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  1. Hi, I am Kip and live in south Alabama. Already 100 degrees down here.  I am looking for advice on putting a couple of cameras on a telephone pole. Already made a post about how to waterproof dc adapters while up on the pole. 

  2. I don't have room in conduit I put in for anything other than romex 12/2 and the starlink cable. Has to be a wifi camera. This is about 60 yds from my house. So I will have power going up the pole anyway. What camera would you suggest if not the reolink? I am novice and open to suggestions!!!! On the power. I could put a waterproof jbox up there but concerned about heat from 2 or 3 dc adapters being stuffed in there. 

  3. Hi, first time posting. I have a swann system and have 8 blink cameras also and they do well. I just put up a 30' pole that I am running power to....I am putting starlink up top and a dipole ham antenna. Below rhat will be a couple of LED security lights and then below that I plan on putting three reolink 511 cameras up, unless someone gives me a better idea on cameras. They need to see maybe 200 yds max. 

    My issue is that the cameras all run off a dc adapter and I am concerned about adequately waterproofing them. I have to rent a lift and all, what to do this right the first time!!!! Thanks for any help.