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  1. 52 minutes ago, tomcctv said:

    They replace a light bulb.......switch light off camera goes off. 

    Wifi only .... And a small range ...... Life time is nothing 

    also look at app reviews .......not reliable at all to the point your wasting your money 

    I would also point out ...... A 4mp real CCTV camera is cheaper and will connect to a NVR from all locations to your office

    Thanks for the reply tomcctv.. sadly i wasnt the one that purchased the cameras.. i would have done my search, but these are what the owner gave me to work with .. i would see what else i can besides throwing these away

  2. 9 minutes ago, tomcctv said:

    Hi. P2P is not a good thing .... And it does not help in your requirements 

    onvif is what your looking for 

    in some cases IP cameras can connect to other NVRs not made by same manufacturer as cameras ..... A protocol is something that allows other brands to connect to each other 

    you would have to list your cameras and NVR you intend to use.

    Again this is nothing to do with p2p ......you just need to direct cameras to NVR over the network ..... P2p usually goes out to a 3rd party and that is never good

    Thanks for your reply, the reason i mentioned p2p is that the small manual that comes with the cameras only suggest about connecting via a mobile app and scanning of a QR code

  3. What are some good NVR that support p2p cameras from almost any brand ? i got 10 to 16 ip cameras to be installed at 4 locations that support p2p and i want to record and monitor streams at my main office.


  4. Good morning all,

    I am new to the whole security camera/surveillance thing. I have been an IT guy for the last 20 years and recently one of my clients when and purchased 16 of these http://angevision.com/html_products/AG-EC18D-M10-WIFI-Bulb-IP-CAMERA-294.html for his 8 store outlets. Each one of his stores has internet access so he is enjoying being able to view remote what goes on at each store via his cellphone. He asked me a few days ago if it would be possible to remotely store the feeds of each of the cameras at his office and view them on a large tv display or two.

    Now off the top of my head i when i thought maybe a Synology or Qnap nas with their surveillance software can work, but the Camera does not support Onvif from what i have read and mainly works via p2p. I have reached out to the manufacturer via email to ask them a few questions about which one of their own nvrs can be used or what other brand nvr they would recommend for remote storage and viewing.

    Hopefully someone here can give me some pointers on what options are possible.