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  1. On 11/27/2021 at 1:54 PM, Ppt said:

    Hi, I just joined the forum!

    In the past we have had a plug and play type of system that has since stopped working. Long story short, my husband kept letting our furbaby into the room where the monitor was plugged in and the dog knocked it off of the table. Presto, the monitor was destroyed. The system has been discontinued so we can't just replace the monitor. At least 1 of the cameras still works, but without the dvr/monitor it is of little use to us.

    We are ready for another system, but have different criteria now.

    1. Is it possible to pair up battery powered or solar powered cameras (this is the off grid part of the system) with a dvr/monitor setup so that it will record to the dvr as well as provide live surveillance 24/7? Prefer to have the option to plug the monitor into a flat screen tv for bigger and better viewing and the ability to easily move the dvr/ monitor from tv to tv if we want. I don't mind frequently replacing batteries in cameras. Would like any batteries to be user replaceable if possible, and  we only use rechargeable ones.

    2. Don't want any cell phone, internet, wifi, etc, so the system must be able to function without all of that. We have no need for remote viewing, nor do we want to record to anything off site.

    3. A bonus would be a motion alarm alert so that we can know of activity without having to watch it constantly. Looking into weatherproof reliable driveway alarms in case no system with our criteria is possible. Suggestions for that would also be helpful.

    4. Not interested in spending megabucks on a system. Under $400 would be ideal.

    We have issues with vandalism, theft and harrassment. I also don't sleep well and when we had the previous system I enjoyed being able to watch the critters and weather from indoors during the night and also during crappy weather.

    Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great afternoon!

    Are you planning on wired or wireless cameras?  

  2. After much searching and reading I decided on a NVR PoE system.  Many brands have many complaints about support.

    Currently looking at Hikvision EKI-Q82T26 and Night Owl

    Design is for all outdoor cameras.  Pic attached.

    Cat 6 from house to barn to carry data of 3 cameras  300' from router to wireless access point  Not sure which cameras to use.

    Would like to add 1 PTZ to barn.

    Should I use Cat 6 for cameras?   Camera runs are less than 70' or less.

    All input appreciated.


  3. On 7/4/2021 at 8:46 AM, corviarbob said:

    what is the consciences on the zosi brad of analog camera systems? i see this one   zosi h.265 8 ch 5mp lite 1080p hd system.  my neighbor has 1080p bullet cameras and i had i on my bench setting up 2 cameras that just did not want to connect to his base. and when i zoomed in they were real clear. can't speak for night vision as i did not have them over night. being my zmodo is old and will not support modern camera now and will not support hd camera as tome has instructed me, i'm looking at just replacing it and this one looks good to me being it is like my neighbors. he has the wifi model and i would go for that but i can't see the cameras on my phone app and my 25ch  nvr will not pick them up either, so going with a wired system will save me the trouble of running cat cable as i have the dvr cable installed now.  it is cheaper to get the system than to just by all new cameras that will not work with my dvr and the dvr separate.


    what does the lite mean?  my neighbors system show all the cameras the same quality and will show 1,2,4 at a time. or all 8  thanks

     Zosi has Impressive specs.  I suggest you read all the complaints on Zosi. It turned me off.