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  1. if these cameras use standard POE you may need to placce a switch or extender in the 300 ft range to mantain power. There are extenders to go beyond the 300 ft range but one switch may be cheaper.
  2. jeromephone

    Cat and Cat5e?

    check your local electrical code as cca may not be allowed. Agree with the poster who suggests putting in spare runs. I was in the cabling business for 14 years and neve had a customer say they were sorry that the cable they needed for a new device was all ready installed.
  3. jeromephone

    Cat and Cat5e?

    just checked cat5e is around 14 cents per foot. solid copper at that price why mess around with susect cable? Hoe much do you plan to save?
  4. jeromephone

    Splice COAX to split the feed.

    you could, if you had a spot monitor output. I as guessing their might be some distance issue so the powered splitter would solve that problem. When we are talking about splitting the cable we are talking about BNC connectors on all the cables?
  5. jeromephone

    Splice COAX to split the feed.

    I would use a powered 1 in two out splitter to send the same signal to the dvr and tv guessing the tv would have the correct input. units are not that much money and you could power them from the tv or dvr location
  6. jeromephone

    Where am I going wrong....

    Is your dvr pal? govision sounds like a ripoff of Geovision
  7. jeromephone

    dealer forum

    Is the dealer installer section gone or am I just kicked out
  8. I saw an hdmi extender over coax that was supposed to be good for 2900 ft for around 200.00 0f course you have other choices such as fiber which would allow you to run other ethernet devices at the gatehouse.
  9. jeromephone

    GoVision GV3008H - no pre-record.

    I guess it would help if I read the post a little better govision vs Geovision!
  10. jeromephone

    GoVision GV3008H - no pre-record.

    if it is a fake you probably are stuck with the problem. I have used real Geo for years and have not encountered this particular problem but I never had any need to set pre record to more than a couple of seconds
  11. Has anyone had experience using 4 of the geovision 360 degree cameras on the same nvr. I was wondering if a single server can handle it. Unit would be I7 4 harddrives 32 gig etc.
  12. they do have a guideline and list some video cards but I like to hear from someone who has done a job like this so I do not totally hash it up.
  13. Ditek makes lightening surge protectors. Probably used to stop a surge from entering the house.
  14. jeromephone

    Camera MP & Monitor Display Dilemma

    If you have a higher pixel count you can zoom in on a portion of the overall picture and perhaps see details that lower res camera would not be able to reveal. Depending on the application lower res cameras are fine in many cases
  15. jeromephone

    Help ptz camera

    the smaller connector could alo be for 12v power if POE is not avaliable
  16. jeromephone

    Discreet door viewer recommendation needed

    look at Aiphone they have many door hone options and may have what you ant
  17. jeromephone


    what is the approx cost of the hardware to use coax for IP? I looked a while ago and it seemed to be in the 200.00 per cable range
  18. jeromephone


    Rg 59 or rg6 for analog, cat5or6 for IP ,or cat5or6 with baluns for analog
  19. I just worked on one of those systems and the default network settng was DHCP. It seems like that shoud be set to static once the remote connection is working. So check Ip address and see if you can remotly ping the system.
  20. just buy 18x2 copper strand or 16x2 and you will not have major power drop problems.
  21. jeromephone

    Speaker Recommendation

    Look at Bogen. It may be simpler to run a seperate speaker wire.
  22. Have you tested each camera with a short coax patch cord to see if your probem might be because of a bad camera? If you are sticking with analog I would consider going to coax . you will eliminate the baluns and the power can be run on 18 ga or larger copper which can be run as siamase cable or individual runs.
  23. jeromephone

    Soffit Installation Advice

    you might be able to get a blank metal plate and drill out the center then screw it to the existing box.