is that the USA don’t like them. This is a country than bans kinder surprise eggs but every man and his dog has a firearm. Please don’t make me laugh. A conspiracy theorist might say that there are very few cctv cameras made completely in house, let’s face it just about everything we use is made of parts manufactured overseas. Does that mean my ikettle is listening in. Or someone is making me a cup of tea without my knowledge. Who knows? It’s also in a countries best interest to discourage the use of these products for its own gain. Chinese companies especially hik are dominating the market and for good reason, The features for price point are undeniable. It’s understandable countries like the USA might be a little worried. Any manufacturer could be manipulated politically to introduce backdoors from one country to another. Why is one country more trustworthy than the other. One of the best cctv software systems I have seen is produced in Russia. This thing takes deep learning to the next level. Should we be frightened to use it? Unfortunately we live in a world where these systems are now required, with proper care and due diligence then the rewards far exceed the risks. I would like to steer the conversation back to the original question and say that, Personally I think internally I prefer domes as they look tidier and less obtrusive, I prefer a varifocal if your willing to pay a bit more as then you can set to suit when installing. As others have said just have IR then if needed it’s there, you won’t get a black image when someone turns the lights out. Use a manufacter your happy with. I’m sure your family’s worry is more about being there in case of emergency and not whether the Chinese have suddenly taken an interest in your decor.
  6. Sir Lenscelot

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    I think you will find a proper firewall will protect LAN to LAN, WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN. Both inbound and outbound. As i said if data is exiting your highly secure network then i suggest its your exit point you look at. Your lack of knowledge regarding this shows how dangerous it is to have CCTV installers configuring networks without the proper background in networking and network security. And your welcome to have my IP information and logins if i felt the need to install them, However it would do you no good as my network would be secure with a properly configured, good quality firewall. You know the kind that actually can be deemed a firewall which protects all directions.
  7. Sir Lenscelot

    ivms 4200 installation Win 10

    What version of ivms?
  8. Sir Lenscelot

    Email Alert Failed DNS

    Shouldn’t that be smtp.gmail.com?
  9. Sir Lenscelot

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    If security is paramount, would you trust a cctv vendor to protect you. If it’s little old dears falling down stairs that you want to spy on then I say to China and anyone else, get on with it. If it’s truly high security then your protection should start and end at your network entry point. Nothing should leave your network without you knowing about it. Properly implemented firewalls are what should be protecting you. Or better yet just keep it off the net.
  10. Sir Lenscelot

    Hikvision wiring issue - help!

    Hi Macklington Sounds like you may be on the right track with the power issue. In this instance i would firstly check that you are receiving 12v at the camera's location using a multi-meter. However it is possible depending on length of cable and condition there may be some volt drop, so i would secondly test while the camera is connected to the power source. . You can do this by putting your meter across the two screw heads. (Your new camera might draw more power than your old one). Also double check polarity of your power connection. Another Check is if your PSU is fused then check the small glass fuses in the PSU. These can blow easily if when swapping camera you accidentally shorted the terminals. They can also blow if your camera draws more current than your previous camera as typically they can be installed with only 500mA fuses. As a last resort rig up a temporary 12v supply downstairs to power the camera locally which should eliminate any power issues/cabling issues. Other issue it could be is that your existing cabling is not suitable for TVI. Now i know that the CCTV supplies sell AHD and Turbo HD like its the best thing since sliced bread and that it will work on existing cabling but that isn't always the case. Poor cabling or unsuitable coax can cause problems, especially over greater distance. And the nature of digital surveillance is that it either works or it doesn't. So try as a test setting the camera to CVBS which should mimic your old camera setup. Analogue signal is more resilient in this way because their isn't just on and off but grades in between, interference will be visible on the display. It isn't either on or off. Hope this helps Sir Lenscelot
  11. Sir Lenscelot

    Hikvision wiring issue - help!

    Hi Macklington A ground loop isolator can be very useful in reducing ground loop interference. To get no picture at all is unusual but not unheard of. Your photo suggests some other things i would check. It seems to me you have bought HD camera's which can be connected over coax but also with the ability to select transmission format. So i am assuming that your are attempting to use one of the HD formats, such as AHD or TVI. Can you please confirm? So obvious questions first Is the recorder compatible with AHD/TVI (i,e a hybrid recorder) or is it just an old school analogue CVBS format? What cabling type you using? If using cat5 and baluns, have you got the Polarity correct on the installed cable? Have you tested you get an image out of the camera while its in its installed location?, with a test monitor or even just hooking the recorder up near the camera itself and running a short lead you know works? Are your ends crimped on correctly? Is there a short between the core and the screen? can be tested with a multimeter. Model numbers of Hik recorder and camera's would be useful? Thanks Sir Lenscelot