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  1. emily123

    PTZ camera @ 1/4 mile

    I installed PTZ cameras in my business place. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras give additional coverage and are coupled with capabilities that make them a superior security and monitoring alternative. I suggest you these cameras.
  2. Hi, Try Hikvision cameras for security purpose. Recently I installed surveillance cameras in my home. These cameras have high resolution. The footage quality is very amazing. These cameras working all time.
  3. emily123

    looking for a wifi cctv camera

    I’m using Outdoor wireless IP security cameras . It has high resolution at a distance with clarity of image. You can also monitor using your smartphone or laptop by connecting with mobile application.
  4. emily123

    car CCTV / surveillance /high budget

    Hi, Recently I installed CCTV cameras in my car. I got full kit of cameras from a dubai based company. These cameras have good specifications. I suggest you to try these cameras.
  5. emily123

    Indoor surveillance camera

    Hi, Please have a look on wireless surveillance cameras in very reasonable prices. These cameras capture best quality footages.