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    Sorry here are the specs: http://www.ditekcorp.com/productDetails.asp?idProduct=DTK-DRP16
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    Ditek! Ditek! Ditek! DTK-DRP16 is what you need. Here are the specs. Surge protection for DVR with UPS. Lifetime Warranty!!!
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    Access Control Thread

    Got my vote. I can try to help with any mag lock or strike questions!
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    Access Control Forum?

    you got my vote
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    best DVR on the market

    Any DVR I can sell you is the best. HAHAHA
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    Kodicom distributors

    are any of you going to ISC West this year?
  7. There is a compression chart on the following website. ATV uses MPEG-4 Compression check it out compared to other brands. www.4ademo.com click on manufacturers, cctv, atv and scroll down you can't miss it.
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    DM Sprite 2

    GO with the ATV Falcon. DM Sprite compresses "VHS Quality" at about 14K and image where as ATV Falcon Compresses at about 3K. Getting more than 4 times the Hard drive space. Actually ATV compresses better than any of these... Digital Recorders - Comparison Chart (VHS) (S-VHS) Record Quality Low Standard High Very High IMAGE SIZES ATV Falcon DVR 2KB 3KB 7KB 18KB Sanyo DSR3000 - 17KB 24KB 32KB Toshiba KV-HD01A - 16KB 21KB 32KB Panasonic WJHD500/100 12KB 18KB 27KB 45KB Philips DVR 1 - 22KB 28KB - DM DIgital Sprite - 14KB 18KB 25KB Kalatel Calibur DSR2000 -12KB 21KB 27KB Gyyr DVMS100 14KB 17KB 23KB 35KB
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    CCTV LCD Monitors

    Hansol does make great monitors. Go to www.4ademo.com click on manufactures, cctv, hansol. Rory, Same Rep for JVC has this line
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    DVR's for Casino Usage

    I know the JVC Sales Rep for south Florida and the carribean. His name is John Caglionone. I don't know if he covers bahamas but I'm sure he wouldn't mind going. haha. Let me know if you want him to contact you.
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    DVR's for Casino Usage

    That's why I asked where you buy from. I can get you prices but they would be more than likely from a state side distributor. I haven't quite learned how to post pics yet. I have been putting them in as my Yahoo Profile Pic. Unfortunately I don't have Pics of the wide dynamic otherwise I would send them.
  12. Image Vault Pos system. You can search anything that prints on a receipt. You can also setup Hot words, I.E. No Sale, Refund. Search through the Audit Trail you can creat. Comes in 4,8,12,16 camera DVR 40-480G. It is a PC Based. Go to www.4ademo.com click on Manufactures CCTV ImageVault. Here you can see all the features. Great part is that if you buy a PC Based DVR and need to expand you can. Just by adding another card. Only supports upto 16 cameras per unit. If you have a number of stores you can use the Image Vault max to network them all together. Image Vault is made by FKI. FKI started making fireproof safes back in the day and still do. They are truly a loss prevention company and have really done some extensive research to tailor this dvr to the retail industry. It is very easy to use.
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    DVR's for Casino Usage

    I understand how the IP cameras work. I also understand what your saying about the 60000 cameras. That was just a feature on the spec sheet. JVC actually came out with a new GUI not to long ago. I've used it quite a few times and really like it. Your right about JVC and there DVR line, but there analog cameras are remarkable. I would put it up against any other camera with the same specs any day. Just my opinion though...
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    JVC has probably one of the best Hi Res pics I've ever seen. They don't have a wide dynamic dome, but they do have the Wide Dynamic Block. Very nice picture on both. The TK-C205U is the Hi Res Dome the TK-C205VPU is the Vandal Proof. What Distributor do you buy from?
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    Multimonitor DVR client view

    Image Vault is a PC Based DVR the IV Max allows you to view up to 640 cameras that's 40 DVR's at the same time. Go to www.4ademo.com click on manufacturers then CCTV then Image Vault. Image Vault also has the best POS system on the market tied in on a DVR.
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    CCTV LCD Monitors

    JVC is coming out with a 30" HDTV LCD at the end of March
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    DVR's for Casino Usage

    Network Video Recorders would be great. In my opinion the best 1 on the market right now is the JVC VR-N100U. Does everything you need. You can put up to 60,000 cameras on a single IP Address. Does 30FPS per channel. go to www.pro.jvc.com they should have link their under security cameras or type VR-N100U in search. You can actually buy this 1 in the states for less than $7000
  18. has anyone seen this before and can it be fixed. Camera gets plugged in and fine for a couple of hours than it does this. Unplugged again for a while and after a few hours same problem http://us.f1f.yahoofs.com/bc/5d723cc4/bc/My+Folder/G3Southcam02041.jpg?bfsDsECBJJeql3_0
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    bleeding camera picture.

    Thank you all for your Input. We are sending the camera back.
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    bleeding camera picture.

    It's actually a high res fixed block camera JVC TK-C920U 535TVL. First Problem I have heard of with them and have sold 1000's installed. This is the only 1 I know this has happened to. I can't just chuck it.
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    bleeding camera picture.

    see if this works http://profiles.yahoo.com/ronniepennington