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  1. ...But not at megapixel resolution, though. Those Sanyo's are 2 Megapixel. I'm thinking about trying them at a local hospital we service to replace some analog Pelco Spectra's, once Exacq supports them. played with one recently to integrate into android and ipad. crystal clear video however not a big fan of their api docs or their regular manual. the most confusing i have run into yet probably. the 5600 i tested had 4 streams available. actual picture video quality was excellent though. ptz and presets were very responsive. you can see it at 5:18 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCqRn8BFriM bosch has what you are asking also as we had one inhouse to test but again it is expensive as you said. we had ptz off a joystick while doing commands remotely at the same time in our app. did a video of a 2nd one we tested here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aniczGoQ688 this one says it supports windows compatible joysticks. doesn't sound analog but would support joystick and computer ptz operations. http://www.axis.com/products/cam_295/index.htm then there's these for panasonic i-pro line which can also be controlled via pc/program. http://catalog2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ModelDetail?storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=95453&surfModel=WV-CU950
  2. need access to one that supports iphone to test for android. PM me connection info if interested.
  3. Twilo123

    CCTV on iphone

    we have gotten acti on droid. also not sure what you mean by live stream on droid for axis but we are able to get the mjpg stream.
  4. PM me remote access to it and i will take a look.
  5. Twilo123

    Push Notification on iPhone for CCTV

    many people were complaining early on that the free eagle eyes was garbage however the paid version worked well. not sure how it is now though. many of the free cctv apps for iphone are really your personal dvr video pumped to a ddns video server back east and then retransmitted back to you on your iphone hence the many bad connections, timeouts, etc. the worst part is many times this info is not disclosed on hardware manual or anything. i guess buyer beware. never tried iRa so i cannot comment on it.
  6. Twilo123

    IP PTZ Cameras

    for the i-frames how can they be identified programmically? for instance if i took wireshark and sniffed out a h264 stream where would it list the I frames? would it be in the headers and have some kind of boundary? also is the I frame a single part jpg image or a multipart image like mjpg. do the I frames have boundaries that state where one ends and the next begins like mjpg does? finally is the I frame always a jpg image or could it be another image format like png, tiff, jpg2000, etc. Thanks. It's more about the implementation. there are many tools to use in the H.264 tool set. You don't need to use them all and can choose which ones you do or don't implement. As H.264 requires a lot of processing power, many vendors are only implementing the basics. This can mean different things occur. An H.264 can be transmitted as I-frames only, making it no better than M-JPEG. Great image though. It cn also be I and P-frames but if the ability to detect motion is not good, a blocky image occurs. There is unfortunately not a easy way of specifying compression that can be compared between brands.
  7. tom are you with avermedia because i tried about 8 months ago and even talked to support and we both confirmed that it would not function on anything but windows models. i would be very interested to know for sure it works on all models.
  8. last i checked /mobile only works on windows based avermedia units. has anyone been able to use it on a linux one like the EH series?
  9. Twilo123

    Aviosys 9100a

    you get what you pay for like anything else. it is the cheapo video encoder which is most likely why you are even mentioning it. it does jpg snapshots and in a round robin fashion. you will need the yoics firmware on it to get individual channels on a regular web page.
  10. Twilo123

    IPAD video converter

    lol. it wasn't the few clicks for me. it was where in the hell on the page were the right clicks. it's almost like they don't want you to download the software smile. but yea great software for the price you can't beat it IMO.
  11. Twilo123

    IPAD video converter

    good luck finding the download link but Super is a good free media converter. maybe it has what you are looking for. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html
  12. vga on the ipad. keep an eye out for Android tablets though. they will be less restrictive and our apps works the same on those as well. here is a good one people are waiting for to be released. compared here to an ipad. http://www.taranfx.com/notionink-adam-android-tablet has the hdmi out you were asking for.
  13. Twilo123

    ebay PTZ Review?

    you can look at putting an indoor ptz cam in a dome with a blower. it's been done plenty of times before. take a look at vivotek ptz cams for starters and quote some outdoor domes with blowers.
  14. i don't get it. they say they have a mobile solution already.... http://www.i-view.com.tw/live/mobile_phone_viewing.html
  15. Twilo123

    ISC West

    it was in the samsung area which was inbetween the windows phone 7 booth and the htc booth. both of which were downstairs. samsung was right in the middle edge so they were by exit doors also. all white and blue wanna be futuristic looking
  16. Twilo123

