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  1. jeromephone

    lilan ptz protocol ??

    see if you can set the camera to either Pelco P or D and set the controller to the same. I am guessing from Ebay no manuals?
  2. can you use a KVM extender over cat 6
  3. try installing another poe switch in place of the extender and see if that works
  4. jeromephone

    Advice on video camera for research

    Look on the geovision website. The should have something to eet your needs. However the battery power for 8 hrs is another issue.
  5. jeromephone

    ISO Help finding Firmware for Hikvision NVR

    was the ebay seller a dealer or could it be some kind of knockoff. you always run that risk when buying from other than a dealer/supplier
  6. jeromephone

    Can't locate database. Please verify and try again.

    did you add the camera to a storage group
  7. jeromephone

    IPC Test Monitors

    always test the cables . at least wire map but I found a tester for less than 75.00 that gives you length and shows which end the fault is. I think my little wiremapper costs less than 20.00
  8. jeromephone

    IPC Test Monitors

    We always just used a laptop and a poe source.
  9. jeromephone

    NVR export Failed

    We will need more info such as the make and model of your NVR
  10. jeromephone

    RS485 Cabling?

    Does it work with a short length of cable to test.
  11. Have you tested the cable
  12. jeromephone

    How to protect security cameras from lightning?

    You should be aware of codes and best practice for entrance protection to your building. It is one thing to lose a camera it is another for a strike to travel into the building via cable and either destroy equipment or worse. We had some pole mounted cameras that got hit but it took out cameras and blew up the protection as designed. no damage to building.
  13. Do you have POE on the LAN switch
  14. jeromephone

    Add remote NVR Cams on local NVR

    I do not know but if the nvrs are on the same network and subnet you could try to assign the same camera IP to both and see what happens.
  15. jeromephone

    CCTV 13.8VDC Power supply

    check the voltage at the camera you should not have a problem wth the 13.8 as most cameras will operate withing a range of votages. Check camera specks.
  16. jeromephone

    build my own VMS server question

    On geovisions website you can download the vms manual and it has a list of tested motherboards and chipsets. I would stick with one of those if posssible.
  17. you can connect using the equipment but you wil need some kind of nvr software. You should be able to find some free demo versions if you are only going to be using it for a couple of days. why don't you take some photoes that are time stamped to prove you were not picked up? seems like less fuss
  18. Does your NVR manual state how big of a harddrive it will support?
  19. jeromephone

    Two CCTV cameras look like this

    it could simply be the cameras have taken a surge or something has just gone out. How old are they and how much to replace
  20. jeromephone

    Two CCTV cameras look like this

    Are these IP or analog? I would disconnect one and see if it makes a change in the other. Are these run on the same cable . say different airs on a cat5 cable with baluns. If analog are they using the same power supply. Have you checked voltage at camera and the connectors.
  21. jeromephone

    Coax to Fiber to IP to Coax?

    I would go to a fiber to cat IP and get new cameras. To muddy the waters you can get a converter to run ethernet over coax. My goal would be to have the fewest converts etc as possible. Ip cameras are cheap enough now that ditching the old analog ones should not be that expensive
  22. jeromephone

    CCTV camera Interference Help

    I would run a seperate feed for each camera. check your voltage at each camera. disconnect each camera and add them in one at a time using a known good power supply.
  23. jeromephone

    Android based camera working with Windows pc.

    you can get programs that will allow you to run android operating system on win ten i have one called Bluestacks. works for most Android apps.
  24. Geovision has a ( popup camera function) that changes the default view when motion is detected on a camera. We had this setting at a city hall where all cameras were viewed but when a certain camera detected motion a full screen view of that camera was on the screen for a certain amount of time. I am not sure but I think you can have multiple cameras come up at once.
  25. I guess and extender would be a passive device but your idea would work I thought of a switch (not knowing the physical layout) would work as you would only have to power up one device as opposed to several injectors.