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    Bnc Vs. Vga LCD Input.

    then i really not saw any such feature till now. If u ..pls. let me know!!! you may reply me in YR 2050 also!! Ha ha ha Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  2. kalpesh_nikumbh

    any solution provider for video and bio-signal integration?

    Your ? is too broud to understand . Pls. explore what exactly u r looking 4?? Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  3. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Cabin brake in

    I thinks it's about real imagineringing !!....ideas at Morning 3 AM implemented at 3 PM What did you say?? Cheers!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  4. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Bnc Vs. Vga LCD Input.

    Hi Armyofone!! Then there must be option for dissabling (Not Used) option in the Menu..is that too terrible??? Apart Mr. G22 Is that really required!! r u looking for somthing Year 2050 features....you imagine and will happen automatically?? Good Luck!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  5. kalpesh_nikumbh


    AVI backup are next to nothing Bro!! Only 2 options 1. use Least fps ( 1fps per cam..) with motion recording to reduce the size!! 2. go with KDB backup.. I m option 2 lover!! Regards, Kalpesh nikumbh India
  6. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Opinion of the people that use your Systems.

    true!! Client is the one who doesnot know why he want d system.... Before installting system ...he want world's best features in their systems!!!but at the time of usage ..they use null.... Kalpesh nikumbh India
  7. kalpesh_nikumbh

    diginet please help

    what exact problem do you have?? I have done lot of R&D ( during installtions ) on this product!!! Possibly i can help you out!! check your resolution first is it 1024x... 2nd some DVR card must be loose !! shout dowmn and tight them and the start system!! some card may not have detected or some driver must be missed!! Some ? for knowledge.... 1. you installed these cards in normal PC housing or special housing like Pelco DX or siemens somthing?? 2. Location?? Kalpesh nikumbh India
  8. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Ip Camera Ideas

    true!! I m with wireguys!! Pre alarm memory can be used and configued for motion recordings!! can upload recording of pre alarms in to the s/w!! Kalpesh nikumbh India
  9. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Bnc Vs. Vga LCD Input.

    hi! Only custermers of said system can access the dowonload! Any way with the Specs.. Yes you have Composite SPOT O/P Still want VGA , can go for Composite - VGA converter....... Set sequence time zero for 7&8...in menu!! Good Luck Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  10. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Cut Filter Problem

    adjusting shutter speed may solve your problem!!! yes also check AGL , BLC are On..and any selection of day light / day only mode!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  11. kalpesh_nikumbh

    IT people will find this funny

    really funny!!
  12. kalpesh_nikumbh


    I didn't get it!!! can you explore !! my be i can help you out!! Regards, Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  13. kalpesh_nikumbh

    IP PTZ help

    Lot many!! AXIS . IQvision GE...to name few Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  14. kalpesh_nikumbh

    should I use IP cameras?

    what sounds good in case you have enogh back bone?? I am slitly tilt towards corporate customers rather consumer section!! Regards, Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  15. kalpesh_nikumbh

    PoE 802.3af connection speed

    Ok. Thomas my brother!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  16. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Axis vs ACTi

    Ya !! Both the fuctions viz. image & encoding are diffrent and must be hadelled by diffrent sections of the PCB...but the idea is the Specs. mentioned is overall o/p....no separate specs of camera and encoders in AXIS Great Time!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India..
  17. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Megapixel video recorder

    Hi!! Exacq supports : Axis, IQinvision, Mobotix and ACTi NUUO supports : Acti, Arecont, Axis, Cieffe, D-Link, Etrovision, IQinvision, JVC, LevelOne, LinkSys, Lumenera, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Planet, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vivotek, Zavio... More than 400 models. noth above supports your camera.. NUUO is very good s/w and simple to use..you cam teast trial version!!!! Kalpesh Nikumbh india
  18. kalpesh_nikumbh

    should I use IP cameras?

    BNC is one of the point... other lots of features make them overall choice!!! IPs are recent one!!! certaiinly those analog platforms can be migrated on IP.. even DVRs are migrasted on IE... you still want to go with multiplexers with TLVCRs??? Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  19. kalpesh_nikumbh

    PoE 802.3af connection speed

    thanks ak357!! for additing the info... Power added over ethernet dosen't make any diffrence in terms of speed!! right?? Kalpesh niumbh india
  20. Why not CMOS dear!! Micron is the one to name with.... http://www.analog.com/en/content/search_digital_video_surveillance_kit/fca.html?sourceid=goo_Analog+DSP+Search+Campaign_video+surveillance+kit_megapixel+sensor_cat_ptab Regards, Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  21. kalpesh_nikumbh

    should I use IP cameras?

    No dear!!! It's not site specific... & not just my own problem......... it's overall problem !!! I hate BNC connectors.... rather like working with other products in Access , Fire .etc...
  22. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Axis vs ACTi

    If it is that much req...then go ahead.. is the are req. explosion proof system Too?? system you are talking about is analog camera with external encoderbased IP.... when we says IP ...both camera n encoder are on single chip ( PCB) so the Resolution confired by manufacturer will be end o/p..... there is no sales talk mention by axis..what i experienced practically!! Have you checked the link i posted in previous post?? which part of india you belong?? Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  23. kalpesh_nikumbh

    should I use IP cameras?

    that's sounds goood!! I am one of the victom of bad anoalog installtions!!! they where not bad at the time of fresh installtions ....but as time passes....problems with co-axial loose connections/video loss ...any problem arrives...have to send technitian there ...and all........ better with IP cams...rj45 connectors!! maintainance free ... Thaks to IP cams!! IP is better choice if you have small requirement!!!!.................and second thing is scallablity of such systems....................you can add as many as in the network..no need to depend on channels of the DVR!! Kalpesh Nikumbh India
  24. good features cam.. Vendal proof / outdoor .. have analog o/p for connecting DVR and IP again .etc this is not zoom cam buddy ..neither optical or digital controoling!! it's fixed view camera .....the lens is 2x verifocal..so you can adjust the image in 2x zoom.... Kalpesh Nikumbh India