    ISC West

    i am going to put up what i have probably next week but for now CTIA - android & 4g were the highlights. 4g is marketing bs right now. spec has not actually been approved but everyone was pushing it anyways. i thought the samsung galaxy s stole the show. if i were to get a phone right now i would probably go for that one. i hear now that they are going to do a version with a keyboard so that is a + also. 4" amoled screen, dual core processor. phone felt nice in my hand, was very responsive, graphics were great, videos flew, amoled screen was vibrant (of course they controlled the lighting). overall nice phone. lg had a wannabe 3d car demo to show concerns of texting while driving saw a company doing atsc on mobile phones. max 320x240 res though. played with this tablet for a bit http://i.engadget.com/2010/03/11/huawei-announces-smakit-s7-android-tablet/. heavier than i though it would be. a little sluggish on regular functions but videos played fine. ISC West we were featured prominently in Nuvico's booth so we were very happy about that http://totalcontrolapp.com/index.php?option=com_myblog&show=Total-Control-In-Nuvico-Booth-At-ISC-West-21.html&Itemid=87 samsung techwin was a surprisingly large setup. i don't remember hikvision having that large of a booth last year either although i could be wrong. mobotix pushing the q24 in their booth. axis had a lot of personnel in the booth. they did a twist on their swag this year. made you install a camera. whoever had the fastest time won the cam. i've had other instances with them where you play card games to get the cam. bosch was pushing water cannons on one of their cams. acti had a nice size booth and seemed to get good traffic. i could be wrong on this but i thought vivotek's booth looked smaller this year than last. basler had the smallest MP cams i have seen before. i could hold them in the palm of my hand (ok i have big hands but still) got some feedback that traffic seemed better this year because it was all on one floor. previous years there were more booths so they would put the asian conglomerate booths downstairs. what would happen was heavy traffic upstairs at first but then people would want to go downstairs to check out that section and since the doors were close at that point they would just leave. so it may have been better all around that there were less booths this year. wireguys did you think ctia was better or isc? i find isc to have more going on than ctia IMO. oh and once again the best place to eat IMO is Firefly (paradise road location) http://www.fireflylv.com/. can't get enough of everything on the menu and in the end still much cheaper than most places out there.
  17. we sequence in our mobile o/s apps. so for larger screen you could use an ipad or any Android based device such as similar sized tablets. just jpg (we may do mjpg for iqeye. don't remember offhand) video though. sequence is in order or the camera list you setup and you setup the timer based in seconds. then you just hit 'play' and it will cycle through the list for you automatically. since the apps are mobile o/s based you can use the tablets + supported mobile devices themselves like Android, Blackberry, Iphone/Itouch, or Winmo.
  18. is there a jpg/mjpg http stream url also?
  19. Twilo123

    Samsung HTTP API

    trying joining their developer network for api docs http://www.samsung-security.com/secure/devnetwork.php
  20. Twilo123

    options for using an NV5000 in home automation

    no mjpg from them just static images outside of activex. you can check out some javascript code to get rid of the flash refresh issue though. hint: you want to hold a pic on screen until the 2nd loads into buffer and then just flip. this is different than grabbing one pic at a time and displaying real time as it comes in.
  21. Twilo123

    Question about IP camera Trendnet

    we typically test cctv hardware for our mobile phone apps including running into some trendnet. my personal take. they are low budget however compared to other low budget cameras in the same price range they are pretty good. their newer firmware has activex, java, and javascript to accommodate different viewing platforms. their ptz controls are a little different than everyone else does it but not so far off the mark. video quality (at least in our mobile phone apps) is actually pretty good compared to some others or at least on par. fps is decent also. my issue with them is they change firmware quite heavily and between/within models on the fly. this firmware may be totally different than the next on the same model. as a result we had to create 'generic' models in our app instead of actual mapping to model names. makes it like a guessing game sometimes.
  22. DM works in our mobile phone apps and we are on Android, Blackberry, Iphone/Itouch, & Winmo so i suspect it will work on a mac via safari although i have not tried personally. here is another to try on a mac via safari. some live demos online to try. http://nuvico.com/demo.htm
  23. Twilo123

    Eight Cameras to Show on a Website

    yes i wrote via not vs. i didn't say they were the same thing either; hence the via part. i was just writing what i saw when looking them over. they could very well use javascript.
  24. Twilo123

    Eight Cameras to Show on a Website

    from what i have seen it uses aspx via iis.